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Guide to Getting Started in SWG

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New to Star Wars Galaxies? Here are some things you should know!

SWG is not the most new-player-friendly or intuitive game you’ve ever played, but the rewards are great if you take the time to learn what it has to offer.  The single most important thing you can remember is – ask questions! We’re all here because we love the game and we are happy to help clarify or simplify!

Character creation:

  • Different species have different benefits and drawbacks.  You can get a little bit of an idea here. Keep in mind that on Tarkin, buffs are not as robust, so managing your stats is key.

  • Don’t worry too much about character appearance customization in the creation window – many more options are available after you pick up Image Designer and /imagedesign your own character. You can also adjust your base stats at any time with Image Designer, so it is a smart thing to train and costs 0 skill points!

  • Picking a starting class – this is not set in stone, but if you have an idea of what you’d like to do, it’s a good time to grab it. The game automatically gives some items to you based on what you’ve picked. Marksman/Brawler gets starter weapons, Artisan some survey & crafting tools, Entertainer just gets the most ridiculous looking pants imaginable. Scout or Medic don’t have anything exciting on them at the start.  

  • You can train multiple starting classes and/or drop them as needed, just look for the Marksman, Artisan, Medic, Scout, Brawler & Entertainer trainers – usually near the Starport, Cantina or Medical Center. It only costs 100cr to train these starting boxes. I usually pick up a combat class (brawler/marksman), scout and medic to start, no matter what. The ability to heal a bit more with “Stim Bs” as a medic is nice, and you may as well have the ability to harvest meat/bone/hide while you level. You can surrender skills at any time.

  • Please choose your name carefully, as it cannot be changed.

  • You can create a new character every hour. There are four characters allowed on Tarkin, three can be logged on simultaneously. Dual/triple logging requires a user.cfg file in your game directory with the following:



  • Play through the tutorial after you create your character.  If you didn't do it with your main character you can always create another character on another server and make sure [ x ] View New Player Tutorial is checked before you finish creating the character.

General items of note:

  • Bazaar terminals are convenient places to sell items for those who haven’t yet decided to put up vendors, or do not want to have a merchant character. From a Bazaar terminal you can search not only the items on offer on the bazaar near you, but planet or galaxy wide – and/or search vendors who have turned on the search functionality!

  • Banking terminals allow you to deposit more of your credits into the bank or withdraw your funds to your character as cash.  Cash can be traded or tipped to other nearby players. Cash in the bank can be tipped to players (near or far) for a 10% fee.  The bank also has a safety deposit box into which you can place items. You must join the planetary bank to access this function and you can only retrieve your items from the terminals on that planet.

  • Certain items you have equipped or are carrying with you when you will decay when you die and clone – including weapons, armor, and clothing. Uninsured items lose 5% on clone, insured items lose 1% on clone. You must re-insure your items after each death.  You’ll find the terminals in cloning centers. You cannot sell an item with decay on a vendor.

  • Storing your cloning data at a nearby facility will allow you to respawn there, without wounds, if you die on that planet.

  • Anyone can do exploration (recon tab) and regular missions (delivery tab) for cash, even without combat or crafting skills. Grab them from the terminals arrayed throughout cities (there are always a few by the starport and using the planetary map will help you pinpoint them if you use the menu to the right).

  • When picking up missions, grab them in the same direction even if you have to refresh a few times. It’ll save time in the long run. You can pick up three missions at a time.

  • Characters each have 20 lots upon which they can put harvesters, factories and houses. These structures will have a lot cost associated with their size (e.g. larger homes take up multiple lots but have more item storage).

  • You must pay maintenance on homes or structures you own, and both harvesters and factories also require power (radioactive/solar or wind.)

  • You do not have to eat or drink, but chef foods/beverage and those gathered from scout’s /forage command can alter your stats/abilities in amazing ways! And smugglers offer spice (drugs) to give short term boosts.

