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    Camps! In an attempt to make scout and ranger camps more viable, we have added additional functionality to most of them. They are useable by ANYONE, though only a scout or ranger with the appropriate skillboxes can craft them. Read: this is a lucrative sales opportunity for scouts and rangers. All camps provide a bonus to buffing and wound healing. They also all provide a bonus like the "sample rich" city specialization. You will extract 20% more resources inside a camp than you otherwise would. Basic Camp Kit: The lowest-level scout camp kit, it offers no additional benefits beyond the standard buff, healing, and sampling bonuses. Multiperson Camp Kit: Functions as a garage. Pop one out, and you can repair your vehicle on any planet. Improved Camp Kit: Contains a bank and insurance terminal. About to head into danger? Insure your stuff before you go in! Got a bag full of loot and don't want to part with it? You can join the bank and put some of your stuff in the safety deposit box, then pick it up in town on your way back home. High Quality Camp Kit: The Bounty Hunter's Special. This camp contains a bounty hunter mission terminal as well as a Level 3 Spynet informant, so you can get to work tracking those bounties at a moment's notice. This camp also features a boost to mission payout, the same as the "Improved Job Market" city type provides. Field Base Camp Kit: This camp features a regular mission terminal, an explorer mission terminal, and rebel and imperial mission terminals. This camp also features a boost to mission payout, the same as the "Improved Job Market" city type provides. High Tech Field Base Camp Kit: The height of luxury. With this camp, you can craft at any public crafting station, use the medical services terminal to clear your wounds or give you a buff, or use the Star Tours Adventure Service to travel far and wide, for a fee. One thing to note: camps DO become "abandoned" and despawn a few minutes after all inhabitants leave them.
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    Tarkin has always been a special place for Lia and I, we met in 2013 in the small corner of the internet that housed SWGCanon (later renamed to Tarkin), and grew to love each other. Now we are engaged and will be married this year. Tarkin provided us with a place to explore a world with which we were both familiar, but which had been shaped in such a way to provide a new challenge for experienced solo players and small groups. We decided last fall that we were going to make this project work again, and here we are. This project has been a labor of love, and without the following people none of this would have been possible. Kinshi, for giving us a place to call home, a unique vision of what Galaxies could be and for pulling us all together. He laid a foundation that we’ve built upon and grown with, providing us with design and development principles that have kept us moving forward over the years. Tatwi, for being a boss and coming out of retirement to help us with so much functionality, working on both the launcher and tools for us to help administrate the server, and just making all of our lives easier with quality of life fixes to things we smashed at with rocks. Skolten, for being a wizard with graphics when none of us have wanted to do any forum theming, designing all our images, and for being my favorite person to compete with in a server market. Wol, Gurgi, Zetlaux, Devereux, Taylaria, and SealGunman, for being with us at various points in Tarkin’s history, developing, designing, breaking things, and helping us make Tarkin a better place for all of us. After making you all wait so long, we finally have the incredible pleasure to announce that Friday, March 29th at 6:30PM CST we will be opening the server for play. Registration is open now at https://register.tarkinswg.com/login.php I have the pleasure of speaking for all of us on the team in saying that we all look forward to seeing everyone explore our slice of a galaxy far far away and see it with the same awe and eyes that we all had when we first started exploring it. -Paradym
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    If ya'll insist... I can't stand to be left out of things.
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    I will give it a try, hopefully there are improvements to CH
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    I plan to try it out.
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    Hi, I'm Dee. Previously played characters on Eclipse and SWGCanon/Tarkin 1 and briefly on Tarkin 2 :p
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    I didn't want to make the first post a big mess of thanks but without some of the targetted feedback we got from our team of Beta Testers, some of our group dungeons and other dungeons would not have come together as cleanly as they did. Axyzed, Beardsly, Eeklo, Ferdewyn, Garamoore, Gurgi1970, Kneels, SealGunman, Spin152, Zandor, Kronet, Nati and Tay. We'll be indebted for your testing and feedback . Launcher details and client details to come!
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    Here are the CU and NGE melee weapons we have brought into the game as loot-drop schematics, requiring a loot-drop component. Resource stat requirements for all the new melee weapons is 100% SR. Unarmed One-Handed Two-Handed Polearms
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    My second favorite way to farm post count, I've been all over the place. Lots of Delta Heavy lately.
