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    Hello everyone! After some research I decided on this server, and after my first week I must say it's been awesome! re-making my first Character, Aoyoko the Wookiee, Gorath, Pre-cu -> CU -> a little NGE, <Bl00d> ?, TK/scout (now Mpike/Mbrawler/CH) Meeting my first friend EgoSingularita just moments after starting up. He helped me out right away! He told me about Cookie the Wookiee the armorsmith who sells Wookie/Ithorian/humanoid armor right in Theed; so I suited up He set me up with munchies, alcohol, and dangerous animals We went on a hunting trip. At first I wasn't ready for the Narglatches but not long after we were dominating fambaas Someone spotted a world boss monster and bros from all parts of the galaxy and killed it to try to impress the locals Now I've got Rinzler and Paarthurnax to keep me safe Looking forward to meeting you all 🙂
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    Are collections present on Tarkin 2? If so a number of collection titles can go with them. Especially for multiple completions. PVE badges/titles related to beating an instance. "Slayer of Xkva Min" or such. I see the Beast Master side of things is quite good on this server it seems. So titles related to that "genetisist" etc. I remember the classes having a list each of titles as they progressed, but entertainer had a huge list. you could expand on that list for different achievements. Set a certain achievement level to earn title makes more ppl pick up an ent and enjoy that side of SWG and socialise. Quest titles - Certain quests can also give nice quirky titles. Donation badges, if you donate to keep the server going you get nice titles as you go along. Fishing titles, Anniversary titles, event titles (life day, love day, empire day etc), Explorer badges for locations visited. The cards had titles too. Get a certain card to get title, so could now be a quest completion, task, item pick-up or something. The Fearless (War Torn Soldier Painting from the Threat of the Conqueror series) Skirmisher (War Torn Soldier Painting from the Threat of the Conqueror series) Hard-Boiled (War Torn Soldier Painting from the Threat of the Conqueror series) Spellweaver (Nightsister Instigator Painting from the Nightsisters Revenge series) Nightsister Slave (Nightsister Instigator Painting from the Nightsisters Revenge series) Darksider (Nightsister Instigator Painting from the Nightsisters Revenge series) Underlord (Breakthrough Painting from the Shadow Syndicate series) XTS Executive (Breakthrough Painting from the Shadow Syndicate series) Black Sun Koppo Vigo (Breakthrough Painting from the Shadow Syndicate series)
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    Available from the Stormtrooper officer TX-732 in the Mos Entha City Hall ( Tatooine /way 1447 3405 , the vendor in Stormtrooper armor), the Starting Gear Pack (Mark II) is a fifty-item-capacity backpack that contains: A mini-suit of bone armor with 52%-to-54% resists (helmet, chest plate, leggings, and left bicep). Not sliced. All six no-cert basic weapons (CDEF Carbine, CDEF Pistol, CDEF Rifle, Heavy Axe, Survival Knife, Wood Staff). None sliced. A 14.91 quality generic crafting tool and a mineral survey device. A shellfish harvesting tool. A crate of 10 Stimpack-As and a medicine bag. An Improved Camp Kit (with bank and insurance terminals) and a Multiperson Camp Kit (with garage function). In short, everything you need to start pursuing any basic profession you like, no matter what starting profession you selected in character generation. And the price? 2,500 credits. A great bargain, brought to you by Mayor Ephyuri Aglyn, to welcome you to your Tarkin's Revenge adventure.
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    Combat in Tarkins Revenge is a think-tank process at first which must be mastered not through reading this post, but through trial and error and the acquisition of better armors and weapons which will reduce your efforts. Let's jump into it! 1. Look at your character sheet to see your attributes/stats. This is Picture 1 The far right column, the ENCUMBRANCE, tells you how much your armor is weighing you down. This is Picture 2 Your Primary attributes: HEALTH, ACTION, AND MIND are not affected by ENCUMBRANCE (even when the armor piece has a number for it) In the below screenshot of my Chest armor, you see the following: Encumbrance: Health: 244 Action: 90 Mind: 58 The encumbrance is measured and applied like this: Head armor total, Chest Armor total, Arm armor (if wearing more than 1 arm armor piece like right bracer and left bracer, then the average number is used, otherwise total for 1 piece), and Leg armor (if wearing more than 1 leg armor piece like boots and pants, then the average number is used, otherwise total for 1 piece). For more on encumbrance see this post. That only means that if your score is say 600 Strength total (see Picture 1), and your full armor/mini-suit encumbrance is 414 (see Picture 2), you end up with 186 Strength after you put your armor on. You can find armor encumbrance if you examine the armor pieces individually and go to the area where it reads ENCUMBRANCE in your character sheet to see the full total (as shown in Picture 2). When you buff, that goes on the MODIFIERS area of the character sheet (see Picture 3). Going back to Strength, with a final score of 186 before buff , after applying an advanced buff from the MEDICAL SERVICES TERMINAL (below) you will end up with a score Strength total of 786 (as shown in Picture 3). That is 600 (unencumbered Strength score) - 414 encumbrance + 600 from strength buff = 786 total score (as shown in Picture 3). This is Picture 3 2. Your weapon has an area called: SPECIAL ATTACK COST. I will examine my hammer and use it as an example (seen in Picture 4). (But first, player named SEE pointed out an error in the original email which I have fixed below:) This is Picture 4 My costs are: Health: 102 Action 25 Mind 13 That means that any time I click on a skill for the sword, those costs are put into effect. Please know that those costs are before any Power Up costs, which we will discuss later. One of my skills is: Two-Hand Area Attack 3. So, if I spam that skill to kill a lair and its creatures, I will be using -for every single use of the skill, hit or miss: Health: 102, Action 25, and Mind 13. So, if your health is 1450 (shown in Picture 3) then you have about 14+ swings of the sword/hammer before you kill yourself through health... although that's impossible, what happens is that a creature/thing hits you and then you die but you help A LOT. a. Power Ups (better known as PUPs). If your weapon has a PUP on it, then the costs generally are higher for every skill use. Here is the Power Up (PUP) I'll be using for the example: That power up will increase and decrease weapon attributes as follow: Action -32.92% of current weapon number (our example sword has a Special Attack Cost for action: 25) Min Dmg: +16.21% Max Dmg: +13.43% Ideal Range: +14.3% Point Blank: -15.26% Wound Chance: +16.21% To view the cost after Power Up, examine the weapon after power up has been placed in it to see what the changes will be (shown in Picture 5). This is Picture 5 Here is the breakdown: Damages: Min Dmg before PUP: 489, after: 568 (Initial damage of 489 x 16.21% from PUP = ‭568.2669‬ new score) Max Dmg before PUP: 955, after: 1,083 (initial damage of 955 x 13.43% from PUP = 1,083.2565‬ new score) Would chance before PUP: 19.9%, after 23.2% (initial chance of 19.9% x 16.21% from PUP = 23.12579 new score) Special Costs: Health no change, the PUP does not include a Health line. Action before PUP: 25, after a reduction to: 16 Mind no change, the PUP does not include a Mind line. How to avoid death? Use foods, lower ENCUMBRANCE by buying armor pieces with lower encumbrance numbers, and buy weapons with a lower number in their SPECIAL ATTACK COST area. Some things you can't help. The weapon may be the best available, same with the armor. Just find a combination of foods that will increase your stats, mainly concentrate on: Strength Quickness Focus Close to or higher than a total score of 1500 is what is called in Tarkins Revenge: The Magic Number. That only means that when you use those skills, with a score of about 1500 or higher, you will not be hitting yourself as hard. Here is an example of some foods that may be currently available in game (as I retrieved the stats from there): Below you can compare the modifiers from Picture 3 which is after buffs but before food, and this one below, which is after buff and food. My Strength/Constitution are higher because my costs are higher, but as explained, above 1500. In my case, the foods/drinks consumed were (but this is after much trial and error, your set up may be very different): I hope this is somewhat helpful. See you in-game.
