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    • SorinCatharsi
      Not sure if this is the best place to post this but was wondering where I can find information on server downtime as the server appears to have been down since yesterday. Also, the Discord link on the site leads to an invalid invite. 
    • UbaIV
      Hello community, so I'm relatively new to SW:G and how this all exactly works but I thought the best way to get some help in my quest to figuring out this game was to go ahead and introduce myself here. I have known about SW:G since I was a kid and always wanted to play it but my family never have really had access to an adequate PC desktop (there was a family HP laptop and that was about it and even as a kid I knew that brick wasn't going to run Galaxies lol). Anyway, Christmas is coming up soon and I'm in the market to get a PC to start playing and I wanted to ask the community what everyone here uses, is there a specific PC tower I could get that could run SW:G out of the box? I'm not entirely tech savvy when it comes to computer hardware, so forgive me if the question seems unaware.  I've been dying to play this game for years, so any info helps. Thank you in advance 🙂   PS: Was looking forward to making as close to an Ubese bounty hunter as possible as I researched that Ubese Armor is craftable. That was very fascinating considering the Ubese have come to be one of my favorite species in the Star Wars universe. 
    • Director
      Welcome back, make sure you download the launcher!
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