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    Hey all! I played SWG for YEARS but I never dabbled in modding it all. Over the years I've modded the HELL out of other games I play (you know, "mod it 'till it breaks") so I was wondering what you guys have done in SWG. As much as I adore Star Wars and this game, the 15 year old graphics do start to show their age. Have any of you every used any texture mods or anything like that? If so, will they work here? EDIT: I found this, don't know if anyone's played with it before: https://www.reddit.com/r/swgemu/comments/8v3d3z/swgemu_modpack/
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    Far to the East of Mos Entha (5162, 609 tatooine) lies a hidden cave filled with Jabba's minions... They are beefy, but a skilled adversary might succeed at taking them all out. A team might be even better. Welcome to our revamped, POI, the Hutt Hideout. Here you will find exciting decor, new weapons and weapon subcomponents, and even a new speeder! New loot added to Hutt Hideout: Oil Bath Jabba's Bed Jabba's Chandelier Jabba's Drapes Jabba's Fancy Rug Jabba's Gargoyle Jabba's Generator Jabba's Bar-Style Table A Wooden Pallet Energy Coil Jabba's Roasting Spit (food crafting station) XJ-2 Airspeeder Schematic Jabba's Overcharged Blaster Power Handler Intimidator Pistol Schematic (A cold-damage AP 1 pistol for Master Pistoleer) Massassi Guardian Carbine Schematic (A cold-damage AP 1 carbine) Massassi Ink Rifle Schematic (A cold-damage AP 1 rifle) Intimidator Pistol Barrel Massassi Guardian Carbine Barrel Massassi Ink Rifle Barrel A Magseal Safe A Comlink Circuit Board Clipon ID Badge Flashy Datapad Trackball Datapad Answering Machine Disguise Makeup Kit Magseal Detector A Datapad (Style 1) A Datapad (Style 2) A Datapad (Style 3) A Datapad (Style 4) A Datapad (Style 5) Spray Bottle Explosive Device a droid production unit Organizational Datapad (not functional, decorative only) Old Republic Tech analyzer Access Lock (not functional, decorative only) Ammo Canister A Locator Beacon Depleted Energy Cartridge a disabled navigation module Environmental Controller Security Scanner System Controller Workstation Surveillance Device Large Computer Console Computer Console with Seating Star Destroyer System Console Star Destroyer Console Row Deactivated Terminal (Floor style 1) Deactivated Terminal (Floor style 2) Functioning Terminal (Floor style 1) Functioning Terminal (Floor style 2) Deactivated Terminal (Wall style 1) Deactivated Terminal (Wall style 2) Functioning Terminal (Wall style 1) Functioning Terminal (Wall style 2) Hoth-Style Terminal Crafting Assembly Terminal Star Destroyer Solar Console Star Destroyer Cooling Coil
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    Here are the new craftable armors! Rebel and Imperial armors are available as schematics from recruiters, and a Master Armorsmith (faction doesn't matter) can craft the armor. They are equivalent to Composite armor, in terms of stats and resources used. Some things to note: -The Imperial helmets (with the exception of the Galactic Marine and Battle Worn Galactic Marine) can only be worn by Humans and Zabraks. -Galactic Marine Armor can be worn by all races, including Wookiees and Ithorians. -Battle Worn Galactic Marine Armor can ONLY be worn by Wookiees and Ithorians. (The schematic on the recruiter clearly notes this in the title). -Stormtrooper, Shock Trooper, Scout Trooper, and Swamp Trooper armors have usable palettes, and are re-colorable by the user. However, the Swamp Trooper Pants has a bugged palette. It appears as the Scout Trooper palette, but selects as the first three colors of the Swamp Trooper palette. (i.e. you can't access all the colors). Once the ACM tool that is in development becomes publicly available, I will fix this, but as of now, it is not something that can be edited. Imperial Armors The colors shown below are just to illustrate what parts of the armor are palette 1 (shown in black) and what parts are palette 2 (shown in red). Stormtrooper Armor Stormtrooper Chest Plate w/Officer's Pauldron Battle Worn Stormtrooper Armor Battle Worn Stormtrooper Chest Plate w/Officer's Pauldron Camo Stormtrooper Armor Camo Stormtrooper Armor Chest Plate w/Officer's Pauldron Shock Trooper Armor Battle Worn Shock Trooper Armor Scout Trooper Armor Battle Worn Scout Trooper Armor Camo Scout Trooper Armor Swamp Trooper Armor Snow Trooper Armor Galactic Marine Armor Battle Worn Galactic Marine Armor (Wookiee & Ithorian Only) Imperial Sandtrooper Backpack Imperial Ace Field Pack Snowtrooper Backpack Galactic Marine Backpack