User Interface/UI:

  • The reticule can be converted to a pointer by tapping alt.

  • There are several preloaded keymaps that will help customize your playstyle – how you move, what shortcut keys are associated with commands, etc.  Experiment a little.

  • If you hover over the menu keys – it will show you the keyboard shortcut for that particular window.

  • Click the checkbox on your mini-map to show Con – this will show you your combat level relation to the creature you see on the map.  Red=Very Difficult > Yellow=Difficult > White=Even > Dark Blue=Less Difficult > Light Blue=Easy > Green=Very Easy

  • Put your pointer at the bottom of the toolbar at the top of the screen until it changes to an up and down symbol and then hold the mouse button and drag downward until you get a second row of toolbars.  You can put skills and items in those toolbar action slots. The first row of the toolbar is utilized by pressing the corresponding number key (or in some keymaps – function key), and the second row (Shift+F1 through Shift+F12 / Shift+1 through Shift+12 – again this depends on which keymap you use!)

  • You can resize almost any window in the game by putting your mouse cursor on the edge and holding the mouse button and dragging the window bigger or smaller.

  • You can move most windows where you want them by dragging them when the mouse cursor looks like a cross ╬

  • You can see further in your radar if you click the little + or - buttons next to it.  The default range is 64 meters.

  • Go to the Options menu ( . or CTRL+O) and under the Misc section, check the option:   [ X ] Show Onscreen Waypoint Monitor

  • That way you'll have a list of active waypoints with the distance to each one listed.  You can drag it to wherever you want it on your screen.

  • An overhead/overlay map is available by tapping M / Control+M – you will be able to see an overhead view of structures, NPCs, creatures, other players, etc. in the area you currently inhabit.

  • A planetary map can be accessed via tapping V / Control+V – it will show the cities and your waypoints. Clicking on the items in the sidebar can help locate other items of interest (terminals/trainers/points of interest/shuttleports/etc.) You can right click on any waypoint on the map to add it to your list of waypoints.

  • You can sort your inventory or backpacks by clicking on "Change View" at the bottom of the window and then clicking on the column at the top that you would like to sort them by.  Example: If you click on "Item Name" it will sort the items alphabetically by the name and then if you click "Item Type" it will sort by what kind of items they are. Then click on "Change View" again to switch back to the regular view.  This makes it much easier to keep everything organized.

  • Click the little symbol that looks like two arrowheads with a circle between in the top left hand corner of your inventory window.  It will bring up an examine pane that will show the stats for whatever you have selected so you can examine items in your inventory without using the radial to examine on each item. The same symbol on the right hand side will show an image of your character.

  • K or Control+S will bring up the skills menu – in addition to being able to see your professions, you can also view all the professions, how much and what type of experience each box requires, the attributes or abilities granted. Knowing what will make your leveling easier will go a long way toward informing your choices of what line or box to train next.

  • Macros are your friend! There are a million different ways to use macros to enhance your gameplay. You can find bunches of information online about setting up macros for combat, gather resources, entertainment, etc. Other players are usually happy to share theirs with you, as well!


  • You have 250 skill points to spend on profession skills.

  • On Tarkin, crafting skills & boxes are granted by the Skill Trainer. We found the ‘grind’ to get to master level crafting onerous and took away some of the fun. We’d rather you be crafting items to use or sell to your fellow players than burning through millions of resources just to get to the last box.

  • You can also pick up Entertainer, Musician, Dancer and Image Designer at the skills trainer with zero skill point cost and zero experience earned.  

  • You can always train with a trainer in one of the cities. First Tier trainers are present in EVERY city with a star/spaceport.  Brawler, Marksman, Scout, Medic, Entertainer.

  • Master level trainers are available in select cities. All trainers are currently available in Mos Entha.

  • Other players with the skill box you need can train you for any class or profession – the only exception is the Novice box of any profession, which must be trained by an NPC.


