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Update - 2/21/20

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[Added] Meatlump Dungeon

[Added] Billboard advertisement

[Added] Attributes to fish caught for caught by, timestamp, and planet
[Modified] Damage on Scythe Blade and added a slot for Rancor Tooth to bring it into line with the CU/NGE weapons
[Modified] BH armor piece names to call out left vs right
[Added] Color to the name of Isomerase and Lyase Enzymes
[Added] Icon to buff window for Mandalorian Wine, and corrected string entry for Breath of Heaven buff icon
[Increased] Fishing action times by 1 second
[Added] Beam rifle certification at novice commando
[Changed] Names of painting loot items to avoid confusion with loot groups
[Simplified] code disallowing arena fighters to receive heals from other players
[Modified] Medicine bags to now recognize ranged stimpacks
[Modified] Unstick command so it can't be used from inside dungeons
[Fixed] a conversation option in one of the life day quests
[Added] Lock in director manager writeScreenPlayData function, added a null check in CentrifugeUnitMenuComponent
[Fixed] Incorrect medical ratings on YT1300 house
[Modified] Garyn Raiders Bunker to use POI version of muggers
[Modified] Afarathu cave cult leader to be POI version
[Increased] Gurk King Hide stack sizes to match the other RIS components
[Increased] Cone angle on WildShot2 to 60
[Added] Fight Arena & Infamy System
[Added] Stolen weapon reverse engineering
[Increased] Drop rate of Janta bloods in the stronghold
[Modified] Armor decay to increase at a rate of diminishing returns as damage increases (i.e. very high damage attacks will still decay armor more than low damage attacks, but the increase is now much more moderate)
[Modified] some functions in New Years event

[Added] Added More Level 75 Creatures [Contribution by Tatwi]

[Added] Sarlacc Trash Cans and Dianoga Dumpter Update: Living trash cans now eat stuff and grant rewards [Contribution by Tatwi]

[Added] Loot group for recycler parts [Contribution by Tatwi]
[Added] Lua call for structure Permission List checking [Contribution by Tatwi]

[Added] QoL improvements for using SEAs: Reject new SEA if the item already has that mod and the new SEA's value would not be an improvement, upgrade exiting value if it is the same, at the cost of a socket (normal SWG) [Contribution by Tatwi]

[Fixed] Traveling merchant announcement of credits paid
[Fixed] Math error causeing traveling merchant to overcharge players with an excess of cash. (How rude)

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