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    Hi all! I'm Laurie, mother of Ronan and wife of Jay (who you may know as Lanko/Xandros/Harkan/Flint or Sskar here on Tarkin's Revenge!) I work for a hunger relief nonprofit in the Pacific NW. Obviously, food is important! I love to cook and I'm a total foodie - I'm so lucky to live somewhere I can expand my palate AND get my favs. I'm an avid reader of (mostly) fiction in a plethora of genres, love to create from jewelry to art in a variety of mediums. I grew up primarily in the deep south but have moved all over the country - both with my family, as my dad was in the Army...but also on my own. I have lived in Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and SW Washington. I'm also a MMO-loving gamer who has played EverQuest (Taylah of the guild Heaven on Earth on Saryrn), SWG from shortly after launch to three days post-NGE (Taylaria Master Rifles/Master Dancer on Intrepid - mayor of Tal Valor, Naboo, member of Soldiers of Honor <SOH>), World of Warcraft (Taylah - guildleader of Slackers on Lothar) and I've also played Rift, SWTOR & Conan Exiles. I also spent a number of years running Savareen, a roleplaying community on Rori while playing SWGEmu Basilisk. I adore creating fun house signs in game, producing flyers for businesses and events, creating logos, putting together menus, as well as always being available to help create fun names for events and businesses. I fancy myself a fair photo manipulator, too. I love in game organization and deco, obviously! (some samples) Hit me up if you need design help for a billboard, house-sign, etc. Will take in game credits.😉 Maybe I'll start Tarkin's first ad agency, lol. I played on Tarkin I, was a staff member on Tarkin II, and now enjoying Tarkin's Revenge (and doing a smidgen of brainstorming and art with two of my favorite people and good friends, Lia and Paradym!) My characters here are Taylaria (tailor and dancer), Taylah (swordsman/stacker), N'yalia Kyrdaan (pikes/ranger), Kyska Glavi (working out BH/Pistols) and Laqi Sey (soon to be smuggler/TK). My hope is to find RP on each of those characters! I may as well introduce my characters as well as myself... Laqi - my brash, half-Zabrak slicer. N'yalia - fairly stoic, diplomatic half-Kiffar. She's a Mandalorian of Clan Kyrdaan. Taylah - Coruscanti, former mayor, dancer, mother. She became a Mandalorian upon her marriage to her now-ex, but is a bit distant from the culture now that the connection is lost. Taylaria - "Laria" to her friends. She earns her living dancing and running a high-fashion clothing shop in one of the less affluent neighborhoods. She'll drink you under the table in the local cantina if you don't watch out. Kyska isn't well known to me yet, a little firebrand with a quick tongue and quicker draw. I am excited to get to develop her! If we ever get a 6th character slot, I may have to bring back my CH Mir'eth from Tarkin I - I miss her!
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    The Golden Horde Guild Leader: Shasta Grape Officers: Ego, Valentine, Jade Faction: Open (Contain ALL factions) The golden horde is a small family guild, specializing in helping out anyone that needs help and enjoying the game. The majority of us are on the far east coast in Alaska, with members spread all over the world. We would love to cause death and destruction along side you. Feel free to contact any <GOLD> member in-game and we can do what we can to get you sorted.
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    Fight Club Primer As the second player to finish the Fight Club I wanted to provide some insight/help to others looking to complete all ten levels. Basics: 1. Each fight club takes place on a different planet with the first one being in Coronet, Corellia. 2. You start the whole chain by talking to an NPC Kath Scarlet (17, -4242) in coronet who will examine you (?) to see if you are qualified to enter. This may be a combat level check to make sure a novice marksman does not wander in accidentally. 3. Kath will direct you to the Guard at the entrance to Coronet’s underground, Nritt Vegg (62, -4531) In Coronet you get introduced to the Coronet underground where the FC is as well as the Meatlump Dungeon. When you enter the underground, the fight club is SW, to your left, next building over. Talk to Kadrak Yaus to enter the FC. 4. Make sure you have all your buffs, food, and whatever else you need before entering the ring. As soon as you zone in the first combatant will be there with you, probably attacking you already. 5. As you defeat each combatant, the next will spawn in a few seconds. 6. You have a time limit that gets more generous as you progress through the fight clubs, depending on your weapons. 7. In the first club you have 30 minutes to defeat 12 opponents. Think of it as a DPS check. The first three FCs feel similar in their race against the clock. Once you reach FC3 5 minutes is added on per FC level so you have ~75 minutes in FC10. (They have large HAM pools) Into the Maw, FC3+: 1. When you defeat FC3 at Nym’s, you begin collecting infamy(?) because you are now killing your opponents. Each FC completed ads to your infamy. 2. After FC5 you will be on the BH terminals. It looks like your bounty matches the payout from the fight club. Your Bounty Cap will be at 1.25M credits, the prize of winning FC10, or a culmination of doing lesser ones over and over. You lose ~140 a day so it could take up to 3-4 weeks before you drop of the terminals, if you stop doing the fight clubs. 3. If a BH kills you, you lose your infamy and must go back to FC3. You do not necessarily have to progress through every level, Tigoo and I were able to skip levels after doing 3 again. Preparing to fight: 1. You need some medic skills, figure out what level meets your needs and get it through skills and tapes. 2. Terminal buffs work to a point then you will need Doc buffs, as you go higher the best buffs help mitigate damage through regeneration. 3. Master Dancer and Master Musician combined cost zero points and add 14 total points to ranged and melee defense. 4. Best case for weapons is to have one weapon for each damage type. Boss resistances vary with one stat at 40%, one at 60%, and the rest from 75% to 100%. All FC NPCs have light armor, so Armor Piercing is better than not. Have your system for swapping weapons down, especially in the lower tiers as searching for which weapon to equip can cost you valuable time. Don’t forget to have powerups on your weapons, and extra in your inventory for when yours run out, it is 12 straight fights. Sometimes the 40% resist is on lightsaber so your best damage will be against 60% resist. The NPC armor does not break. 