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    4/1/19 [Fixed] # of days of uptime displaying incorrectly in /tarkin status [Modified] Ore Mining Unit to craft in crates inside a factory [Fixed] Foraged stimpack now also heals mind 3/31/19 [Modified] City treasury deposits to take from cash and bank [Modified] Medical Services Terminals to take funds from cash, then the remainder from bank, if player has enough total to cover the cost [Added] Message showing quantity milked and zone [Fixed] Crafting tool now releases prototype when inventory is at 99 items [Updated] World snapshots 3/30/19 [Modified] Structure schematics so they will make crates when crafted in a factory [Modified] Stat values so Twi'lek stat migration functions properly [Added] Experimentation line for BER to Fusion Generators [Fixed] a typo in the Skill Trainer menu, Modified command table so all can use /tarkin command [Fixed] Gurrcat hues, so they will no longer spawn in weird colors 3/29/19 [Added] Explanatory message to Account Manager, removed Red from list of restricted names [Added] Cesta's Galaxy Harvester resource parser functionality
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    I played SWG once before on a server by one of the devs here. It never really caught on for me but I was totally intrigued, so I'm here to give it another try. I actually tried to play SWG when it first came out. Bought the game, got it home, couldn't ever get it to run. Still trying to get my money's worth, haha. Will probably be looking for people to play with soon. Pretty much a newb.
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    Arrogate forges for Ka'ra
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    As a meat popsicle.. Glad to see the resurrection, welcome back ladies and fellas! Looking forward to checking out the crafting.
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    Sarkin has finally remembered his password
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    Retainers are due up front, with fifty percent of agreed on fee's due at beginning of the contract. After you see what our "skill set" can do... you'll understand why prompt payment of the remainder is..necessary. Have a good one, Hagen
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    Guild Name: SHDWS (SHaDoWS)Guild Leader: ZentraOfficers: Eeklo, Ferdewyn, Garamoore, and possibly more to comeFaction: (if applicable) undecided but probably Imperial A small blurb or long blurb about the guild.- The core group of us played on Ahazi on live, and we have stayed in touch ever since. We have added to our guild through other servers and games and enjoy helping guild mates out however we can.
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    Tarasios stands with Clan Ka'ra.
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    Look at all these nerds diving in. Looking forward to seeing you guys. I'll coordinate with Zen to make sure we get you guys setup in a Gh in the city you decide to settle in.
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    There have always been so many dungeons, caves, and bunkers in Star Wars Galaxies that were too easy for a full template combat character to enjoy. What fun is there in one-shotting a room full of NPCs that don't drop anything but junk loot? None! And lack of places to go to farm good loot or enjoy a challenging fight have always lead to spawn camping by the fastest, and nowhere to go for the regular folks. So we have rebuilt many dungeons from the ground up. Harder MOBs, more varied damage types, unique loot - there's something for everyone. Some places are better suited to ranged vs melee templates. Others are better for groups. And there are SO MANY, that there will always be something free for you to play in! Here's the list of dungeons we have buffed, tweaked, and/or added additional loot to: Droid Engineer Cave (Lok) Nightsister Stronghold (Dathomir) Jawa Traders POI (Tatooine) Afarathu Cult Cave (Corellia) Drall Patriots Cave (Corellia) Naboo Pirate Bunker (Naboo) Hutt Hideout (Tatooine) Black Sun Outpost (Rori) Garyn Raiders Bunker (Rori) Lost Aqualish War Party Cave (Talus) Kahmurra Biogenetic Research Facility (Talus) Janta Stronghold (Dantooine) Mokk Stronghold (Dantooine) Kunga Stronghold (Dantooine) Dantari Villages (Dantooine) Jinda Ritualist Cave (Endor) Korga Cave (Endor) Panshee Villages (Endor) Donkuwah Villages (Endor) Gondula Villages (Endor) Lord Nyax Cult Bunker (Corellia) Aa'kuan Champion's Cave (Talus) The Temple of Exar K'un (Yavin 4) Kimogila Cave (Lok) Rogue Corsec Base (Corellia) Spiderclan Cave (Dathomir) Nym's Pirate Cave (aka Sulfur Pirates) (Lok) Sennex Cave (Tatooine) Erran Sif Bunker (Talus) Most if not all Factional POIs These dungeons drop NGE deco loot, armor and weapon schematics, CU and NGE vehicle schematics, and custom statted subcomponents for weapons and armor. It is HIGHLY recommended to have medic in your template, or a medic/doctor in the group, when running these dungeons.
