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  2. Director

    We are UP!

    We are now back up! Finally! Still working out a small issue with the chatbot, but that should be fixed shortly. You may now connect and play! Double XP is in effect from now until we move.
  3. Director

    Server Downtime

    Hey folks, our ISP is currently not doing the thing where they actually supply us with the service we pay for. We are on their wait list for a tech but have an appointment on the 8th. We'll coordinate with folks in the discord and talk about compensation for the downtime, and will open up with double xp when we return.
  4. Luriant

    Buying 2H Speed tapes

    I want the +6 tape, tell me your price or your shop.
  5. Scrivean

    Buying 2H Speed tapes

    Do you need AA or CA? I have an 18 AA, 17 AA, and a 6 CA. LOL just saw this was a post from Feb, obviously OBE.
  6. Ego Sum Singularitas


    Droid Handler profession 😁
  7. Ego Sum Singularitas

    Fight Club Feedback

    While I haven't done the arenas myself or have a bounty hunter... A bounty hunter, ordinarily would know the havens bounties frequent or would come to know them through trial and error, word of mouth, or etc. Should anything be camped? Probably not, but part of the reason to go to the arena is: PvP and Credits. Either option carries the same: with great rewards (credits in this case) comes great bounties. Can't expect to get all the rewards and just partial the danger. Should there be a 90 second timer after exit, sure! As ParadymShift mentioned, lag and other such reasons give rational backing to that argument... but camping I don't think should apply in this instance as bounty hunting is about hunting targets and those who go to the arenas know full well that they will go to the terminals!
  8. Alaskanwilly

    Ent buff macro

    Credit goes to Dren Kara, I borrowed this macro and adjusted it to my needs. Feel free to adjust as needed. Below are the buff macros I use.Invite Alias: (This only needs to be done once)/alias ll /invite (that is two lower case Ls)Create the Macros belowTo begin buffing just type /macro sbuffMacros:Flo CODE: SELECT ALL /flo 1; /pause 2; /flo 2; /pause 2; /flo 3; /pause 2; /macro flo DBuff CODE: SELECT ALL ;/sing Dance buff starting now, don't forget to /watch me!; /pause 2; /startdance exotic3; /pause 150; /sing Dance ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopdance; /pause 5; /macro mbuff; Mbuff CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Music buff starting now, don't forget to /listen to me!; /pause 2; /startmusic jazz; /pause 2; /startmusic; /pause 150; /sing Music ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopmusic; /pause 5; /macro dbuff Invite CODE: SELECT ALL /pause 10; /ui action startChatReply; /ui action chatCursorHome; /ui action chatCursorRight; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatEnter; /tell <your name here> Clearing tell target; /macro invite Spam CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Buffing 125% dance and music. Send a /tell for an invite! ; /pause 1; /auction <your name here> is buffing 125% dance and music in <your location here>. Send a tell for an invite!; /pause 300 /macro spam; SBuff <-- This is the only macro you call CODE: SELECT ALL /register; /macro spam; /pause 1; /macro invite; /pause 1; /macro flo; /pause 1; /macro dbuff;
  9. Soldien

    PHO-TEK, Inc.

    Still recruiting? Tkm/fencer/medic, master doc alt. Dabbling in crafting but interested in learning more about it and resource gathering.
  10. Alaskanwilly

    The Golden Horde <GOLD>

    Guild recruitment has been closed, the guild focus has shifted to family and friends. Support to new players and players in general will still be offered as we can. We look forward to assisting and playing alongside everyone in the future.
  11. Alaskanwilly

    Night Sister Vibro Motor

    The above post was me, wasn't until after it posted I noticed the kid signed in. I will have to look into that..however I digress. As far as motors go, I wouldn't mind the drop motors being rare af..IF the craft in sub comps dropped in usable stacks and stats.. a speed reduction crafted into the motor is nice... but not when I know I have a 95% of getting a speed slice on the end result. That being said, I have not farmed nyms guys for the enhancers in a minute.
  12. DogeVader