5. Foraged food became a must at later levels as an “Oh Crap” you can place all 14 variations of food on a toolbar pane and have a macro to eat them all in less than a second. If you take one each of all 14 foraged foods, you buff your HAM by 1850 My Macro /ui action toolbarPane02; /ui action toolbarSlot00; /ui action toolbarSlot01; /ui action toolbarSlot02; /ui action toolbarSlot03; /ui action toolbarSlot04; /ui action toolbarSlot05; /ui action toolbarSlot06; /ui action toolbarSlot07; /ui action toolbarSlot08; /ui action toolbarSlot09; /ui action toolbarSlot10; /ui action toolbarSlot11; /ui action toolbarSlot12; /ui action toolbarSlot13; /ui action toolbarSlot14; /ui action toolbarSlot15; /ui action toolbarSlot16; /ui action toolbarSlot17; /ui action toolbarSlot18; /ui action toolbarSlot19; /ui action toolbarSlot20; /ui action toolbarSlot21; /ui action toolbarSlot22; /ui action toolbarSlot23; /ui action toolbarPane00; /pause .1; /healDamage; 6. Group your states to minimize button pushing: If you have states from two weapon types, get a pattern down to apply everything periodically. My 1h States (Master Fencer) 1hStates /melee1hHealthHit1; /pause .1; /melee1hHealthHit2; /pause .1; /melee1hBlindHit1; /pause .1; /melee1hDizzyHit1; Macro intimidate so you never forget /intimidate1; /pause 21; /macro Intim; Macro Center of Being CoB /centerofbeing; /pause 31; /macro Intim; 7. Stack your Bleeds. I picked Fencer/Pistoleer because all focused hits and Shots are to Health/Body and that allows me to put 4 bleeds on the same Pool, 2 each from pistol and fencer. 8. Weapon Synergy. KD/Dizzy is great but not all classes have it. Fencer has stun, blind, and dizzy, while pistoleer had a kd that almost always works. I got a routine down of using 1h, applying states, then switching to pistol to kd and apply those bleeds before switching back to whichever weapon was doing the most damage. If you have weapon types that do not bleed the same pool, only bleed the pool you will be focused on. If the best weapon is a pike then you will action bleed, mind for Swordsman, and health for fencer. If you are a carbineer/swordsman only bleed the pool of the most effective weapon type you will be using, skip the other as a waste of time. 9. First Aid. Almost every club has one NPC that seems to put very heavy bleeds on, first aid can slow this down. Watch for this, you may need to hit that “Oh Crap” button for food if it surprises you. The food blood chowder provides bleed resist. I like it, Tigoo laughed at me. 10. Track your Food. Health/Str/Con: Gamorrl (Drink), Won-Won (Food) Action/Quickness/Stamina: Acaragm (Drink), Kiwik Clusjo Swirl (Food) Mind/Focus/Willpower: Vasaian Brandy (Drink), Vagnerian Canape (Food) As soon as you get buffed, eat round 1. When you arrive at the FC you should be able to eat/drink the foods you did not get to consume after buff. Balance these through the fight. Sometimes I used Pikatta for dodge if I felt good about my current food balance. 11. PSG Helps against Energy, Electricity, Stun, Heat, Cold, and Lightsaber. Does not help against Kinetic, Acid, Blast. Is repairable if you do not reach 0. Is sliceable. 12. Armor The NPCs will use all damage types across all fight clubs. Any holes in armor will be hit very hard, the higher you go. The Boss in FC 1 will smash you with a 1 shot if you have a vulnerability…cough…stun. Consider ALL damage types you may face as you proceed, even ones you rarely encounter. 13. Bounty Hunters I know of 7 I track with only 2 that actively seem to watch for Player bounties. Add them to your friends list if you don’t want to be surprised. Tigoo finished the FC as a Master TK/Swords Mentieth (Me) finished as a Master Fencer/Pistoleer I am happy to help anyone and fix errors in this primer if anyone sees them. Getting through all 10 fight clubs takes lots of prep and more fine-tuned execution as you progress but the credits are worth it, and the art and badges are awesome. Lia's Article Thank you to Tigoo who talked through many of these lessons and helped me gather all of this info!
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    Figured I would post up an introduction while the launcher does its thing. During live I played on Valcyn, Sunrunner & Starsider. Valcyn I RPed stormtrooper mostly, with the 501st character named Mink. Sunrunner I RPed a rebel based on Rori and a jedi that was apart of NJO (think that's what it was called). Can't quite remember my character name there, Kody I think. Starsider I have a few RP characters. Mandalorian, trooper Mink , nightsister Jai Bril was in NS, pirate Dav was in DREAD. Quite a few other characters as slots opened up also. Just now getting back into the game and looking forward to screwing up emotes and such as I try to remember the controls! Hope to see you all IG!
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    DE wishlist... 1) I'd like to see a module that's "Sampling Assistant". It'd work like the Creature Harvesting Module, but would apply to your sampling rather than Scout harvesting. 2) I'd like to see DE's be able to call a second droid at the equivalent box of where CH can call a second pet. Makes the repair droid and the power droid much more useful 3) The "Survey Assistant" module would let you select an interest (Mineral/Floral/Chemical, etc) and it would pop up a list of resources and percentages at this very spot, just like the list when you do "Choose Resource" from a harvester. 4) I'd like "befriend" to support accessing the droid's storage module. 5) I'd love to see a command that's kinda like the whole "patrol point" thing called "Goto Waypoint". Combined with the befriend/storage thing above, this would let you have a droid do a delivery. 6) For the RP effect, a "Language Module" - if you target the droid, and say something in a language other than Basic, then it does a "So-and-So says _____" with the text in Basic. Possibly even do a double call to Google translate, for English->Hungarian->English, so the translation is a little bit off. 7) For the love of all that is good and holy, can Binary Load Lifters get changed? They have the same functionality as MSE droids. I mean, if the Master CH box was "you can tame a Level 1 creature" people would snap... 8 ) Droidika? I was in Anchorage the other day, and the Rebels NPCs had one. If the NPC DE can do it.... I think the schematic should include buying a PSG and Particle Beam cannon from a weaponsmith... 9) Bugfix : If you put a stimpack dispenser in a droid, and get a Pharm IV to load it, then it works when you ask for a stimpack using the radial menu. If you do a /requeststimpack, it does not work, even if you're the droid's owner. I also figured out why the limitation on Pharm IV is in there: it works from the radial menu even if the requester does not have Medic at all.... which is really nice. Frees up 15 skill points. 10) In the vein of the scout trap projector, can we have a thing that works the same way but holds C12 grenades? 11) Guestbook droid - this would be kinda like the way people put deeds or droid frames in the house as a decoration. DE builds it, you put it in the house, it sits there. But it runs something like the vendor greeting code, and welcomes people with some canned text when they come into your house. It also sends an email that says "So-and-So came to visit" 12) AIML personality module - this would give the DE the ability to put in a link to one of the free AIML chatbot hosting sites. When someone targets the droid, whatever they say would get passed to the chatbot site, and then the reply would be spoken by the droid.
