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  1. 5/21/19 [Added] Missing painting to loot tables [Removed] Some loot items from Kahmurra facility to be used in a later update [Added] Draft schematic for medbag at novice medic 5/19/19 [Fixed] Capped sample DNA command at creature level 75 [Added] Added Medical Service Terminals to cloning facilities [Fixed] Fixed generic quests giving slicable briefcase [Added] Treasure Map loot adjustments [Added] Direction choice for destroy mission terminals as a radial option on the terminal 5/18/19 [Added] Medical Bag to organize pharma. Works with heal damage/enhance/pet/wound and cure packs. [Added] Added cooldown timers for Heal enhance/state/wound (one in buff window, the other on the first food/chem crafting tool found in inventory or med bag) 5/16/19 [Added] Creatures for eventual BE pets [Added] DNA Extractor craftable item. Bio-Engineers can use to extract 1 DNA sample from a corpse. [Modified] Mission names based on lair name from string file to improve readability 5/14/19 [Added] Having 4000+ standing with Jawa allows the player to see the junk value of items [Added] Two Junk Dealers have returned to Mos Entha [Added] Many items now have a junk value (not retroactive) 5/9/19 [Added] Generic Quest Giver Improvements. Rewards 1 item, some credits, and some faction standing.
  2. The Tarkin Creatures Database is now LIVE, with much thanks to Tatwi for his hard work in putting it all together for us!
  3. 5/6/19 [Fixed] Giant sand beetle pets to have control device [Modified] Values on quest stormtrooper armor [Modified] Generational DNA samples to take the name of the deed they were sampled from. [Modified] DNA sampling a creature can now be done at 25 meters [Modified] DNA sampling now takes 4 seconds instead of 9 [Fixed] Loot group name 5/5/19 Publish 10 [Increased] Trap uses and resource requirements x10 [Increased] Uses for weapon powerups to 1000 [Increased] Resource requirements to craft powerups by 10x [Removed] The freeze on second stat when getting a third stat [Changed] And normalized primary/secondary stats of melee and ranged powerups for more predictability in crafting [Changed] weighted first secondary stat on melee and ranged powerups towards most desirable options [Added] World Boss random spawn screenplay system
  4. Word of terrifying, monstrous freaks of nature has spread across the galaxy. They're out there... They are saying these vile creatures are rare, but when found, are terrorizing the countryside, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Many an adventurer has gone after one of these beasts, and few have returned. But those who have, tell tales of incredible loot - rare and precious objects - available for the taking for the lucky hunters who kill one. Be warned - these monsters take no prisoners, and the faint of heart should steer clear. May the best of luck be to those who seek them out. The Tarkin World Boss system spawns three random boss mobiles at random locations throughout the galaxy, typically anywhere between 300-3500m of a city with a starport or shuttleport. When one is killed, a new random boss will spawn three days later, in a new random location. If 24 hours go by and a boss has not been killed, it will de-spawn and a new random one will spawn somewhere else. Each boss has different resists and specials, as well as different loot groups. Drop rate is 100% - you or your group is guaranteed one thing from the "really good" groups, two things from the "good" groups, and four decorative or otherwise useful items. They are meant to be rare, a challenge to find, a challenge to kill, but rewarding when you do.
  5. It'll pull from your bank account for maintenance, assuming you have any credits there. If you don't, the building will eventually go condemned and go poof in the same manner as regular buildings do.
  6. 4/28/19 [Removed] Regular kimogila scales from loot tables [Fixed] Droid deeds losing their modules - mantis 7994 [Added] More creature lairs/more lairs to mission terminals 4/27/19 [Added] Varactyl, Gualaar, Spiderclan Queen, Walluga, and many new mission types 4/26/19 [Added] Creature types to existing lairs 4/24/19 [Fixed] Two painting string references [Modified] Creature hide/bone/meat/milk drops to have all resource types on all planets and be consistent with animal size 4/23/19 [Updated] Admin logging 4/22/19 [Enabled] Medicine Use SEAs for Medic/Doctor and Combat Medic [Added] Bio-Engineer SEAs for experimentation, assembly, and dna sampling [Enabled] SEAs for stored pets for Creature Handler 4/21/19 [Ended] Easter event and double XP [Modified] Several NPC building string files 4/18/19 [Added] House purchasing system for Tarkin's Revenge