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    Hello all! I'm MisterVertigo, also sometimes known as "Shooter". I played SWG all the way back in Beta, and then at launch I played on Starsider server. I played for YEARS off and on all they way up until they shut the servers down. I have a LOT of memories of SWG and met a lot of great people along the way, including my wife! I've never played on this server but I did play on the main SWGEMU server a number of years ago. I look forward to jumping into SWG again! On a personal note, I'm a geeky guy and have been my whole life. I'm a System Admin and have been for many, many years. I probably play way too many video games. I'm lucky my wife loves me. I'm also an active member of the 501st with Stormtrooper and Greedo costumes. In all my years of playing SWG I've never had a rebel toon, and I don't intend to start now!
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    Hey all Xander here aka Mandodad87 figured I'd bite on this thread. I'm clan mates with Paradym in Vhett Manda, thanks for the invite btw Vode!
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    Really excited to experience the game you love so much. Congratulations on seeing it all come together! Can't wait to play.
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    Happy for you both! Looking forward to playing here. Lia you are amazing for all you have done! You to Icav for your support and work as well. Also I've said it before but congratulations for your upcoming wedding!
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    Well I guess I can place my ugly mug here to help out.
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    We have added Borrie's Wall pack (heavily modified), plus an additional 22 walls, 67 doors, and 64 floors. All are craftable at various skill levels of Architect. You get a number of schematics, each with a drop-down list of several available styles, as below. These are just decorative items. The door do not "function" - they are just a decorative panel for you to use to accessorize your houses. Here are a few images from testing... And now, for the craftables: Wall Panel Pack 1, granted at Novice Architect Wall Panel Pack 2, granted at Furniture 1 Wall Panel Pack 3, granted at Furniture 1 Wall Panel Pack 4, granted at Furniture 2 Wall Panel Pack 5, granted at Furniture 2 Wall Panel Pack 6, granted at Furniture 3 Wall Panel Pack 7, granted at Furniture 3 Wall Panel Pack 8, granted at Furniture 4 Wall Panel Pack 9, granted at Furniture 4 Wall Panel Pack 10, granted at Master Architect
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    Once we are live, we have zero intention to wipe and we test things pretty vigorously before any code touches live. We want to make sure we safeguard everyone time and work as well as our own. Unless EMU itself does drastic changes to the database structure in their future updates (unlikely) I see no reason why we would be doing any wipes.
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    I'm afraid I just rolled my eyes so hard I've severed an optic nerve, I apologize to the community.
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    He's so dreaaaaaaaaaaamy.
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    OMG, Thank you so much. To even think that my suggestions might come about and be incorporated into the server makes me one happy camper. I remember on Live that the village used to be skill point free at one time because I remember taking my TKM to the village and earning some of the skills there. BTW, how does one become a beta tester?
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    We have implemented a host of the CU and NGE weapons as loot-drop schematics, requiring a loot-drop component. Resource stat requirements for all the new weapons use 66% OQ, 33% SR. **Additionally, the Commando weapon Heavy Acid Rifle has been made equivalent to the flamethrower in terms of stats (given equally good resources used), and now provides a fire DoT when using its specials, just like the flamethrower does. Pistols Carbines Rifles Heavy Weapons
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    This is a very important topic for me. I have played on a bunch of emu servers, have had Jedi on most of them, and have left them due to, what in my opinion, is the servers not following their own rules and regulations. I will give an example, but will not mention the server name. The rules of this server regarding visibility were that visibility would only be obtained from equipping a Jedi lightsaber, robe, or using a Jedi skill within 32 meters of a NONCOMBAT npc or other player, as was stated in the servers forums. I went to Fort Tusken, did not equip a lightsaber until I was actually there. I never wear a Jedi robe since my regular clothing has SEA's in it to aid in combat. I had not played my Jedi in a long time, so had no visibility before getting there, yet the same day I went to Fort Tusken, I was attacked by a BH, while inside a med center. This raised two questions for me. How did my Jedi obtain visibility and, to my knowledge BH's were not able to attack a Jedi while inside a public building, so how did this happen? There were no players at Fort Tusken the entire time I was there and again, to my knowledge, there are no NONCOMBAT npc's at Fort Tusken. I placed a forum post and got an entirely different answer regarding ways a Jedi gains visibility. The answer to my post was by a staff member, who shall remain nameless, and it said Jedi gain visibility when equipping a lightsaber or robe, or using a Jedi skill within 32 meters of ANY npc. A link was given by the staff member to emu regulation. What should I believe, a forum post or the information from the link? I had never seen the information before that the link referred to. This was a very unfortunate situation for me as my Jedi was full template, which I am sure everyone knows is about 75+ million Jedi xp. So I am wondering if the visibility on Tarkin 2 is gained from being within a certain distance of ANY npc or a NONCOMBAT npc or player. I just want to know beforehand how things stand. There were replies to my post by players asking me to stay on the server and to be honest, I think the server was having low population problems. I liked the server, but I will not play on a server that does not follow its own guides. I would also like to know if BH's on Tarkin 2 will be able to obtain armor with lightsaber resists? On another server I played on, BH's were able to obtain armor with up to 80% lightsaber resists. I quit the server when this was implemented. To me, this was very unfair, especially when up to 5 BH's can attack a single Jedi, and Jedi could not help eachother. I just want a Jedi to be able to help friends in instances, I am not interested in pvp as I play another game where pvp is all I do.