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    Hey, realised I never posted here when I joined z so here goes... I'm Glenn, british guy living in South Wales, single dad who is also carer to my 13yr old autistic son. Have two older sons 22 and 20, and a 2 yr o old daughter with more recent (crazy)ex. In-game I'm Asharin a tkm stacker, Perfidious a Master smuggler/pistoleer, Schtufbox an As/Ws and Slugface an ithorian Doc/tailor. Played SWG on Bria from the start on and off til SWG died, eventually found Basilisk, but wasn't really free enough to play then, but now I am and found this place :)
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    Kriff, I need to scrape together some tuition. - Kyska Glavi Holy chuba, this is AMAZING.
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    12/27/19 [Fixed] Barrels now usable as a container in drinks for 4x quantity bonus 12/26/19 [Modified] Intimidate commands to now check against defense vs intimidate 12/23/19 [Fixed] A string entry [Added] Two new billboards, fixed a crc entry 12/19/19 [Added] Rug schematics [Added] Traveling Rug Merchant 12/15/19 [Added] Type max for two enzyme types [Added] New rugs as craftable schematics
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    I am also a member!
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    I am a member of beast (Meden)posting in this thread to get wherever we are going. I am a bit confused, where is that?
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    I stand ready. though as the voice of reason, that's scary.
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    We really enjoy helping and hanging out. With the dungeons revamped soloing can be difficult and time consuming, but not in <GOLD>. We do different dungeons all the time. Given the drops in various dungeons it's also fun to see what you get at every turn. Below are some guild mementos: Ok... so not all moments are great heh heh, but they sure are fun:
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    Love the "Rebel Flight Suits" color theme. It's too bad that the in game browser only works for the NGE client, because it that page would make a mighty fine in game home page! 🙂
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    For those who are only forum-dwellers, be sure to check out our new website: https://home.tarkinswg.com/ We'll still use the forums for longer discussions, but articles about new content will be primarily posted to the sidebar on the new site. And remember to check out discord if you want to be involved in the community-wide live text-based chat (a good time killer while you're at work!) https://discordapp.com/invite/DSPFdVh
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    Credit goes to Dren Kara, I borrowed this macro and adjusted it to my needs. Feel free to adjust as needed. Below are the buff macros I use.Invite Alias: (This only needs to be done once)/alias ll /invite (that is two lower case Ls)Create the Macros belowTo begin buffing just type /macro sbuffMacros:Flo CODE: SELECT ALL /flo 1; /pause 2; /flo 2; /pause 2; /flo 3; /pause 2; /macro flo DBuff CODE: SELECT ALL ;/sing Dance buff starting now, don't forget to /watch me!; /pause 2; /startdance exotic3; /pause 150; /sing Dance ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopdance; /pause 5; /macro mbuff; Mbuff CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Music buff starting now, don't forget to /listen to me!; /pause 2; /startmusic jazz; /pause 2; /startmusic; /pause 150; /sing Music ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopmusic; /pause 5; /macro dbuff Invite CODE: SELECT ALL /pause 10; /ui action startChatReply; /ui action chatCursorHome; /ui action chatCursorRight; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatEnter; /tell <your name here> Clearing tell target; /macro invite Spam CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Buffing 125% dance and music. Send a /tell for an invite! ; /pause 1; /auction <your name here> is buffing 125% dance and music in <your location here>. Send a tell for an invite!; /pause 300 /macro spam; SBuff <-- This is the only macro you call CODE: SELECT ALL /register; /macro spam; /pause 1; /macro invite; /pause 1; /macro flo; /pause 1; /macro dbuff;
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    Guild: PHO-TEK, Inc. <PHO> Faction: Imperial (some neutral alts) Recruiting: Yes Guild Leader: Onafa Ere Guild Officer: Hanford "Big Dawg" Dixon Asharin "Hitman" Anderan Guild Members: Beyluk Taly PHO-TEK originated on the Kauri server. Serving the community primarily as a mining and commerce guild. Our original home town was Dearic on Talus and then the player city Tantiss, Naboo. Plan on helping each other out and activities together.
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    Build on the reverse engineering and collect x number of ns/smc/DC garb and re a one use schematic so that Master tailors have a shot at making the same clothing with sockets, no guarantee.
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    This is the beta version for the ongoing complete remake of the Star Wars Galaxies GUI. The beta will be updated here when a new version is released. This is a beta version intended to help me discover bugs and minor flaws. Thank you for your support and help. The GUI functions fully in its current state, the ongoing work with adding new art and recoding every ui file, should not affect your experience of using the UI. I recomend using the Black Sabbath UI Style i have made, that style are designed fully to be optimal for this UI. Every other style works well however. Known flaws: - Login and character screen have not been skinned. (they use my old center design) - Most UI windows have not been recoded, but work in their original version. - Tooltip background is cut on the left side. (still looking for the cause of this). - Chat have a thin line in the background just next to scrollbar. (this will be fixed with recoding the chat files) - Some ui windows have more transparency than intended. (this will be fixed with recoding those ui files). Download: skolten_ui_3_0_1_beta.rar Install: Unpack in your SWG folder. The forums are lowering the quality of the screenshot, look s a lot better in game.