  • Use the mission terminals (kill missions) and start with lower payout/CL (Creature Level) missions. When you find you’re surviving well or they feel ‘easy’ – go up a CL or two! Missions scale up with you as you level.  You can also use a radial menu on the mission terminal to select a different level range, if you want something easier or harder than the terminal offers you by default.

  • There are exploration (hunting/recon) missions that will help with starting cash and experience.

  • You can target by pressing tab or clicking on the target.

  • The number next to a target is your chance to hit or accuracy - the higher the better.

  • Melee classes – Teras Kasi (Unarmed), Fencer (One-hand weapons), Swordsman (Two-hand weapons) and Pikeman (Polearms) tend to have higher defenses than ranged classes.

  • Ranged classes – Pistols, Rifles, Carbines tend to do more damage but are less capable of taking sustained damage.

  • Utility classes – Commando, Bounty Hunter, Squad Leader, Creature Handler, Ranger, Smuggler, Doctor, Combat Medic all bring their own special touch to a group or combat situation, either through damage, resource gathering, the ability to apply states to enemies, remove states from the group, heal, buff stats, resurrect dead players, etc.

  • Building your own combat template by utilizing a little of one profession and a bit of another is one of the things that makes SWG such a unique game.  Examples of mixed and stacked templates can be found all over the internet.

  • If you kneel or lay down you raise your accuracy, but you will take more damage.

  • Do not attack NPCs for no reason.  Just because the default action is attack does not mean you should attack them, for many there are faction concerns. (i.e. you kill a thug and raise faction with townspeople, but lower with criminals…over time all criminal NPCs might start attacking you.)

  • The red, green and blue bars are referred to as HAM (Health - Action - Mind).

  • There are nine different attributes.  The second and third attribute of each category are usually called secondary stats. The second of each type determines how much using specials will cost from the main bar.  The third determines how fast the main bar will regenerate. (Red are Health – Strength, Constitution; Green are Action – Quickness, Stamina; Blue are Mind – Focus, Willpower)

  • Every bar of your HAM will regenerate faster if you sit down.

  • Using special moves with weapons costs HAM points.  Examining your weapon will show how much each attack will cost.  Keeping your secondary stats above 1500 (after adding in buffs from foods or doctors, and subtracting armor encumbrance) is how you keep your weapon from doing damage to your HAM when you use special attacks.

  • Armor has something called encumbrance which is based on how heavy the armor is and how much it slows you down. The encumbrance is the amount that is subtracted from the second and third attribute of each category of HAM when you are wearing the armor. After a fight, your HAM bars will regenerate faster if you take off your armor.

  • The black area on your HAM bars indicate wounds, which can only be healed by a medic or the medical services terminal.

  • Mind wounds can only be healed by an entertainer in a cantina or a camp, or by using the medical services terminal. To receive mind healing, click on an entertainer that is dancing or playing music and select Listen or Watch. You can Listen to one person and Watch another at the same time.

  • It’s considered courteous to tip if someone heals your wounds or entertains you to heal your mind wounds.

  • On Tarkin, you will start with enough credits (currency) to buy a starter weapon and some ‘grind’ armor.  

  • You do not need a full suit of armor but one piece to cover each of the four sections of your body (Head + Chest + Arms/Hands + Legs/Feet) these are called mini suits and help with armor encumbrance. Those four pieces will decay slightly faster as they will individually take more hits rather than it being spread out among all the pieces.

  • Weapons also decay with use, power-ups (aka Pups) are crafted items that increase damage or speed of your weapon, will increase that rate of decay. You can apply them directly to your weapon by dragging.

  • Anyone can repair a weapon or armor with the appropriate crafted repair kit. But the highest success rate is determined by a number of things – being a master crafter of that type (Weapon/Armor), using a high quality repair kit, standing by a high quality crafting station, having no wounds or battle fatigue are all parts of the equation. You should always repair at or before your item reaches ¼ of its total condition to keep from losing item stats.