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    I need an adult
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    Just wanted to post some info/thoughts on effort vs reward. I don't want an overflow of crazy loot, but I do want farming to feel rewarding and for me, part of that is having the feeling that there is a chance of looting something amazing. For Yellow/Exceptional/Legendary chance there's some code that makes higher CL monsters more likely to drop them. A while ago this got nerfed on default emu: LootManagerImplementation.cpp line 305 Old code for reference, changed in pub 8 i think: float adjustment = floor((float)(((level > 50) ? level : 50) - 50) / 2.f + 0.5); what this means: CL50 monsters have the chance listed in loot_manager.lua to drop an exceptional item, 1 in 100 000 for default emu. CL300 or higher monsters have (300-50)/2 +0.5 = 125.5 chances in 100 000 to drop an item as exceptional [1 in 796] So there used to be a massive scaling based on CL Current code: float adjustment = floor((float)(((level > 50) ? level : 50) - 50) / 10.f + 0.5); CL50 monsters' odds remain the same I think, 1 in 100 000. CL300 or higher monsters have (300-50)/10 +0.5 = 25.5 chances in 100 000 to drop an item as exceptional [1 in 3922] So even with this formula there is still a massive scaling based on CL, but chances are extremely low. When looking at krayts as an example, I feel like 1 in 3922 is basically non-existent. For example, there are 9 ado/grand/ancient krayts at the graveyard with a 30 minute respawn. Instantly killing those 24/7 would mean 1 exceptional drop every 10 days, on average. This will obviously not happen so chances are much lower. Buffing the droprate or adjusting the CL scaling formula both have a similar effect. Having 2 items per monster drop, also doubles the chances. Legendaries are 10 times more rare, which I think is a good thing, they can be game-breaking, so I wouldn't increase their rate at all. I don't want to cry for buffs, especially not before I've tried it out ingame. Improved loot groups can definitely improve your chances of looting useful Exceptionals, but in general the default emu rates are extremely low. So I wanted to bring it up, see how other people feel about this. Should exceptionals be almost non-existent? Or should you have a reasonable chance of getting one when target-farming something for many hours every day?
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    I'm excited to sell camps to people!!
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    Hello Everyone, I'm Renata or Nati (as I've been called my whole life), and greetings from Scotland. I'm part of old school Ahazi and SHDWS (ONE, -V-, PMS) crew. I originally started on release day (on some random server), my cousin bought me swg to take me out of a horrible time in my life. I'm a restaurateur, theatre owner and clothing/adult shop co-owner. So I work a good deal, but I have a passion for nerdyness. My geekdom spreads from Star Wars to Star Trek, Firefly to Dr Who. Also ol' Jack Burton is yummy. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and making more friends and family. Nati
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    Wookiee and Ithorian each have three sets of armor, all of which (along with all other armors) are the same, stat-wise, assuming equally good resources go into making them.
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    Where is the server headed? What currently in the works? You can see that info here. Anything in Coding Phase 1 *should* be coming in the next push, barring any major setbacks. Coding Phase 2 is what's up after that, and anything in Coding Phase 3 may or may not be implemented. It's kind of a dumping ground for things we'd like to do, ideas we have for the server, etc. I can't figure out how to embed this in a forum post, so you get a link: Tarkin's Revenge Roadmap
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    Look at that, our forums have that fresh forum smell. Pardon our dust as we get things rolling again but allow me to be the first to welcome you back to Tarkin.
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    please fix this bright blinding light.
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    This one was a ton of fun to test, tight proximity means that things can get very exciting very quickly.
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