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    Hitman eh? That's a new one...usually it's something far more insulting 😄
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    Nightsister Battle Mantle as a jacket rather than a shirt Extended palettes for furniture Fishing poles hold 5 (or more) stacks of bait No code to enter if you have enough maintenance in to redeed a structure/installation, only when you don't
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    I have created 4 new UI Styles or Themes for Tarkin's Revenge, they can be downloaded here. All are easy on the eye. Download: ui_palette_ground.inc Install: drop both files in to /ui in your SWG folder. Black Sabbath by Skolten Matrix Green by Skolten Silver Lining by Skolten Purple Rain by Skolten
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    Since it may take some time for players who want to participate in this event to get their character templates as they want, we're posting about this event early. It begins 1/1/2020, and runs through the month of January. Check out the link below for full details! Galaxy At War
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    Some info on using Galaxy Harvester The link is here: http://galaxyharvester.net/ghHome.py Please keep in mind that your screen may look different than mine depending on your site settings. After you sign in, make sure to go to the upper right and from the drop down select: Tarkins Revenge: The best way to find something is to (follow along with PICTURE 1 below): 1. Click the find button. 2. Do not use this unless you want to be specifically someplace. 3. From the Res Group, Res Type, or both select what you are looking for 4. Be sure to check the Only Available box to see only what is... well available! 5. Click on search, just above #2. This is PICTURE 1 Below is an example using: 1. Any planet 2. Res Group: Fiberplast 3. Check the "Only Available" box Now once the search is done, clicking on the name of a resource will provide you with information on that resource as seen on PICTURE 2. In this case resource Stapohe, a Corellian Fiberplant is used by Droid Engineer for various things. This is PICTURE 2 On the bottom right you will find an area with links (I'll only touch on Schematics, Survey, & Creature Harvesting: The Schematics one is useful On the left you can select a product you wish to see affected by a material, and on the right, you select what material you wish to see more information on. Selecting the Survey link will allow you to see what can be harvested with what specific tool, just select the tool and on the right it'll show you exactly what you can get. On the Creature Harvesting area you can select from the left column what you wish to get and on the right you'll get a detailed list of creatures that may have the resource (note, I understand that Tarkins Revenge code allows for other creatures to have materials otherwise not listed in Galaxy Harvester, . On the upper right, there is a helpful button, triangle with exclamation mark in it called: Alert Filters Page which allows you to select a Profession and once you place a star on that profession (I selected combat medic as seen on PICTURE 3 for this example. This is PICTURE 3 Once you select the profession, when the Galaxy Harvester server updates and you return to the page, you will see the right side of the page populated with Combat Medic resources if there are any spawns recently. See you in-game.
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    Having put the effort into making the mods, many moons ago as a labor of love, I am compelled to remind everyone that the following activities all grant Wilderness Survival XP on Tarkin's Revenge: Hunting Missions - Explorer Terminals (very generous) Camping Crafting camps Fishing Foraging Medical Foraging (gives a bit of healing xp too!) Searching lairs Milking creatures (also very generous) Harvesting shellfish
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    Yes, you can grind Wilderness Survival XP away from the keyboard. 1) Buy or otherwise acquire a shellfish harvesting tool. 2) Put the shellfish harvesting tool in your toolbar. 3) Go stand (not swim) in water, and use the following WildXP macro, adjusting the toolbar slot specified as appropriate: /ui action toolbarSlot00; /pause 9; /macro WildXP You will gather both wilderness XP and a bunch of mollusk and crustacean meat as a result.
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    Greetings and salutations! Most friends and Steam monkeys may know me as Tankerdco or Sarge. I run around Tarkin as Save Wavingdark.....don't blame me, SWG gave me that name as default...I had a chuckle, then kept it :) I decided the name is pronounced S-ah-ve, moved to the big city in Coronet and became pretentious. LOL :P I've been playing SWG since Beta and stayed till about 2 months before the end. I played more NGE then CU or Pre-CU, due to a pit stop for a year and half in the desert. Came across the EMU project about 4 years ago, got onto Basilisk about 3 years ago and just within the past 6 months my eyes were opened to a bunch of servers I knew nothing about. Tried Sentinels first, liked it. Tried EiF next, still there. Legends about 2 months ago, NGE fix, and now here. The front page description of the changes you guys made, the small tight community and RP options got me on. The experience, vibe and game play changes are going to keep me here. I'm by nature an introvert and rusty on pre-cu SWG, but if you get me at a chatty time, I could be coaxed into a group. I've never been for the destination of full template, being more enjoy the journey type of player. I always try to RP my missions/ activities and professions, looking to build and play a Star Wars character that I want, versus "FotM" or "best of". Sure... TKM is awesome, but unless I want to play a Space kung-fu sniper..... Live on Long Island, NY. 2 Boys, 1 wife and 2 cats and almost at the 50 hump.
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    IC Info Orange items are known only to a few and not common knowledge Character Name(s) Real Name: Liakhara Tir'ein Nicknames and/or alias: Lia Character Basic Stats Species: Twi'lek Gender: Female Age: 36 Place of Birth: Tyrena, Corellia Marital Status: Unmarried Med / Psych Medical Evaluation: In good physical shape, possible vitamin deficiencies. Doesn't sleep well. Psychological Evaluation: She is mentally competent, but with serious relationship issues. Very withdrawn, mistrustful of others, rarely interacting with anyone beyond the barest level of courtesy. Very possibly incapable of forming an attachment to others. Will always run away (literally) rather than deal with anything remotely emotional involving someone else. Physical Details Eyes: Blue green Height: 5’ 6” Weight: 115 Build: Slim & toned Skintone: Yellow-tan with green lekku spots Scars: Large, very noticeable blaster scar over the right/front side of her head & forehead, barely missing her right eye. Wearables Clothing: Doesn’t own much, only a couple changes of clothing, a jacket, and some boots suitable for long treks through the forest. Often carries a backpack. Won't carry or own a commlink or datapad. Weapons: Hunting rifle, hunting knife, smaller pocketknife, compound bow & arrows. Unless actively hunting, is usually only armed with the pocketknife. Residence Current: Very recently has rented a cheap apartment in Coronet (Aparment 12B), though is still unable to bring herself to sleep there every night.Prior: - Until very recently, no residence. She lived off the land, following the herds of animals she hunted. - 12 years ago, a hospital in Coronet, Corellia (for a year and a half) - 14 years ago, Mos Entha, Tatooine - 15 years ago, Tyrena, Corellia Affiliations Current: None Prior: The Outer Rim Trader’s Union Other Noted Training / Abilities - A survivalist. Very skilled at tracking, hunting, trapping, and withstanding the elements. - Previously managed a hotel and worked as a bartender. - Skilled at sewing & making clothing, but hasn't put into practice in many years. - Studied classical dance as a child, but has not used these skills in decades. Family - Parents deceased, and brother supposedly deceased. 14 years ago she came across him, still alive, but has no idea of his current status, and wouldn't admit she knew he was alive even if she did. Miscellaneous - Doesn't own a vehicle. - Doesn't drink due due to former years of alcohol abuse & very nearly dying from it. - Drinks plenty of caf when she can afford it, probably using caffeine as an alcohol substitute. - Possessions are extremely Spartan, owns nothing of a personal or sentimental nature, in stark contrast to the vast amount of emotional baggage she carries around. Keeps her living space meticulously clean. - Always carries her toothbrush on her person (to avoid it being used to gather her DNA for use in a tracking droid.) OOC Info Days and Times available to RP: Weekend mornings, afternoons RP Preferences Play Along With Issued Bounty On You: Yes Play Along With RP Trial Of You: Yes RP Capture: Yes RP Capture Maximum Time: Work it out case by case RP Slavery: Yes if truly logical & reasonable Assumed RP Torture (fade to black scenario): Yes RPed Out Torture: Yes Limb Loss: Yes, with discussion beforehand Permadeath: Yes, with discussion beforehand, as a logical progression of events Preferred Combat Method: Emotes, dice if necessary
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    We have upgraded our launcher to version 4.0! It has added functionality and a sleek new look. You can download it here, from step 3 in the article. Note: You'll probably still need to go through the process of disabling Windows Defender prior to downloading and set an exclusion for the launcher. Instructions for that are in the article. Current players can point the new launcher to their existing Tarkin's Revenge installation, and you'll need to set your display resolution the first time you use it. (It will prompt you to do so.) Enjoy v 4.0!
