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    Hey, realised I never posted here when I joined z so here goes... I'm Glenn, british guy living in South Wales, single dad who is also carer to my 13yr old autistic son. Have two older sons 22 and 20, and a 2 yr o old daughter with more recent (crazy)ex. In-game I'm Asharin a tkm stacker, Perfidious a Master smuggler/pistoleer, Schtufbox an As/Ws and Slugface an ithorian Doc/tailor. Played SWG on Bria from the start on and off til SWG died, eventually found Basilisk, but wasn't really free enough to play then, but now I am and found this place :)
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    As requested here are the download for my latest version of my UI. Keep in mind that the fonts are small & thin and 100% intended to be like that, so if you want your fonts larger or bold, you this UI is probably not for you. All UI elements have been adjusted for optimal OCD satisfaction. I also intent to change most ui fonts from bold to normal in the future, they will most likely be additional downloads and be optional. Skolten_UI_OCD_(Feb 2020).7z Extract into your SWG folder. (SWGFolder/ui & SWGFolder/texture) First time setup will require you to drag UI into the positions you want them and group UI need some additional dragging to get the arrows in place. Log out to character screen to save your UI postions.
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    Guild: PHO-TEK, Inc. <PHO> Faction: Imperial (some neutral alts) Recruiting: Yes Guild Leader: Onafa Ere Guild Officer: Hanford "Big Dawg" Dixon Asharin "Hitman" Anderan Guild Members: Beyluk Taly PHO-TEK originated on the Kauri server. Serving the community primarily as a mining and commerce guild. Our original home town was Dearic on Talus and then the player city Tantiss, Naboo. Plan on helping each other out and activities together.
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    Guild hall will be located in Coronet.
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    Ahh see, I was trying to figure out if TommyBoy was Ziva or Beyluk...guess you actually putting your toon names in answers that question lol
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    Can't wait :) Ziva/Taly
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    Ready to be a very helpful team member
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    Hitman eh? That's a new one...usually it's something far more insulting 😄
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    DE wishlist... 1) I'd like to see a module that's "Sampling Assistant". It'd work like the Creature Harvesting Module, but would apply to your sampling rather than Scout harvesting. 2) I'd like to see DE's be able to call a second droid at the equivalent box of where CH can call a second pet. Makes the repair droid and the power droid much more useful 3) The "Survey Assistant" module would let you select an interest (Mineral/Floral/Chemical, etc) and it would pop up a list of resources and percentages at this very spot, just like the list when you do "Choose Resource" from a harvester. 4) I'd like "befriend" to support accessing the droid's storage module. 5) I'd love to see a command that's kinda like the whole "patrol point" thing called "Goto Waypoint". Combined with the befriend/storage thing above, this would let you have a droid do a delivery. 6) For the RP effect, a "Language Module" - if you target the droid, and say something in a language other than Basic, then it does a "So-and-So says _____" with the text in Basic. Possibly even do a double call to Google translate, for English->Hungarian->English, so the translation is a little bit off. 7) For the love of all that is good and holy, can Binary Load Lifters get changed? They have the same functionality as MSE droids. I mean, if the Master CH box was "you can tame a Level 1 creature" people would snap... 8 ) Droidika? I was in Anchorage the other day, and the Rebels NPCs had one. If the NPC DE can do it.... I think the schematic should include buying a PSG and Particle Beam cannon from a weaponsmith... 9) Bugfix : If you put a stimpack dispenser in a droid, and get a Pharm IV to load it, then it works when you ask for a stimpack using the radial menu. If you do a /requeststimpack, it does not work, even if you're the droid's owner. I also figured out why the limitation on Pharm IV is in there: it works from the radial menu even if the requester does not have Medic at all.... which is really nice. Frees up 15 skill points. 10) In the vein of the scout trap projector, can we have a thing that works the same way but holds C12 grenades? 11) Guestbook droid - this would be kinda like the way people put deeds or droid frames in the house as a decoration. DE builds it, you put it in the house, it sits there. But it runs something like the vendor greeting code, and welcomes people with some canned text when they come into your house. It also sends an email that says "So-and-So came to visit" 12) AIML personality module - this would give the DE the ability to put in a link to one of the free AIML chatbot hosting sites. When someone targets the droid, whatever they say would get passed to the chatbot site, and then the reply would be spoken by the droid.
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    Nightsister Battle Mantle as a jacket rather than a shirt Extended palettes for furniture
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    I have created 4 new UI Styles or Themes for Tarkin's Revenge, they can be downloaded here. All are easy on the eye. Download: ui_palette_ground.inc Install: drop both files in to /ui in your SWG folder. Black Sabbath by Skolten Matrix Green by Skolten Silver Lining by Skolten Purple Rain by Skolten
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