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Update - 8/26/19

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[Modified] Several creatures to be tamable: Bageraset Bruiser (mountable), Canoid Pack Leader, Dalyrake Matriarch, Dwarf Gronda (mountable), Elder Gronda (mountable), Gronda Juggernaut (mountable), Gronda Patriarch (mountable), Gulginaw (mountable), Majestic Plumed Rasp, Sharnaff, Sharnaff Bull, Swamp Humbaba (mountable), Alpha Veermok, Bolle Bol, Elder Gualama (mountable), Giant Cave Veermok, Giant Peko Peko (mountable), Gualama Patriarch (mountable), Ikopi Stag, Maverick Gualama (mountable), Mountain Ikopi, Narglatch Guardian, Narglatch Hunter, Narglatch Matriarch, Plains Hunter, Rogue Falumpaset (mountable), Rogue Fambaa, Veermok Guard, Veermok Pygmy, Female Mountain Squill, Mountain Squill Guardian, Mountain Squill Hunter, Rogue Bantha (mountable), Bantha Matriarch (mountable), Cannibal Dewback (mountable), Grizzled Dewback (mountable), Swarming Lesser Dewback    
[Modified] Now mountable: Greater Gulginaw, Devil Gulginaw, Dappled Gualama, Humbaba
[Fixed] Some camera angles, animations, strings, and shaders

[Reduced] Texture sizes on billboard textures
[Fixed] An issue with Horned Dewback not being speedy enough
[Added] Three more wanted posters - Ithorian female, Sullustan female, and Sullustan male
[Modified] Billboard shader & should now correctly decrement when removed from a city

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