Crafting & Resources:

SWG has a complex and rewarding crafting system – many say it’s the best a game has ever had!  

  • Doing Artisan missions from the terminals is a good way to pick up some extra starting cash without too much risk.

  • To find resources used to craft things you need the Novice Artisan skill and survey tools. You can usually find them for sale on the Bazaar in major cities, or you can ask an Artisan to make one for you.  There are a handful of resource types with tools to help locate the highest density – Mineral, Chemical, Gas, Flora, Solar, Water, and Wind.

  • First use the survey tool to select which resource you'd like to find and click survey.  You will get a map of what percent of that resource is located around you. You can walk/drive toward the highest % and click survey again until you find the spot with the highest concentration of the resource.

  • Once you find a pretty high % of a resource you can click Sample and you will take a sample of the resource. You can examine it in your inventory to check its stats.

  • Using the survey tool to survey drains your Mind bar, and taking samples of resources drains your Action bar. Your character will sample again every 30 seconds.

  • You can collect any type of resource by hand in this fashion – though doing so with radioactive material will wound your character over time. Putting down harvesters (personal or medium) of the type you’d like to collect allows you to play your character while resources are being gathered.

  • Each crafting profession has certain resources it relies upon and certain stats on that resource.  There are thousands of profession guides online that will help you, as well as using the SWGCraft.org or GalaxyHarvester.net websites.

  • Always experiment when you are crafting items.  It can make any item have at least double the stats.

  • If you utilize Skill Enhancing Attachments (SEAs) – either Clothing Attachments (CAs) or Armor Attachments (AAs) you can increase the number of experimentation points you have to spend or your % of an amazing success on assembly.

  • In order to experiment you must have an item specific crafting tool (not the generic crafting tool) and you must stand next to a crafting station of the same type.  You can find every type of crafting station in most big cities, usually near the starport. Example: Use a Food and Chemical Crafting Tool while standing next to a Food and Chemical Crafting Station in order to experiment on a stimpack.

  • City crafting stations are considered “public” crafting stations and will not give you access to all the schematics at your disposal. Private crafting stations or droids with private crafting station modules will help you access all of your schematics.

  • Artisans utilize Weapon, Droid and General crafting tools/stations and architects use Structure and Furniture. Medic/Doctor/Combat Medic/Chef/Smuggler/Bio Engineer utilize Food and Chemical to create medicine, food and spices.  Armorsmith and Tailor use Clothing and Armor tools/stations. Shipwrights use Starship crafting tools/stations.

  • In addition to crafting by hand, if you are next to a private crafting station you can produce a manufacturing schematic and put it and the necessary items in a factory for mass production. Many items require identical sub-components from factory crates.

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Post 2: Trainers

Bounty Hunter Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3359 -4840
Tatooine - Wayfar -5151 -6588
Rori - Narmle -5232 -2241
Naboo - Keren 2083 2575
Corellia - Tyrena -5130 -2302
Carbineer Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1157 3110
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3534 -4695
Talus - Dearic 583 -2873
Rori - Narmle -5139 -2515
Rori - Rebel Outpost 3627 -6433
Naboo - Keren 1262 2678
Corellia - Tyrena -5225 -2488

Combat Medic Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3533 -4752
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1339 3281
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1293 3283
Tatooine - Mos Espa -3142 2109
Talus - Nashal 4505 5169
Talus - Nashal 4389 5364
Rori - Narmle -5154 -2218
Rori - Narmle -5108 -2222
Rori - Restuss 5315 5581
Rori - Restuss 5270 5585
Naboo - Kaadara 5120 6645
Naboo - Kaadara 5080 6655
Naboo - Keren 1962 2637
Naboo - Keren 1960 2592
Naboo - Keren 1927 2730
Naboo - Moenia City 4900 -4919
Naboo - Moenia City 4945 -4921
Naboo - Theed City -4991 4148
Naboo - Theed City -5025 4181
Lok - Nym's Stronghold 597 5144
Corellia - Coronet -118 -4446
Corellia - Coronet -71 -4450
Corellia - Tyrena -4997 -2485
Corellia - Tyrena -4963 -2454

