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Wedding Scavenger Hunt

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[This event will go live Friday 7/5/2019 sometime around 6:30 CST]

Paradym and Liakhara are getting married!  But all of the items they need for their wedding have been misplaced.  Talk to the wedding coordinator in Coronet (just outside the starport) to help them get this show on the road.

There will be rewards for successful completion, and you can complete the scavenger hunt once per character.



In addition, it has been rumored that Liakhara turns husbands into man-shaped husks.  It seems unlikely that there is any validity to these claims, but the presence of several oddly man-shaped beings inside the city limits of Coronet, Theed, and Mos Entha does call this into question...

These poor creatures will be in-spawn for a week, and will be very nice for the pocketbooks of those who can kill them.  (They drop cash only, no loot.)



Note: The wedding coordinator droid will give you a photographic image and a verbal hint to get you started as you look for each item.  The maps in the post below will be invaluable for finding each location.  In addition, it is highly recommended to download the POI maps mod (which will be hosted and available later today).  This will override your normal in-game maps with these special POI maps.  If you use them for the event, feel free to delete them afterwards if you don't wish to use them for normal play.

To install the mod: 

1) Download the POI Maps mod LINK.
2) Navigate to the folder where your Tarkin's Revenge installation of SWG is located.
3) Open the texture folder (if you have one) or create one if you don't, and open it.
4) Unzip the POI Maps mod into this texture folder - directly inside, no subfolders.
5) Close all open clients and re-open them, if you had any open.



And finally, as a special wedding gift to all of you players - along with this update, you will be granted one more character slot, for a total of FIVE characters on Tarkin's Revenge!

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