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  2. If you have resources on your vendors or the bazaar, please de-list and relist all of them, we identified an issue that when you examine a listed resource it will crash a client, so just de-list, pull them off the vendor and then relist them. This will resolve the issue, sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!
  3. 8/22/19 [Added] Lock on waypoint object in vendor offer mail code, as per MrObvious's suggestion [Updated] Credits in ReadMe [Added] New billboard ads [Fixed] Some lua templates [Fixed] An issue with Ion Relic Pistol not displaying properly on vendors [Added] Wanted Posters as craftable, writeable items 8/21/19 [Modified] New player email & character creation welcome message to reflect the new website and the 5 characters allowed 8/20/19 [Fixed] Issue with billboard removal
  4. Hey Saber, open up a support ticket here https://support.tarkinswg.com/ and include the name of the account and email you used and we'll get you taken care of. Don't forget to pop into Discord!
  5. So how long does it take to receive the account activation email after game registration? And yes I have checked my spam folder. Can't wait to play!
  6. Meden youre supposed to be deciding where we are going to live i think?
  7. I am a member of beast (Meden)posting in this thread to get wherever we are going. I am a bit confused, where is that?
  8. Rasth

    New here

    I also played on Kauri! I was with the (mostly) Imperial guild PHO, based out of Tantiss, Naboo.
  9. Currently offering 500k for The Hangar House schematic that drops inside the Naboo Pirate Bunker.
  10. Two more members to post in the thread and you guys are there!
  11. 8/19/19 [Fixed] Coronet starport has been paved! Mos Entha starport has been smoothed! Thanks to TheTinyPebble! [Added] Billboard city decorations that mayors can install with /installBillboard [Fixed] Horned Dewback description string entry [Fixed] a lair string entry [Ended] Double XP and mutant rasp event 8/18/19 [Added] Optional Synthetic Cloth & Reinforced Fiber Panel slots to all Wookiee clothing that did not have at least one of each. Thank you to scscofield!
  12. Discord Nickname: SEE (SEE#1317) Forum Nickname: SEE Info: Imperial-ish Timezone: Mountain (GMT -7) Characters Ephyuri Aglyn Master Architect/Master Artisan/Master Merchant Lruka Ajeq Teras Kasai Master/Master Fencer/Pistoleer 0040/Smuggler 2000/Medic 0010 Zisaxa Jox Teras Kasai Master/Pistoleer 0044/Bounty Hunter 3000 Ita Kostaye Master Doctor/Master Bio-Engineer/Scout 4141 E'Kre Tsaha Master Chef/Master Tailor/Smuggler 0004
  13. Hi, I downloaded the file and have absolutely no idea how to use it. Any chance you can use this: Image available here: https://imgur.com/36alU6Y Store Sign.tif
  14. Did not think that I was so famous that children were named after me. But hey kid, enjoy my name but do not get too cocky.
  15. Wow... You certainly have had quite a few adventures! Your Rinzler and Paarthurnax certainly look nice to, but I am fairly certain deadly to enemies. Ah yes, our adventures certainly were good some days, better others, and sometimes strange, but always a ton of fun. Through killing Narglatch: Running through town getting training: Or simply comparing mount sizes: I look forward to our next adventures. What pleasure it has been hanging out with you.
  16. Hello everyone! After some research I decided on this server, and after my first week I must say it's been awesome! re-making my first Character, Aoyoko the Wookiee, Gorath, Pre-cu -> CU -> a little NGE, <Bl00d> ?, TK/scout (now Mpike/Mbrawler/CH) Meeting my first friend EgoSingularita just moments after starting up. He helped me out right away! He told me about Cookie the Wookiee the armorsmith who sells Wookie/Ithorian/humanoid armor right in Theed; so I suited up He set me up with munchies, alcohol, and dangerous animals We went on a hunting trip. At first I wasn't ready for the Narglatches but not long after we were dominating fambaas Someone spotted a world boss monster and bros from all parts of the galaxy and killed it to try to impress the locals Now I've got Rinzler and Paarthurnax to keep me safe Looking forward to meeting you all 🙂
  17. There are a limited number of billboard slots available, and we're accepting submissions (subject to approval - they need to be tasteful, for an active business, and graphically attractive on the billboard model). The in-game billboard will rotate images every 10 seconds. You may use the psd file attached as a template. The edges wrap around, so fill to the edge but keep the main image inside the red rectangle for best visibility. Also, large blocks of color work best as fine details are going to be lost as it blows up the image. If you're giving a waypoint, specify the city and/or planet. The ratio length to width in the psd is how it looks displayed, but I will have to smush it to 1024 x 512 to get the game to apply it. It'll stretch back out in game, but of course there'll be some small resolution loss. Examples: billboard.psd
  18. I would die for you all or at least take a shot in the leg.
  19. I stand ready. though as the voice of reason, that's scary.
  20. Guild Name: BEASTBan Happy Guild Leader: Snowlily Voice of Reason: Bhorklaw Sacrificial Lamb: Tiny Mad Scientist: Meden Cloning Afficionado: BellsFaction: ImperialGuild Information: BEAST is a small group of friends who enjoy the finer things in life, such as crushing our enemies, seeing them driven before us and hearing the lamentations of the rebels. Below is our guild anthem. We are not currently recruiting.
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  22. Amount of visibility to appear on terminals has been lowered, fellow force users do not generate visibility so you can group with guildies to go grind with a modicum of safety, beyond that everything here is fairly stock. We do have a Jedi Vision thread that is worth scoping out you can find that in the link below. We've tried to avoid making too many changes to Jedi as their code base is still in flux and we are a very small team so moving things around that we may have to rewrite/change to make work with any of Emu's changes wasn't a wise investment of our initial resources. 12/31/18 [Increased] Player bounty mission payouts [Modified] Visibility so that other Jedi do not trigger visibility [Decreased] Visibility threshhold for Jedi to go on BH terminals 1/16/19 [Added] Custom-named broken lightsaber hilt trophy when a BH defeats a player Jedi mission target 3/20/19 [Modified] Saber block to be ineffective when knocked down, and effectiveness reduced by half when intimidated
  23. jonardan

    New here

    So I played swg from day 1.. 2ish lol to it shut down. Played on the bloodfin emu a few times. So I'm new here. Any kauri players here? Any good imperal guilds? I'm an old school pre 9 kauri jedi saw that jedi are not alpha here witch I'm 100% ok with but with the down grade dose that mean normal xp no visiblelity? Or xp loss on death? I didnt see any guides yet I'm at work so please forgive me on asking questions im sure are posted somewhere.
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