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Update - 12/13/19

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[Removed] LoD from mutated griffon appearance in attempt to correct crashes that some people experience at a distance
[Fixed] Skirts will now accept clothing attachments
[Modified] Donkuwahs now drop krayt segments instead of non-functional segments
[Fixed] Wasteland cu pa lair string entry
[Fixed] Some issues with houseplop dropping houses below ground level and being unable to destroy them
[Added] Scoreboard for GCW event

[Fixed] a couple more merge issues with Life Day screenplay
[Changed] location of tarkin_lib.lua
[Resolved] Merge conflicts

[Added] More GCW event stuff

[Added] Some GCW event rewards

[Moved] tarkin_lib to custom scripts
[Added] Life Day event to go live 12/14/19 at midnight server time
[Added] Final Life Day stuff

[Added] Two new billboard ads
[Fixed] Issue with vendor maintenance skimming

[Added] More Life Day event stuff

[Added] first commit of Lifeday event

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