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Galactic Harvest Festival

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This event will go live on Thursday, November 28, at 12:00 Noon US Central Time,

and end Sunday, December 1st, at 11:59 PM.




It's that time of year, where we share our harvest, cooperate with our friends and family to put together a bountiful meal that we can all enjoy.  This weekend, you'll find a fest table in the heart of Coronet.  It begins barren, with no food at all.  You may see flocks of wild Pharples running around Coronet this weekend as well!  Those Pharples will drop food items that you can share with the community feast table.  The table requires many items in order to be "full:"

Acorns, Almakian Apple Pie, Arguez Sausage, Ashkar, Bantha Patties, Bantha Rump Roast, Bantha Stew, A Sprig of Banthaweed, Bestinian Tang Root, Blue Milk, Blueleaf Shrub, A Blumfruit, Brualki Brisket, Charbote Root, Cligs, Crumblebuns, Custard Bread, Denta Beans, Dewback Steak, Domit Pie, A Dricklefruit, Gin-Jang Berries, Hwotha Berries, Jerba Cheese, A Kavasa Fruit, Kibla Greens, Kommerken Steak, Luptoomian Dressing, Muja Fruit, Necr'ygor Omic Wine, Nerf Casserole, Nuna Bacon, Oi-Oi Puff, Oonberry Pie, Para-Rolls, Phraig, Qana Beans, Qrikki, Roast Shatual, Rootleaf Stew, Shaak and Cheese Sandwich, Spiceloaf, A Stinkmelon, A Sunfruit, Sweet-Sand Cookies, Topatoes, Traladon Ribs, Trig-Berries, Wastril Breadsticks, Wuli Nuts, and a Wyykmelon.

Once all of the required items have been added, everyone who has made a contribution may claim a reward from the plentiful feast table!

The table will accept duplicate items as well.  Even if the item you wish to contribute has already been placed on the table, your contribution adds up points - one point per item contributed.  If players as a whole contribute enough items, more rewards will become available.  There are rewards for 200 items contributed, 500 items contributed, 1000 items contributed, and 2000 items contributed!

We hope everyone will generously contribute their foods to the community feast table!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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