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    • Droid  Handler  profession 😁
    • While I  haven't done the arenas myself or have a bounty hunter... A bounty hunter, ordinarily  would know the havens bounties frequent or would come to know them through trial and error, word of mouth, or etc. Should anything be camped?  Probably not, but part of the reason to go to the arena is: PvP and Credits. Either option carries the same:  with  great rewards (credits in this case) comes great bounties. Can't expect to get all the rewards and just partial the danger. Should there be a 90 second timer after exit, sure! As ParadymShift mentioned, lag and other such reasons give rational backing to that argument... but camping I don't think should apply in this instance as bounty hunting is about hunting targets and those who go to the arenas know full well that they will go to the terminals!
    • Credit goes to Dren Kara, I borrowed this macro and adjusted it to my needs. Feel free to adjust as needed.   Below are the buff macros I use.Invite Alias: (This only needs to be done once)/alias ll /invite (that is two lower case Ls)Create the Macros belowTo begin buffing just type /macro sbuffMacros:Flo CODE: SELECT ALL /flo 1; /pause 2; /flo 2; /pause 2; /flo 3; /pause 2; /macro flo DBuff CODE: SELECT ALL ;/sing Dance buff starting now, don't forget to /watch me!; /pause 2; /startdance exotic3; /pause 150; /sing Dance ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopdance; /pause 5; /macro mbuff; Mbuff CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Music buff starting now, don't forget to /listen to me!; /pause 2; /startmusic jazz; /pause 2; /startmusic; /pause 150; /sing Music ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopmusic; /pause 5; /macro dbuff Invite CODE: SELECT ALL /pause 10; /ui action startChatReply; /ui action chatCursorHome; /ui action chatCursorRight; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatEnter; /tell <your name here> Clearing tell target; /macro invite Spam CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Buffing 125% dance and music. Send a /tell for an invite! ; /pause 1; /auction <your name here> is buffing 125% dance and music in <your location here>. Send a tell for an invite!; /pause 300 /macro spam; SBuff <-- This is the only macro you call CODE: SELECT ALL /register; /macro spam; /pause 1; /macro invite; /pause 1; /macro flo; /pause 1; /macro dbuff;
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