Commando Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1552 3335
Tatooine - Wayfar -5038 -6609
Rori - Narmle -5180 -2349
Rori - Rebel Outpost 3695 -6485
Rori - Restuss 5436 5811
Corellia - Coronet -236 -4222
Corellia - Kor Vella -3343 3293

Creature Handler Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1372 3263
Tatooine - Mos Espa -2994 2530
Talus - Nashal 4467 5482
Rori - Restuss 5134 5749
Naboo - Kaadara 5181 6806
Corellia - Coronet -55 -4565
Corellia - Doaba Guerfel 3162 5191
Doctor Trainers
Tatooine - Anchorhead 131 -5362
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3522 -4747
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3526 -4753
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1305 3289
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1300 3295
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1346 3295
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1370 3164
Tatooine - Mos Espa -3162 2122
Tatooine - Mos Espa -3545 2103
Talus - Nashal 4503 5163
Talus - Nashal 4490 5182
Rori - Narmle -5147 -2206
Rori - Narmle -5101 -2208
Rori - Narmle -5104 -2249
Rori - Restuss 5323 5595
Rori - Restuss 5277 5597
Naboo - Kaadara 5021 6787
Naboo - Kaadara 5115 6660
Naboo - Kaadara 5084 6626
Naboo - Keren 1950 2645
Naboo - Keren 1948 2600
Naboo - Moenia City 4887 -4899
Naboo - Theed City -5005 4145
Naboo - Theed City -5038 4175
Lok - Nym's Stronghold 573 5110
Corellia - Coronet -64 -4435
Corellia - Coronet -109 -4434
Corellia - Doaba Guerfel 3276 5407
Corellia - Kor Vella -3809 3140
Corellia - Tyrena -4993 -2500
Corellia - Tyrena -5002 -2459
Corellia - Tyrena -4960 -2468
Corellia - Vreni Island -5309 6405

Droid Engineer Trainers
Tatooine - Bestine -1258 -3496
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3334 -4686
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1287 3391
Tatooine - Mos Espa -3064 2045
Talus - Dearic 612 -3078
Talus - Nashal 4290 5100
Talus - Nashal 4290 5451
Rori - Narmle -5021 -2432
Rori - Restuss 5186 5720
Rori - Restuss 5374 5593
Naboo - Deeja City 4741 1258
Naboo - Kaadara 5128 6822
Naboo - Kaadara 5191 6695
Naboo - Keren 1966 2419
Naboo - Keren 1798 2578
Naboo - Keren 1627 2439
Naboo - Moenia City 4794 -5013
Naboo - Moenia City 4654 -4692
Naboo - Theed City -5463 3983
Corellia - Bela Vistal 6872 -5416
Corellia - Coronet 55 -4451
Corellia - Doaba Guerfel 3117 5302
Corellia - Kor Vella -3705 3057
Corellia - Tyrena -5535 -2669

Fencer Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3527 -4761
Tatooine - Mos Espa -2963 2021
Talus - Dearic 548 -2865
Talus - Nashal 4509 5159
Rori - Narmle -5219 -2164
Naboo - Theed City -5565 4304
Corellia - Doaba Guerfel 3284 5406
Corellia - Kor Vella -3319 3220

Pikeman Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Espa -2932 2385
Talus - Dearic 522 -2934
Rori - Narmle -5277 -2325
Naboo - Theed City -5376 4311
Corellia - Kor Vella -3412 3084

Pistoleer Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3356 -4837
Talus - Dearic 583 -2871
Rori - Narmle -5241 -2455
Naboo - Keren 1258 2688
Corellia - Tyrena -5220 -2488