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    This event will go live on Thursday, November 28, at 12:00 Noon US Central Time, and end Sunday, December 1st, at 11:59 PM. It's that time of year, where we share our harvest, cooperate with our friends and family to put together a bountiful meal that we can all enjoy. This weekend, you'll find a fest table in the heart of Coronet. It begins barren, with no food at all. You may see flocks of wild Pharples running around Coronet this weekend as well! Those Pharples will drop food items that you can share with the community feast table. The table requires many items in order to be "full:" Acorns, Almakian Apple Pie, Arguez Sausage, Ashkar, Bantha Patties, Bantha Rump Roast, Bantha Stew, A Sprig of Banthaweed, Bestinian Tang Root, Blue Milk, Blueleaf Shrub, A Blumfruit, Brualki Brisket, Charbote Root, Cligs, Crumblebuns, Custard Bread, Denta Beans, Dewback Steak, Domit Pie, A Dricklefruit, Gin-Jang Berries, Hwotha Berries, Jerba Cheese, A Kavasa Fruit, Kibla Greens, Kommerken Steak, Luptoomian Dressing, Muja Fruit, Necr'ygor Omic Wine, Nerf Casserole, Nuna Bacon, Oi-Oi Puff, Oonberry Pie, Para-Rolls, Phraig, Qana Beans, Qrikki, Roast Shatual, Rootleaf Stew, Shaak and Cheese Sandwich, Spiceloaf, A Stinkmelon, A Sunfruit, Sweet-Sand Cookies, Topatoes, Traladon Ribs, Trig-Berries, Wastril Breadsticks, Wuli Nuts, and a Wyykmelon. Once all of the required items have been added, everyone who has made a contribution may claim a reward from the plentiful feast table! The table will accept duplicate items as well. Even if the item you wish to contribute has already been placed on the table, your contribution adds up points - one point per item contributed. If players as a whole contribute enough items, more rewards will become available. There are rewards for 200 items contributed, 500 items contributed, 1000 items contributed, and 2000 items contributed! We hope everyone will generously contribute their foods to the community feast table! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    11/14/19 [Fixed] Case where players were able to move forbidden objects 11/11/19 [Modified] Damage on Executioner's Hack and added a slot for Rancor Tooth to bring it into line with the CU/NGE weapons [Increased] Loot chance for NS Vibro Motors from Nightsisters [Removed] Non-functional experimentation line from RIS segments [Added] New billboard ad [Added] Thanksgiving Event to go live Nov 28, 2019 at noon server time 11/9/19 [Modified] Encumbrance for hitLocations with multiple equipped armor parts (arms and legs) will now use an average of the encumbrances of the relevant armor parts, rather than the sum of all the encumbrances. Players will be able to wear full suits of armor (or however many additional pieces they wish) at the encumbrance cost of four pieces, instead of nine. Mini suits will not be affected, they will work exactly as they do now. 11/7/19 [Modified] FS quest Phase 3 turrets and Sith Shadow Thugs to be more in line with Tarkin damage expectations. 10/26/19 [Added] Decommissioned (roleplay) military armors to the junk shop owners. These armors offer no protection, have no encumberance or faction requirements, and have no sockets. They are solely for appearances.
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    Let's say you want to make a chat room for yourself and a group of players. You're not in the same guild, and for whatever reason, you don't want to group up. What do you do? Create a chat room, of course! Chat rooms can be private (only joinable by players who have been explicitly invited) or public (anyone may see the channel in the chat listing and join). Chat rooms will persist through logging out, server resets, etc. Players can leave a chat room any time they wish, and creators may delete chat rooms that they have created. To create a chat room: 1) Right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel. 2) In the screen that pops up, click to expand "Tarkin's Revenge" then click on "Chat - public chat for this server..." to highlight that line. Then click the Create Channel button on the left. 3) In the next window that pops up, give the room a name and description. Room names must be all one word, no spaces, no punctuation or special characters. And if the chat room doesn't create, you may have used a word it didn't like in the description. For instance, it doesn't seem to like the word "private." Try again using a different description. I'm pretty sure it's using the Restricted Names List as a filter, so check and see that you're not using any words on that list. You have two checkbox options here, Private Chatroom and Moderated Chatroom. Private Chatroom means a moderator must invite players to join, and they won't be able to see the chat room as an option unless they are invited. Moderated Chatroom means only moderators may post in the room. 4) If all went correctly, you'll see the new room in the list, and you'll have a new chat tab for the room. To invite someone to a private chatroom: You must be a moderator in the chat room to invite other players. There are two ways to invite someone to a room. The first way is via slash command. If you are a moderator, you can type "/chatr invite PLAYERNAME ROOMNAME" which will give that player the ability to see the chat room in the list, and they can then join it. For example: Player names ARE case-sensitive. In the example above, typing the player name as "bindi'i" will not work, it has to be "Bindi'i" with a capital B, because that's how the character was created. Double-check with the person you are trying to invite if it tells you "avatar not found." You should see the following message if the invite was successful: The player who has been invited will see a message like this: The second way to invite someone is through the info menu. See the instructions for "To make someone a moderator in a chatroom" below - you'll use that same window, but click the Invite button, and type the name of the person you want to invite. To join a chatroom: If you want to be invited to a private chatroom, ask someone who is a moderator to invite you. See the step above. If you want to join a public chatroom, or you have already been invited to a private chatroom, right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel. Click to expand "Tarkin's Revenge," and "Chat - public chat for this server...", and you will see a list of available rooms to join. Highlight the room you want to join, and click the Join button on the left. A new chat tab will be created for this channel, and you can click the Done button. If the room is not a moderated room, you may start chatting in there. Only moderators may post into a moderated room. Everyone else is read-only. To make someone a moderator in a chatroom: You must currently be a moderator (or the creator) of a chatroom to make other people moderators. If you want other people to have the ability to invite players to a private chat room (or kick, or ban players), you'll need to give them moderator permissions. Right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel. Highlight the room you want to set permissions for, and click the Info button on the left. This will bring up a window that shows everyone in your chat room. Click on the name of the player that you want to make a moderator, and click Set Moderator. You can revoke moderators, uninvite (cancel someone's invite who hasn't joined yet), ban, unban, and kick players from this window as well.
