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Update - 6/11/19

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[Added] Veteran Rewards

[Modified] DNA Template crafting formula to produce better results on speed, to-hit, and damage

[Added] Chance to forage a Creature Egg by searching lairs

[Added] Incubator functionality

[Added] Creature Egg draft schematic, also modified some max values on enzymes

[Added] Functionality to Enzyme Re-Processor

[Added] Functionality to Enzyme Refining Tray
[Added] Functionality to Centrifuge
[Added] Initial radial options to Incubator, Centrifuge, Refining Tray, and Re-Processor
[Added] Draft schematics for Incubator, Enzyme Extractor, Enzyme Centrifuge, Enzyme Refining Tray, and Enzyme Re-Processor

[Added] Incubator, enzymes, enzyme extractor
[Fixed] a couple vehicle deed names
[Added] Multiple vehicles are now colorable
[Changed] DNA Extractor item type to Generic Item instead of Trap
[Modified] descriptions on enzyme centrifuge, enzyme refining tray, and enzyme re-processor

[Fixed] Mission direction choice no longer uses player's facing direction

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