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Update - 4/28/19

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[Removed] Regular kimogila scales from loot tables
[Fixed] Droid deeds losing their modules - mantis 7994
[Added] More creature lairs/more lairs to mission terminals

[Added] Varactyl, Gualaar, Spiderclan Queen, Walluga, and many new mission types

[Added] Creature types to existing lairs

[Fixed] Two painting string references
[Modified] Creature hide/bone/meat/milk drops to have all resource types on all planets and be consistent with animal size

[Updated] Admin logging

[Enabled] Medicine Use SEAs for Medic/Doctor and Combat Medic
[Added] Bio-Engineer SEAs for experimentation, assembly, and dna sampling
[Enabled] SEAs for stored pets for Creature Handler

[Ended] Easter event and double XP
[Modified] Several NPC building string files

[Added] House purchasing system for Tarkin's Revenge

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