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    Just curious, is the staff of Tarkin 2 pleased with the number of players on the server?
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    Far to the East of Mos Entha (5162, 609 tatooine) lies a hidden cave filled with Jabba's minions... They are beefy, but a skilled adversary might succeed at taking them all out. A team might be even better. Welcome to our revamped, POI, the Hutt Hideout. Here you will find exciting decor, new weapons and weapon subcomponents, and even a new speeder! New loot added to Hutt Hideout: Oil Bath Jabba's Bed Jabba's Chandelier Jabba's Drapes Jabba's Fancy Rug Jabba's Gargoyle Jabba's Generator Jabba's Bar-Style Table A Wooden Pallet Energy Coil Jabba's Roasting Spit (food crafting station) XJ-2 Airspeeder Schematic Jabba's Overcharged Blaster Power Handler Intimidator Pistol Schematic (A cold-damage AP 1 pistol for Master Pistoleer) Massassi Guardian Carbine Schematic (A cold-damage AP 1 carbine) Massassi Ink Rifle Schematic (A cold-damage AP 1 rifle) Intimidator Pistol Barrel Massassi Guardian Carbine Barrel Massassi Ink Rifle Barrel A Magseal Safe A Comlink Circuit Board Clipon ID Badge Flashy Datapad Trackball Datapad Answering Machine Disguise Makeup Kit Magseal Detector A Datapad (Style 1) A Datapad (Style 2) A Datapad (Style 3) A Datapad (Style 4) A Datapad (Style 5) Spray Bottle Explosive Device a droid production unit Organizational Datapad (not functional, decorative only) Old Republic Tech analyzer Access Lock (not functional, decorative only) Ammo Canister A Locator Beacon Depleted Energy Cartridge a disabled navigation module Environmental Controller Security Scanner System Controller Workstation Surveillance Device Large Computer Console Computer Console with Seating Star Destroyer System Console Star Destroyer Console Row Deactivated Terminal (Floor style 1) Deactivated Terminal (Floor style 2) Functioning Terminal (Floor style 1) Functioning Terminal (Floor style 2) Deactivated Terminal (Wall style 1) Deactivated Terminal (Wall style 2) Functioning Terminal (Wall style 1) Functioning Terminal (Wall style 2) Hoth-Style Terminal Crafting Assembly Terminal Star Destroyer Solar Console Star Destroyer Cooling Coil
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    I don't presume to talk for Lia or Paradym, but here are a few things I feel are and have been important to me as well as making my time in Tarkins Revenge so meaningful: From the SWG voting site: https://topg.org/server-tarkin-s-revenge-id511391 We are a small group and solo experience server, with a staff that is actively focused on providing a fun, realistic roleplay environment. Our development team implements new content geared towards a realistic Star Wars experience. We want players to have the base game they love, with some quality of life adjustments to make their time in game much more rich and fulfilling. Buffs are much, much lower than you will find on other servers. Reduced buffs makes content a lot harder, and you need to actively manage your secondary stats through stat migration and food/drink in order to be most successful in combat. “C” and “D” crafted doctor buffs have been completely eliminated. Player cities as you know them do not exist on Tarkin’s Revenge. There are currently three cities you can settle in – Coronet, Theed, and Mos Entha. We want players to run into one another and interact. We also have a friendly, fun galaxy chat in addition to an active Discord. What got me to play here? Honestly this: This is just the beginning of your new Star Wars story... give us a try, you won’t be disappointed. I have had such a fun time. Things are not easy, but they're not overwhelming. Professions are actually cool to try, and the activity of the player base seems more than enough to keep the markets open and continuing steadily. Armor and Weapon repairs can easily be achieved through asking in Discord with a 24-hour turn around most times. Do I wish there were more people around? Sure I do! However, the quality of folk playing I would not change for a larger quantity of folk. I played many SWG emulators/server, spent the most time in SWGEmu but towards the end I was unhappy most of the time. Since being here I want to play again, things are fun, and people are fabulawsome!
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    All the GCW armors are equivalent to composite. You can see our code here: https://github.com/TarkinII/Tarkins-Revenge/blob/develop/MMOCoreORB/bin/scripts/object/draft_schematic/armor/armor_galactic_marine_chest_gcw.lua
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    Tarkins Revenge have added new weapon and armor components to give more options for finding selected weapon and armor components. These have a chance to be of similar quality to their similar components. All can also drop from various world bosses. Note that a high CL Creature/NPC can go above the listed max. Kimo Claw: Drops from Kimoglia Cave & Netherfang Same as Rancor Tooth Damage Range: Min 20-160, Max 40-160. Kimo Tissues: Drops from Kimoglia Cave (/way 4770 975 Lok) Same as Krayt Tissues Max Damage: 28-165 / Speed 1 to -1.2 Mokk Blood: Drops from Mokk Stronghold Same as Janta Blood Power: 50-180, Charges 10-25, Uses 1-4 Smuggled Bantha Ivory: Drops from Pirate Bunker Same as Reinforced Sword Core Damage Range: Min 54-100, max 54-100 Smuggled Bantha Ivory Projectile: Drops from Pirate Bunker Same as Projectile Feed Mechanism Max Damage: 28-175 / Speed 1 to -1, Uses 1-6 Phrik Shard: Drops from Black Sun Bunker Same as NS Shards Armor HAM Encumbrance -10 to -25, Uses 1-13 Droid Armor Chunk: Drops from Droid Cave Same as Janta Hide Armor Effectiveness: 3-10%, Uses 5-13 Kunga Hide: Drops from Kunga Stronghold Same as Janta Hide Armor Effectiveness: 3-10%, Uses 5-13
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    Word of terrifying, monstrous freaks of nature has spread across the galaxy. They're out there... They are saying these vile creatures are rare, but when found, are terrorizing the countryside, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Many an adventurer has gone after one of these beasts, and few have returned. But those who have, tell tales of incredible loot - rare and precious objects - available for the taking for the lucky hunters who kill one. Be warned - these monsters take no prisoners, and the faint of heart should steer clear. May the best of luck be to those who seek them out. The Tarkin World Boss system spawns three random boss mobiles at random locations throughout the galaxy, typically anywhere between 300-3500m of a city with a starport or shuttleport. When one is killed, a new random boss will spawn three days later, in a new random location. If 24 hours go by and a boss has not been killed, it will de-spawn and a new random one will spawn somewhere else. Each boss has different resists and specials, as well as different loot groups. Drop rate is 100% - you or your group is guaranteed one thing from the "really good" groups, two things from the "good" groups, and four decorative or otherwise useful items. They are meant to be rare, a challenge to find, a challenge to kill, but rewarding when you do.
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    Here are the CU and NGE melee weapons we have brought into the game as loot-drop schematics, requiring a loot-drop component. Resource stat requirements for all the new melee weapons is 100% SR. Unarmed One-Handed Two-Handed Polearms
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    We have implemented a host of the CU and NGE weapons as loot-drop schematics, requiring a loot-drop component. Resource stat requirements for all the new weapons use 66% OQ, 33% SR. **Additionally, the Commando weapon Heavy Acid Rifle has been made equivalent to the flamethrower in terms of stats (given equally good resources used), and now provides a fire DoT when using its specials, just like the flamethrower does. Pistols Carbines Rifles Heavy Weapons
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    I need an adult
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    This one was a ton of fun to test, tight proximity means that things can get very exciting very quickly.
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