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Update - 4/5/19

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[Updated] README.md
[Added] Item search filter for bazaar & vendors
[Modified] Minimum harvest values/formula. No one will harvest less than 15, and this scales up with skill level.
[Replaced] Kliknik segment with composite segment in loot drops in Geo cave
[Fixed] Fishing max inventory capacity
[Fixed] Narglatch hues
[Fixed] Hanging Planter schematic so it will now learn properly
[Fixed] Prevent server crash when adding looted schematics where target iff cannot be found

[Added] Email to warn player when their vendor maintenance is low

[Modified] Bespin Port and Pyollian Cake to have no filling
[Fixed] Canoid hues
[Fixed] A couple of wonky Janta positions
[Modified] Faction gear is unequipped when going on leave (and dying)
[Fixed] Dire cat hues
[Fixed] Harvesting quantities - grouped with (and in proximity to) a ranger or master ranger will provide a harvesting bonus to non-rangers. This will be the only influence group status has upon harvesting. Also fixed skinny/scrawny message at the .stf level

[Removed] colors from structure names in the Structure Status window to make it easier to read

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