    Night Sister Vibro Motor

    Imho the DR needs bumped again. I'm not saying every drop should be a motor. however if I manage to spend an hour plus in a POI, i should come out with more than Crystal's and deco. I understand RNGESUS is a fickle bitch, but the other night the wife and i managed to kill an elder for a reinforced jacket and some credits. A motor would have been sweet. Perhaps it's that rngesus hates my fighters. 🤣
  13. Scrivean

    Night Sister Vibro Motor

    I concur but believe that maybe there should be a loot table review, it is very disheartening to kill end POI mobs of 250k HAM, just to loot CDEF weapons or a few hundred credits. I know how statistics work and believe that some of the loot tables in the POIs are off. Some instances drop too many schematics/parts while other drop none after a few weeks farming. But to not side track this, again I do concur that I always feel bad having to make any vibro motor weapons and concur that the NS motors should at least be moderately better than SB crafted.. I have also yet to kill a NYM's Droidekka and get a motor either.
  14. Onafa

    Night Sister Vibro Motor

    I recommended that it not be allowed to spawn lower than a crafted one (third paragraph). As in max damage can not be lower than x amount, even if it starts at the best craft able. A minor tweak.
  15. ioscode

    Night Sister Vibro Motor

    What are you suggesting here? You ask, if NS motors are going to be this rare, shouldn't they be better than crafted enhanced version? But as you show here, even an unluckily inferior stat looted one is better than the crafted enhanced one in every way unless you look at max damage by itself which doesn't make sense. I feel your pain though, I have looted one stack of motors after killing hundreds of nightsisters, and NS elders seem to drop nothing or junk most of the time. So it seems like loot chances on certain NS should change if anything to make it feel worth your while to take the risk of fighting them. Especially with those nasty force chokes 😝 I haven't been playing here for a long time, so maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but it seems like the looted weapon enhancements are toned down a bit from the high end, and I like that as it keeps power level in line and people can't get ridiculous Uber weapons from insane tissues/bones/motors. So seems a good idea to be careful about scaling up how good these things can get.
  16. So I woke up this morning and was excited to see one of my guild members looted a NS motor and put it into my drop off box. But upon examine I was highly disappointed. Now I know some of the other stats are better than the example of a better crafted one that I made. If you add the min+max damages of both together the NS motor is only slightly better. If the NS motors are going to remain this rare then shouldn't they be better than a crafted enhanced version? I think I've looted 4 sets of NS motors in my time here since Aug 2019, the best having I think 97 max damage. I'd say that I do a fair amount of Nightsister hunting. The resource I used for my example of the crafted motor was SB Desh copper and a pretty decent Platinite copper and a +25 vibro enhancement to max damage. So it has some slight room for improvement. Only thing I would recommend is a change to the low end of the damage spawns to be slightly better than a crafter's best. I would hate to use that in a weapon for someone. Players using a Vibro weapon (Fencer/TK or Pikeman) have a hard enough time making a great weapon. I was chatting just yesterday I think with Smiles in game about Blasterfists. I explained to him on how rare a NS motor was plus the time needed to go get a schematic and sub component. I think he was considering changing professions, but that is a question for him. These are just my thoughts and I welcome other insight from fellow Weaponsmiths.
  17. Scrivean

