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    • xinix
      Discord Nickname: xinix#6862 Forum Nickname: xinix Info: a little bit of everything and looking for a group Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Characters xinix (Bounty Hunter) 4x4x, (Pistoleer) 3x43 vivix (Master Swordsman), (Medic) 2x4x, (Master Brawler) Bobby Biggs, Master Architect, Master Chef Laylax, crafter Ico, crafter
    • TimidLilWolf
      Hello everyone, new here. I decided to join to see what the SWG game is like, its hard finding the perfect one lol. But read up on this one and decided I would give it a go!
    • Scrivean
      Discord Nickname: Scrivean Forum Nickname: Scrivean Info: Mixed Imperial and Rebel, in guild <Gold> Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Characters Mentieth (Jedi Knight), Imperial Colonel Scrivean (Force Sensitive Swordsman (MDEF/MSword) Sogrene Sushi, Master Armorsmith/Master Merchant, Proprietor of the Theed Theater Yumi Sushi, Master Weaponsmith/Master Droid Engineer Rooshiala, Bounty Hunter
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