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    Figured I would post up an introduction while the launcher does its thing. During live I played on Valcyn, Sunrunner & Starsider. Valcyn I RPed stormtrooper mostly, with the 501st character named Mink. Sunrunner I RPed a rebel based on Rori and a jedi that was apart of NJO (think that's what it was called). Can't quite remember my character name there, Kody I think. Starsider I have a few RP characters. Mandalorian, trooper Mink , nightsister Jai Bril was in NS, pirate Dav was in DREAD. Quite a few other characters as slots opened up also. Just now getting back into the game and looking forward to screwing up emotes and such as I try to remember the controls! Hope to see you all IG!
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    Build on the reverse engineering and collect x number of ns/smc/DC garb and re a one use schematic so that Master tailors have a shot at making the same clothing with sockets, no guarantee.
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    This is the Flat UI i have created for SWG. Player, target, status bars and group window have been updated. - Flattened HAM bars - Equal length HAM bars - Buffs under the player frame - Status effects under the target frame - Bigger Player and Target bars - 48% smaller group window Updated: Oct 27th 2019 - Shorter player bars to make up for the target bars length bug - Slightly thinner HAM bars to make space for a thicker force bar. - Fixed the folder structure in the .rar Update: Oct 28th 2019 - Better contrast for HAM bars - Darker background for player and target frame Download: Skolten's Flat HAM UI_28th_october_2019_update.rar Bigger Group UI: ui_ground_hud_group.inc (Optional for Huge Resolutions or small group play) More Buffs: ui_ground_hud.inc (Added a 2nd row of buffs, mainly for jedi stacking a lot of buffs). Install: Place in your SWG folder. With Force bar (the bigger actionbar is not included)
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