    Fight Club Primer

    Fight Club Primer As the second player to finish the Fight Club I wanted to provide some insight/help to others looking to complete all ten levels. Basics: 1. Each fight club takes place on a different planet with the first one being in Coronet, Corellia. 2. You start the whole chain by talking to an NPC Kath Scarlet (17, -4242) in coronet who will examine you (?) to see if you are qualified to enter. This may be a combat level check to make sure a novice marksman does not wander in accidentally. 3. Kath will direct you to the Guard at the entrance to Coronet’s underground, Nritt Vegg (62, -4531) In Coronet you get introduced to the Coronet underground where the FC is as well as the Meatlump Dungeon. When you enter the underground, the fight club is SW, to your left, next building over. Talk to Kadrak Yaus to enter the FC. 4. Make sure you have all your buffs, food, and whatever else you need before entering the ring. As soon as you zone in the first combatant will be there with you, probably attacking you already. 5. As you defeat each combatant, the next will spawn in a few seconds. 6. You have a time limit that gets more generous as you progress through the fight clubs, depending on your weapons. 7. In the first club you have 30 minutes to defeat 12 opponents. Think of it as a DPS check. The first three FCs feel similar in their race against the clock. Once you reach FC3 5 minutes is added on per FC level so you have ~75 minutes in FC10. (They have large HAM pools) Into the Maw, FC3+: 1. When you defeat FC3 at Nym’s, you begin collecting infamy(?) because you are now killing your opponents. Each FC completed ads to your infamy. 2. After FC5 you will be on the BH terminals. It looks like your bounty matches the payout from the fight club. Your Bounty Cap will be at 1.25M credits, the prize of winning FC10, or a culmination of doing lesser ones over and over. You lose ~140 a day so it could take up to 3-4 weeks before you drop of the terminals, if you stop doing the fight clubs. 3. If a BH kills you, you lose your infamy and must go back to FC3. You do not necessarily have to progress through every level, Tigoo and I were able to skip levels after doing 3 again. Preparing to fight: 1. You need some medic skills, figure out what level meets your needs and get it through skills and tapes. 2. Terminal buffs work to a point then you will need Doc buffs, as you go higher the best buffs help mitigate damage through regeneration. 3. Master Dancer and Master Musician combined cost zero points and add 14 total points to ranged and melee defense. 4. Best case for weapons is to have one weapon for each damage type. Boss resistances vary with one stat at 40%, one at 60%, and the rest from 75% to 100%. All FC NPCs have light armor, so Armor Piercing is better than not. Have your system for swapping weapons down, especially in the lower tiers as searching for which weapon to equip can cost you valuable time. Don’t forget to have powerups on your weapons, and extra in your inventory for when yours run out, it is 12 straight fights. Sometimes the 40% resist is on lightsaber so your best damage will be against 60% resist. The NPC armor does not break. 5. Foraged food became a must at later levels as an “Oh Crap” you can place all 14 variations of food on a toolbar pane and have a macro to eat them all in less than a second. If you take one each of all 14 foraged foods, you buff your HAM by 1850 My Macro /ui action toolbarPane02; /ui action toolbarSlot00; /ui action toolbarSlot01; /ui action toolbarSlot02; /ui action toolbarSlot03; /ui action toolbarSlot04; /ui action toolbarSlot05; /ui action toolbarSlot06; /ui action toolbarSlot07; /ui action toolbarSlot08; /ui action toolbarSlot09; /ui action toolbarSlot10; /ui action toolbarSlot11; /ui action toolbarSlot12; /ui action toolbarSlot13; /ui action toolbarSlot14; /ui action toolbarSlot15; /ui action toolbarSlot16; /ui action toolbarSlot17; /ui action toolbarSlot18; /ui action toolbarSlot19; /ui action toolbarSlot20; /ui action toolbarSlot21; /ui action toolbarSlot22; /ui action toolbarSlot23; /ui action toolbarPane00; /pause .1; /healDamage; 6. Group your states to minimize button pushing: If you have states from two weapon types, get a pattern down to apply everything periodically. My 1h States (Master Fencer) 1hStates /melee1hHealthHit1; /pause .1; /melee1hHealthHit2; /pause .1; /melee1hBlindHit1; /pause .1; /melee1hDizzyHit1; Macro intimidate so you never forget /intimidate1; /pause 21; /macro Intim; Macro Center of Being CoB /centerofbeing; /pause 31; /macro Intim; 7. Stack your Bleeds. I picked Fencer/Pistoleer because all focused hits and Shots are to Health/Body and that allows me to put 4 bleeds on the same Pool, 2 each from pistol and fencer. 8. Weapon Synergy. KD/Dizzy is great but not all classes have it. Fencer has stun, blind, and dizzy, while pistoleer had a kd that almost always works. I got a routine down of using 1h, applying states, then switching to pistol to kd and apply those bleeds before switching back to whichever weapon was doing the most damage. If you have weapon types that do not bleed the same pool, only bleed the pool you will be focused on. If the best weapon is a pike then you will action bleed, mind for Swordsman, and health for fencer. If you are a carbineer/swordsman only bleed the pool of the most effective weapon type you will be using, skip the other as a waste of time. 9. First Aid. Almost every club has one NPC that seems to put very heavy bleeds on, first aid can slow this down. Watch for this, you may need to hit that “Oh Crap” button for food if it surprises you. The food blood chowder provides bleed resist. I like it, Tigoo laughed at me. 10. Track your Food. Health/Str/Con: Gamorrl (Drink), Won-Won (Food) Action/Quickness/Stamina: Acaragm (Drink), Kiwik Clusjo Swirl (Food) Mind/Focus/Willpower: Vasaian Brandy (Drink), Vagnerian Canape (Food) As soon as you get buffed, eat round 1. When you arrive at the FC you should be able to eat/drink the foods you did not get to consume after buff. Balance these through the fight. Sometimes I used Pikatta for dodge if I felt good about my current food balance. 11. PSG Helps against Energy, Electricity, Stun, Heat, Cold, and Lightsaber. Does not help against Kinetic, Acid, Blast. Is repairable if you do not reach 0. Is sliceable. 12. Armor The NPCs will use all damage types across all fight clubs. Any holes in armor will be hit very hard, the higher you go. The Boss in FC 1 will smash you with a 1 shot if you have a vulnerability…cough…stun. Consider ALL damage types you may face as you proceed, even ones you rarely encounter. 13. Bounty Hunters I know of 7 I track with only 2 that actively seem to watch for Player bounties. Add them to your friends list if you don’t want to be surprised. Tigoo finished the FC as a Master TK/Swords Mentieth (Me) finished as a Master Fencer/Pistoleer I am happy to help anyone and fix errors in this primer if anyone sees them. Getting through all 10 fight clubs takes lots of prep and more fine-tuned execution as you progress but the credits are worth it, and the art and badges are awesome. Lia's Article Thank you to Tigoo who talked through many of these lessons and helped me gather all of this info!
  18. Scrivean