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    Friday, November 1st, 7:30 PM Central US time -465 -4670, Coronet Dark Intentions will be opening its doors for a dance party & costume contest. Wear your scary, creative, or just plain silly costume to Coronet's only Industrial nightclub, owned & operated by Icav Ribe. We'll see you there! ((This is a roleplay event - please come in character & respect those who are roleplaying))
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    It's a spooky time of year, and we've created a spooky haunted dungeon for you all to conquer! Check out this post on our website detailing where you'll find the haunted dungeon, and what kind of rewards you can get for making it to the bottom. Some notes regarding the Halloween costumes (skeleton & undead) - they don't work exactly like the roleplay species costumes. They are meant to be more temporary, and as such, they don't persist past logout, and due to some quirks with some of the species, they have some slight differences.
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    Thanks for the help getting this login/password working on the forums! Now I am looking forward to installing the game!
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    All right, I have a Phantom Blade Generator and a Tenebrous Edge Schematic, and I'd like a nice, high-end Tenebrous Edge as a result. What else do I need? I also have a whole laundry list of other items that you might be interested in getting from me, and which I'm willing to trade both for other needed components for my Tenebrous Edge and for the labor/materials to make it. Special Components: Acid-Tipped Xris Blade BWDL19 Rifle Trigger CR-1 Blast Cannon Barrel Jinkins J-1 Rifle Powerpack (x2) Pulse Cannon Barrel RSF Medallion Tusken Flanged Mace Head Schematics: Acidic Paragon Vibro Axe Schematic Bothan Bola Carbine BWDL19 Rifle Schematic (x3) Disruptor Pistol Schematiic E-Web Rifle Schematic (x2) Electric Polearm Schematic Jawa Ion Pistol Schematic Jinkins J-1 Rifle Schematic (x3) Kalranos Carbine Schematic KYD21 Pistol Schematic Pulse Cannon Schematic Schematic: Enhanced E11 Carbine Schematic: Featherweight FWG5 Pistol Sinew Wrapped Knife Schematic UR-G8 Pistol Schematic WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle Schematic Witches' War Fan Schematic General Components: Finely Tuned Vibro Motor (2), -0.3 attack speed High Frequency Vibro Motor (4), 6% wound chance High Frequency Vibro Motor (2), 6% wound chance (x2) High Frequency Vibro Motor (3), 5% wound chance High Powered Energy Capacitor (2), 20.9 maximum damage High Velocity Feed Meachnism (3), 20.4 maximum damage Kliknick Gland (4), 58 max / 20 min / 19 wound Kliknick Gland (4), 89 max / 20 min / 16 wound Large Energy Capacitor (2), -0.3 attack speed Precision Tuned Weapon Scope (2), 25/25/20 HAM, 25 medium range mod, 20 wound
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    Guild Name: BEASTBan Happy Guild Leader: Snowlily Voice of Reason: Bhorklaw Sacrificial Lamb: Tiny Mad Scientist: Meden Cloning Afficionado: BellsFaction: ImperialGuild Information: BEAST is a small group of friends who enjoy the finer things in life, such as crushing our enemies, seeing them driven before us and hearing the lamentations of the rebels. Below is our guild anthem. We are not currently recruiting.
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    Two more members to post in the thread and you guys are there!
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    Hey, nice to see Tarkin is back alive and kicking. And it looks like there are a few familiar faces arround too. Some of you may remember me / my chars "Hagen Lightbringer - Terjal Roken - Vegtamr Thurid". Also i have 2 question... 1. Why didn't you send out news about the server before? 2. Which of you nerf herding meatbags took my name? I will be ingame in a few days, as soon i get my new cpu.
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    Wow... You certainly have had quite a few adventures! Your Rinzler and Paarthurnax certainly look nice to, but I am fairly certain deadly to enemies. Ah yes, our adventures certainly were good some days, better others, and sometimes strange, but always a ton of fun. Through killing Narglatch: Running through town getting training: Or simply comparing mount sizes: I look forward to our next adventures. What pleasure it has been hanging out with you.
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    I would die for you all or at least take a shot in the leg.
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    Azira Mas'ai, age 13. Azira had only the day before completed her challenges and received her jat'o. She hadn't cried out once while they applied the tattoos, even though it had hurt, bad. One boy did, and she wanted to mock him for it, but didn't. She was a grown-up now, and that wasn't a grown-up thing to do. Her father had left shortly after the ceremony; he had cargo to deliver offworld, and her mother had invited a friend to stay with them. She wasn't too keen on spending her first adult day without her family, and with some strange lady, no less, but she figured even as an adult, sometimes you get no choice. The mood in the house was downright strange. She had kind of been expecting some kind of party, or at least have a special dinner in honor of her joining the clan, but her mother had spent all day whispering with her guest, some lady named Mit'a. Azira thought they seemed kind of worried about something, though of course they wouldn't tell her. When there came a knock at the door, both women froze, glancing at each other, then at her. "Azira, go to your room," said her mother, in a tone that brooked no disagreement. Mit'a followed, herding her to the back of the house. Her hand went to a cylindrical object hanging from her belt. Azira could hear her mother, and a male voice in the front room, and then her mother's voice rose in pitch. Mit'a pushed Azira across the room, just as an armored man with a blaster came pushing through the door. The cylinder was in Mit'a's hand, now, and a purple blade of light came rising from its hilt. The man fired off several blaster bolts, which ricocheted off the blade, leaving scorch marks where they hit the walls. Her mother came flying into the room, putting herself between the shooter and Mit'a, and was immediately mown down by blaster bolts. Azira cried out, "Mom!" but stood frozen, her back to the wall. In the same instant, Mit'a looked down at her fallen friend, faltered, and took a blaster bolt square to the chest. She, too, crumpled to the floor. The armored man crossed the room and bent to scoop up the dead woman. Azira grabbed a lamp - the only thing within reach - and flung herself at him, screaming like a lunatic. Her arm was slammed against the wall faster than she could blink, and the *crack* of her bone as it hit made her see stars. She did cry out, then, but in anger, not pain, she told herself. The man dropped her arm, and resumed picking up Mit'a's dead body. "Take me with you!" she blurted. That stopped him. He turned his helmet to face her. "What?" "Take me with you," she repeated, so I can kill you later. Once he was gone, she'd never have another chance. He paused, caught completely off-guard, then finally nodded as he came to a decision. "Follow me." "Let me get--" she turned to go into her room, but the man kept walking towards the door. "Now or never, kid." _________________________________________________________________________ Azira Mas'ai, age 13. Azira followed the armored man to his ship, cradling her right arm. No bones were poking out, but she was sure it was broken, or cracked at least. That would limit her in how she could do it. She didn't think she could manage with her right hand the force required to drive a knife or sword through a body, and she wasn't sure she could best him left-handed. It would be dishonorable to do him in while he slept. He put the body in a coffin in the cargo bay and covered it with the lid. She heard the snap-hiss of his helmet release, and he took it off, setting it atop the coffin lid. He was a young human man, perhaps 30, definitely younger than her parents. He ran a hand through his sweaty black hair, making