  7. And a BIG THANK YOU to Tatwi for all his hard work making this available to us all!
  8. The long-awaited update is coming today! You can finally purchase Imperial Housing Authority-owned property for your very own! This includes such things as Cantinas, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses, Factories, Merchant Tents, Salon Tents, AND MORE. How it works: All GM-owned buildings will need two things to complete the purchase: a credit payment, and a player-crafted deed. These vary by what building you are trying to purchase. If a building is GM-owned and available to purchase (often denoted by ***For Sale*** on the building sign), go inside, use the radial menu, and choose "Buy Structure." For a factory, you'll just need to stand nearby, target it, and use the radial menu on the structure itself. At this point, a menu will pop up, telling you the price, the deed(s) that can be used to purchase it, and the first compatible deed it found in your inventory. If you have a compatible deed, and enough credits to make the purchase, click "OK." You will get a confirmation message asking if you REALLY want to proceed, If you do, go right ahead! This building is now yours! Prices range from 10k for a small house to 2 million for a cantina, and everywhere in between. 4/28/19: I will be dropping some more buildings for purchase today in the three major cities. Additionally, please wait for the "go ahead" after we bring the server back up post-patch. I need to destroy/recreate buildings in all three cities due to a naming issue that needed a client patch, and this may take a little time. I'd rather not lock you all out of the server during that time, so just please hold off on purchasing until I complete this, and thank you for your patience.
  9. Coming in the update later today will be a MASSIVE revamp to creatures. * Some new creatures have been added * Several creatures have had the resources they drop changed to a different type * MANY creatures have had the amounts they drop changed/increased * Many new lair types have been added to the mission terminals The purpose of all this is to make it so that every creature resource is actually available on every planet, and you can take missions to get it. It is also a boost to creature availability for Creature Handlers or Bio Engineers who may be looking for a specific creature. Because of these changes, resources like Galaxy Harvester will no longer be accurate in telling you what drops what, in what quantities. To this end, Tatwi has designed for us the Tarkin Creatures Database! And for a sneak peak at what has been added...
  10. That was actually a design choice. It occurred to me that people might be out in groups, and if anyone in the group has scout, the corpse won't despawn until it's been harvested or a timer runs out, and I didn't want unharvested corpses lying around possibly affecting respawns.
  11. 4/19/19 [Fixed] Bunnies not spawning on Friday during the holiday period 4/18/19 [Added] Easter 2019 Escaped Ash Rabbits event, enabled double XP 4/17/19 [Fixed] Armor value on POI Aa'kuan Defender 4/16/19 [Added] Vendors now skim 5% of sale values (above 10cr) into their maintanence pools (to max of 100,000cr skim) [Added] Bone Armor Segment as basic Composite Segment 4/12/19 [Fixed] Xharnoh plant
  12. Glad to see you back! (We weren't happy without Tarkin, either!)
  13. 4/11/19 [Changed] BroadcastGalaxy name from SKYNET to IMPERIAL BROADCAST AUTHORITY [Fixed] Decorative houseplant string entries [Modified] Camp despawn times - If, at the time the camp goes abandoned (which happens one minute after it is empty), the camp owner is in a different zone from the camp (has teleported off world), schedule the despawn task in five seconds. Otherwise, despawn the camp 2 minutes after it becomes abandoned. Camp uptime if occupied has been increased to 3 hours. [Disabled] Field faction status change - you must visit a recruiter to go Special Forces [Adjusted] loot drop rates on several mobiles, separated cave Aa'kuans and Nyax cultists from mission versions [Fixed] Holocron Splinters loot group causing issue with Rebel themepark [Removed] Non-functional experimentation line from composite & advanced composite segments 4/9/19 [Fixed] Hues on several felines [Updated] Lumberjack admin tool 4/7/19 [Reverted] Change to structure name in status window
  14. I'm out of ideas - if you do have all the right game files, it does sound like something on your end is gumming up the works. What does your cpu usage look like when playing just one client? Do you have any anti-virus software or firewall that may be interfering? Could try turning those off and loading up the game and see if performance differs.