    The state of Armor

    What is the purpose of armor in the game? Armor is a system of equitable items that mitigate the various types of damage used by hostile entities. In live armor was designed with “holes”, even Mandalorian, that caused players to focus on the content they enjoyed and plan carefully how they approached their desire content. If you were headed in to the Geo caves, you knew you were going to face stun damage, and had to plan accordingly. To augment armor and help alleviate some of the damage types, players could equip personal shield generators which were rated at lower percentages than available on armor. Armor on TR. The armor system on TR has been adjusted, I believe, to allow for any armor to be worn based on aesthetic appeal. Specific type Armor Segments have been replaced within the crafting system to allow Composite armor segments to be used in any armor type. While this sounds good, several other factors have come in to play that can affect gameplay: Bone Armor, crafted by Artisans, and requiring no actual Armor Smith points can be crafted to 80% resists across the board, excluding Stun and LS. Stun can be filled by a layer if desired. The cost of making this armor is 9 Composite armor segments (assuming cost and quality of resources is even). Mabari, Ubese, Padded, Composite, Tantel, and Bounty Hunter all take 21 Composite Armor Segments and can also be crafted to 80% with the same Stun/LS hole except for BH which can be made with no holes. R.I.S., schematics gained through a quest chain, can be crafted to 80% as well for 9 segments though they do require looted parts dropped by Mobs on two planets (Lok and Yavin). Capping R.I.S. gets much easier when using Interwoven segments, the patter that drops rarely from the Acklay in the Geo cave. The new pattern takes another layer, and adds a geo cube, which in armor calculations, boosts the initial and final effectiveness percentages. This allows the armor to be capped often with multiple experimentation points left over for redistribution to either encumbrance or durability. All Armor can then be sliced to 90% effectiveness. All creature Mobs do kinetic damage while the NPCs can vary, and in the fight club you will face every type of damage, except choke. I have read that most content can be completed with 10k terminal buffs and 64% armor, considered starter armor, and that the more difficult content can be completed with lightly better armor and crafted Doc buffs, which are limited to only the A or B versions. Given top tier buffs and 90% armor almost everything is soloable, if not everything depending on profession selection. I understand that this may all be my own perception and opinion but I feel that the resist stats are too high and the lack of holes in armor is a limiting factor in PVP. Additionally, non-AS armor being crafted and sliced to that of a master AS makes the AS class worthless except in the case of crafting BH, R.I.S, and Mando, if the Artisan has a MS to supply advanced composite segments to them. Recommendations: 1. Bone armor be capped in crafting to 55% sliced to 67.5%, with stun/LS holes. 2. All other normal armor capped in crafting to 65% sliced to 75%, with various holes + LS. 3. R.I.S. capped at 70% sliced to 80%, add 10% LS resist to R.I.S. layers for each used in making a segment, max 30%. 4. BH capped at 70%, sliced to 80%, LS capped at 50%. 5. Mando/Crusader capped at 75% sliced to 85%, LS capped at 75%. 6. All armor except R.I.S changed to the same number of composite segments either 1:1/piece or 21 for a suit, bone included. 7. Bone armor uses composite segments, not advanced. 8. Another option to keep percentages low would be to make Mando/Crusader percentages equivalent to 80% but adjusted within the damage formula to be listed as medium armor. Looking forward to a great discussion. Scrivean (Sogrene Sushi, Master AS)
  19. Administrator