Politician Trainers
Corellia - Coronet -218 -4500
Tatooine - Bestine -1125 -3616
Naboo - Dee'ja Peak 4702 -1368
Rori - Narmle -5165 -2461
Ranger Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Entha 1240 3356
Talus - Nashal 4234 5262
Rori - Narmle -5167 -2535
Naboo - Kaadara 5279 6591
Corellia - Coronet -505 -4633

Rifleman Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3426 -4917
Talus - Dearic 587 -2870
Rori - Narmle -5215 -2373
Rori - Rebel Outpost 3649 -6492
Naboo - Keren 1274 2687
Corellia - Tyrena -5234 -2488

Smuggler Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3400 -4878
Talus - Dearic 168 -2894
Naboo - Karen 1363 2833
Naboo - Karen 1846 2772

Squad Leader Trainers
Tatooine - Bestine -1017 -3530
Talus - Dearic 588 -2934
Naboo - Moenia City 4701 -4939
Rori - Rebel Outpost 3687 -6455

Swordsman Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Espa -2971 2032
Talus - Dearic 552 -2865
Rori - Narmle -5214 -2167
Naboo - Theed City -5382 4327
Corellia - Kor Vella -3374 3284

Teras Kasi Artist Trainers
Tatooine - Mos Espa -2811 1973
Tatooine - Wayfar -5054 -6632
Talus - Dearic 418 -2906
Rori - Narmle -5288 -2508
Naboo - Theed City -5649 4206
Corellia - Kor Vella -3569 3145

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Post 3: Species Stats/Bonuses

Health Min: 300/Max: 1000
Strength Min: 300/Max: 500
Constitution Min: 300/Max: 400
Action Min: 600/Max: 1300
Quickness Min: 400/Max: 750
Stamina Min: 400/Max: 500
Mind Min: 400/Max: 1100
Focus Min: 400/Max: 600
Willpower Min: 300/500
Camouflage +15, Cover +10, 10% Faction discount (stacks with smuggler bonus), starting languages Basic & Bothese
Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Health Min: 400/Max: 1100
Strength Min: 400/Max: 1100
Constitution Min: 400/Max: 1100
Action Min: 400/Max: 1100
Quickness Min: 400/Max: 1100
Stamina Min: 400/Max: 1100
Mind Min: 400/Max: 1100
Focus Min: 400/Max: 1100
Willpower Min: 400/Max: 1100
Leadership +10, Artisan Experimentation +15, starting language Basic
Imperial Faction Penalty: none

Health Min: 300/Max: 1400
Strength Min: 300/Max: 600
Constitution Min: 300/Max: 500
Action Min: 600/Max: 1100
Quickness Min: 300/Max: 750
Stamina Min: 300/Max: 500
Mind Min: 400/Max: 1300
Focus Min: 400/Max:600
Willpower Min: 300/Max: 500
+10 to Defense vs. Dizzy/Stun, Creature Taming Bonus, Melee Defense, Chassis, Power Systems, Shields & Advanced Assembly, starting languages Basic & Ithorian
Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Mon Calamari
Health Min: 300/Max: 1000
Strength Min: 300/Max: 500
Constitution Min: 300/Max: 400
Action Min: 300/Max: 1000
Quickness Min: 300/Max: 450
Stamina Min: 450/Max: 550
Mind Min: 600/Max: 1300
Focus Min: 600/Max: 800
Willpower Min: 450/Max: 650
+10 to Alertness, Weapon & Structure Assembly, starting languages Basic & Mon Calamari
Imperial Faction Penalty: 3x

Health Min: 300/Max: 1000
Strength Min: 300/Max: 500
Constitution Min: 300/Max: 400
Action Min: 300/Max: 1200
Quickness Min: 300/Max: 650
Stamina Min: 450/Max: 850
Mind Min: 300/Max: 1000
Focus Min: 300/Max: 500
Willpower Min: 350/Max: 550
Defense vs. Blind +15, +10 to One-handed weapon accuracy, Two-handed melee accuracy & Weapon Assembly, starting languages Basic & Rodese
Imperial Faction Penalty: 3x