  15. A suggestion from Skolten: Most likely Superfetch under windows 10, it tends to pull 100% disk just force quit superfetch and it should work I don't have Windows 10 myself, so I'm not sure I'd be able to walk you through that process personally.
  16. Download the latest version of the launcher, we've gone through about 3 launcher updates. (You may have to manually tell Windows Defender to allow it, it's been finicky for some people and flagging it as suspicious or harmful when it's not). The current most recent tre file is tarkin_custom.tre, and is 16.7 MB (17,536,938 bytes). Check that yours matches this size. If it does, you should have all the files. Seems like a weird thing to have happen, though. If you were just missing client files, you'd likely crash to desktop entirely, not freeze. I assume you've played on other servers without a similar issue?
  17. I haven't heard of any similar problems. Are you playing with more than one instance launched? And what are your computer specs? (RAM, processor)
  18. 4/5/19 [Updated] README.md [Added] Item search filter for bazaar & vendors [Modified] Minimum harvest values/formula. No one will harvest less than 15, and this scales up with skill level. [Replaced] Kliknik segment with composite segment in loot drops in Geo cave [Fixed] Fishing max inventory capacity [Fixed] Narglatch hues [Fixed] Hanging Planter schematic so it will now learn properly [Fixed] Prevent server crash when adding looted schematics where target iff cannot be found 4/4/19 [Added] Email to warn player when their vendor maintenance is low 4/3/19 [Modified] Bespin Port and Pyollian Cake to have no filling [Fixed] Canoid hues [Fixed] A couple of wonky Janta positions [Modified] Faction gear is unequipped when going on leave (and dying) [Fixed] Dire cat hues [Fixed] Harvesting quantities - grouped with (and in proximity to) a ranger or master ranger will provide a harvesting bonus to non-rangers. This will be the only influence group status has upon harvesting. Also fixed skinny/scrawny message at the .stf level 4/2/19 [Removed] colors from structure names in the Structure Status window to make it easier to read
  19. 4/1/19 [Fixed] # of days of uptime displaying incorrectly in /tarkin status [Modified] Ore Mining Unit to craft in crates inside a factory [Fixed] Foraged stimpack now also heals mind 3/31/19 [Modified] City treasury deposits to take from cash and bank [Modified] Medical Services Terminals to take funds from cash, then the remainder from bank, if player has enough total to cover the cost [Added] Message showing quantity milked and zone [Fixed] Crafting tool now releases prototype when inventory is at 99 items [Updated] World snapshots 3/30/19 [Modified] Structure schematics so they will make crates when crafted in a factory [Modified] Stat values so Twi'lek stat migration functions properly [Added] Experimentation line for BER to Fusion Generators [Fixed] a typo in the Skill Trainer menu, Modified command table so all can use /tarkin command [Fixed] Gurrcat hues, so they will no longer spawn in weird colors 3/29/19 [Added] Explanatory message to Account Manager, removed Red from list of restricted names [Added] Cesta's Galaxy Harvester resource parser functionality
  20. As far as I know, SWGEmu folks implemented it the same way as it was in the original game - here's a guide from back then: https://www.swgemu.com/archive/scrapbookv51/data/20070127174504/ We haven't made any changes from Basilisk as far as how to get a jedi. If someone knows of a better guide, please feel free to post. I've never had a jedi.
  21. Liakhara


    Hey, I'm from Chimaera as well!
  22. Yes, Jedi is implemented here. You have to go through the process to get "glowy" and then go through the village. It's an extensive, month-long process to get your first jedi boxes, and then a hefty grind of the class after that. You can google guides on the Village system, it is the same here as it is implemented on Basilisk.
  23. 3/27/19 [Updated] Readme & fixed a loot group reference 3/26/19 [Updated] starting locations for Mos Entha and Coronet [Added] Email to vendor owner when an item is offed to their vendor. 3/21/19 [Added] Decals as factional loot drop items & from picture and viewscreen printers 3/20/19 [Modified] Saber block to be ineffective when knocked down, and effectiveness reduced by half when intimidated
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