    Permanent HAM Reduction

    This is a bug in SWGEmu's code - I didn't write the code that caused this, and therefore don't know how it's supposed to work or how to fix it. As soon as SWGEmu fixes the issue, I'll pull their fix. It has been reported on Mantis.
  20. Luriant

    Permanent HAM Reduction

    Some help? I have my charater with a permanent ham reduction, I left the game 1 week ago, and the bug persist. I'm out of ideas.
  21. charlieman


    Figured I would post up an introduction while the launcher does its thing. During live I played on Valcyn, Sunrunner & Starsider. Valcyn I RPed stormtrooper mostly, with the 501st character named Mink. Sunrunner I RPed a rebel based on Rori and a jedi that was apart of NJO (think that's what it was called). Can't quite remember my character name there, Kody I think. Starsider I have a few RP characters. Mandalorian, trooper Mink , nightsister Jai Bril was in NS, pirate Dav was in DREAD. Quite a few other characters as slots opened up also. Just now getting back into the game and looking forward to screwing up emotes and such as I try to remember the controls! Hope to see you all IG!
  22. Luriant

    Permanent HAM Reduction

    I find an old related bug in SWGEmu Forums. https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=108189&p=842540&viewfull=1#post842540 I can't find the problem after dying when powerboost is charging, or when powerboost is expiring.
  23. Luriant

    Permanent HAM Reduction

    Migrating stats; and using power boost and migrating stats. The -66 is permanent. Maybe death or disconnect when Powerboost is increasing or decreasing.
  24. Administrator

    Permanent HAM Reduction

    Did you try migrating stats? Not sure how they would have gone negative, but that is worth a try.
  25. Mi Char Luriant have a -66 in Health, Action and Mind primaries. In the past, the penalization was -14, but now is more. I use Teras Kasi Power Boost, Starter and Advanced buffs, but reseting in the medical terminal don't solve the problem.
  26. Rasth

    Fight Club Feedback

    A few thoughts / points of clarification: He was red to Ash because I had started the fight by shooting him with my BH. Ash didn't start the attack, so the poison / disease delay in TEF was a non-factor in this particular fight unless he was solely trying to fight back against Ash first. I wasn't aware of the delay, and I agree that the TEF should proc on application rather than tick. As Ash mentioned, he was being tracked prior to entering the FC (and could no longer be tracked once he entered... Lia addressed this in her post above). Neither of us knew there was a FC in that location until the trail went cold there and we began to investigate the area looking for an answer. A load / getaway timer has multiple ways to become a problem that are specific to this server, unless the timer is very short. If random spawn location is implemented, it almost ensures escape.
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