Health Min: 300/Max: 1200
Strength Min: 300/Max: 500
Constitution Min: 300/Max: 400
Action Min: 600/Max: 1400
Quickness Min: 300/Max: 750
Stamina Min: 300/Max: 500
Mind Min: 400/Max: 1200
Focus Min: 400/Max: 600
Willpower Min: 300/Max: 600
+10 to Engine & Booster Assembly, Weapons Systems, Trapping & Creature Harvesting, starting languages Basic & Sullustese
Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Health Min: 550/Max: 1250
Strength Min: 600/Max: 800
Constitution Min: 700/Max: 800
Action Min: 300/Max: 1000
Quickness Min: 300/Max: 450
Stamina Min: 300/Max: 400
Mind Min: 300/Max: 1000
Focus Min: 300/Max: 500
Willpower Min: 300/Max: 600
+15 Unarmed Damage, +10 to Unarmed Accuracy, Melee Defense & Creature Harvesting, +5 Unarmed Speed, Regeneration +1, starting languages Basic & Dosh
Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Health Min: 300/Max: 1000
Strength Min: 300/Max: 500
Constitution Min: 550/Max: 650
Action Min: 550/Max: 1250
Quickness Min: 600/Max: 750
Stamina Min: 300/Max: 400
Mind Min: 400/Max: 1200
Focus Min: 300/Max: 500
Willpower Min: 300/Max: 500
Dancing Enhancement +15, Musical Enhancement +5, starting languages Basic, Ryl & Lekku (body language, other species must have Underworld 1 in Smuggler to comprehend)
Imperial Faction Penalty: 1.5x

Health Min: 650/Max: 1350
Strength Min: 650/Max: 850
Constitution Min: 450/Max: 550
Action Min: 500/Max: 1200
Quickness Min: 400/Max: 550
Stamina Min: 400/Max: 500
Mind Min: 400/Max: 1100
Focus Min: 450/Max: 650
Willpower Min: 450/Max: 600
Trapping +15, +10 to Creature Taming Bonus, Rescue, Warcry, Wookiee Roar +1, starting language Shyriiwook & Basic comprehension
Imperial Faction Penalty: 3x

Health Min: 500/Max: 1200
Strength Min: 300/Max: 500
Constitution Min: 300/Max: 400
Action Min: 600/Max: 1300
Quickness Min: 300/Max: 450
Stamina Min: 300/Max: 400
Mind Min: 300/Max: 1000
Focus Min: 300/Max: 500
Willpower Min: 700/Max: 900
Defense vs. Dizzy/Stun/Intimidate +10, Anti-Shock +5, Equilibrium +1, Vitalize +1, starting languages Basic & Zabrak
Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x


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Quality of Life Enhacements

Increased stat caps on Twi'lek stamina, focus and willpower to be more in line with other races.



The stats aren't updated. You can delete this post after the change.

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1 hour ago, Luriant said:


The stats aren't updated. You can delete this post after the change.

Not sure what you're referring to.
Twi'lek stat caps here are strength: 500, constitution: 650 (+100 over vanilla), quickness: 750, stamina: 550 (+150 over vanilla), focus: 800 (+300 over vanilla), willpower: 650 (+150 over vanilla)


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The post 3 don't have the stats updated.

Health Min: 300/Max: 1000
Strength Min: 300/Max: 500
Constitution Min: 550/Max: 650
Action Min: 550/Max: 1250
Quickness Min: 600/Max: 750
Stamina Min: 300/Max: 400
Mind Min: 400/Max: 1200
Focus Min: 300/Max: 500
Willpower Min: 300/Max: 500
Dancing Enhancement +15, Musical Enhancement +5, starting languages Basic, Ryl & Lekku (body language, other species must have Underworld 1 in Smuggler to comprehend)
Imperial Faction Penalty: 1.5x

Thanks for the info, Im downloading the updates before my first try in the server.

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