it stick out in all directions, and she had to repress the urge to laugh insanely. "What's your name?" he asked. "Azira." "Azira, my name's Jeph Celsi." He was unstrapping all his armor and tossing it absentmindedly atop the coffin holding the body of the woman who, not fifteen minutes ago, was alive in Azira's house. He also plopped down the blaster he'd used to slay both women. "Clean those up, and I'll see about getting you a cot. Only got the one cabin, so you'll have to stay here in the cargo bay, but I can get you set up with a corner to yourself." She gaped in disbelief. He strode towards the cargo bay door, and she cried, "I think you broke my arm!" Without pausing, or even looking back, he said, "Medical supplies are in the 'fresher." After binding up her arm with medical tape using a pair of scissors and his toothbrush as a splint (how the kriff was she supposed to know how to fix a broken arm?!), she found a disgusting still-wet washcloth - the only one in there - and used it to clean the armor. The blaster was another matter. It loomed at her, a deadly, evil thing. She'd never even seen one up close, much less knew how to clean it. She picked it up left-handed. It was heavier than she'd expected. She braced it against her body, finger on the trigger. The cockpit wasn't far, it was a small ship, and she came in through the doorway between the two chairs. Jeph half-turned, then glimpsing what she was holding, turned fully to face her. "Put that thing down before you hurt somebody." "That's exactly what I intend to do." She wiggled the muzzle in what she hoped was a menacing fashion. Jeph rolled his eyes. "You ain't gonna shoot me." "Oh yeah? Why's that?" "Firstly," he ticked off a finger, "your people think killing with a blaster is cowardly. It'd be dishonorable for you to shoot me, and unarmed, no less." "You deserve a dishonorable death, you... you..." her voice rose. "The dishonor would be yours, and you know it." It was true, but she didn't think he would know it. "Secondly," he ticked off another finger, "if you killed me, you'd be stuck alone on this ship, and I don't believe for a minute you know how to fly this thing. You'd be hurtling along till you got sucked into some planet's orbit and crashed, or end up drifting once you ran out of fuel, and starve to death. I 'spose you could eat yon woman in the back, then me, and you'd last a mite longer, but in the end, I'd wager you wouldn't say it was worth it." She wavered a bit at that, she hadn't really considered what would happen once she killed him. "And thirdly," he said, grabbing the blaster by the muzzle and whipping it out of her hands, "the safety's on." _________________________________________________________________________ Azira Mas'ai, age 13 "You killed my mother!" Azira cried, and poised herself to kick him in the shin. In a warning tone, he snapped, "Watch it!" He pointed at the second seat. "Sit yourself down, I'm disinclined to hurt you again." She planted her feet more solidly on the floor, scowled and crossed her arms, but immediately regretted it when the pain shot through her right forearm. "I ain't gonna tell you again, kid, sit down!" He slung the weapon over his shoulder. Grudgingly, she tromped to the chair and flopped down, though holding her arm more carefully. Jeph punched some buttons, and the stars outside became streaks of light. This was hyperspace, she thought dimly. "I ain't responsible for killing your mother any more'n the driver would be iffn' she'd ran in front of a moving speeder. Any idiot knows what's like to happen, and ye run in front of a firing blaster. I take it you don't think your mother was an idiot?" He was flipping switches near the ceiling now, not even looking at her while he talked. "She's not!" "I figured as much. Since that's the case, you can believe one of two things. Either she got some damn-fool idea into her head that she could save that Jedi," he sneered the word as if it cost him to say it, "in which case, she knew what she was doing, and she killed her own self, or else that one made her do it, maybe thinking it would buy her some more time to get out of there." Azira frowned, puzzled. "What do you mean, 'made'?" He looked at her, then. "Them as can use the Force, unnatural sorcery. They can do things regular folks can't. They can make a person do a thing they otherwise wouldn't. Get into their head, like, and compel them." She scootched back in the seat. "I still don't get it. You really think that lady made my mom throw herself in front of your blaster, to save herself?" "Don't they teach you kids anything, these days? Look, before you were born, there was this thing called the Jedi Order, you've maybe heard of that?" She nodded. "A little." "Well, they were a bunch of cultist sorcerers, ran things in the galaxy for thousands of years with their mind tricks, or when that didn't work, they'd use their lightsabers to get their way. They went around checking folk's kids for whatever it is makes 'em able to do their kind of magic. Then they'd keep 'em in their compounds, brainwash 'em, teach 'em to fight somethin' powerful...and it'd never be a fair fight, see, as they'd be using their magic." "As there were so many of them, and their powers got stronger when they were together, nobody had a chance of getting outside their influence, should they have a mind to do something. When they tried to overthrow Emperor Palpatine - he was the Supreme Chancellor at that time - he made war on 'em. Lots 'em were taken out in the first wave, and several more not too long after, saving the galaxy from their cult's chokehold. Some of 'em escaped, and they've been hunted, ever since." "How many are still out there?" Azira asked. "No one knows for sure, and it's a good bet some of 'em are probably teaching up new ones, when they find a kid as can use the Force - the source of their magic. It's up to people like me to protect the galaxy by makin' sure they can never rise to power again." Hastily he added, "I ain't no vigilante, I got papers, prove I was hired by the Empire to do for one Mit'a Ariste." He jerked a thumb towards the back. "It's her to blame for your mother. I'm sorry it had to happen that way." In a small voice, barely above a whisper, Azira said, "My father knew." "What's that?" "He knew she - that Jedi - was coming to stay with us. And he left! He left us alone with her, the day she arrived!" The world was spinning, turned crossways on its axis. How could her own father have left her and her mother unprotected, with an enemy like that? "Well, kid, I can't change what's past, but what say you'n me team up, keep this galaxy safe from Jedi and criminals and the like? No more tryin' to shoot me, or stab me, or any other form of killin'." He extended a hand. She hesitated, still unsure. "'Cause if you try to kill me again - and you won't succeed - I'll toss you out on your ear when we touch down on Ord Mantell for refueling. And I reckon there's plenty of folk there as'd think it's their lucky day should they stumble across a pretty little girl all on her lonesome. Now, I don't want to see that happen to you, and I expect you're smart enough to realize it's in your best interest to stay here on this ship where you'll be safe." "What are you going to do with me?" "Do? Ain't gonna do nothing with you - or to you. You're welcome to stay here as long as you like, provided you do chores - cleaning, and the like. Gotta earn your keep. You can have free reign of the ship, except stay out of my cabin, and if I tell ye to leave the cockpit, you go. I ain't much for cookin' so if you wanna eat, you feed yourself. Clear?" She nodded and gingerly took his hand with her broken arm, shaking on the deal. New beginnings.
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    This explains a bit actually... Para and I are going to have to have a talk . Hello Fake Hagen, Must of been like the name Anakin after the Boonta Eve race. Either way, cutting to the chase, not giving it up. Have a good one,
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    This thread is meant to serve as a forum-based setting in which characters you role play can interact with one another. The same rules that would apply in any other type of RP community apply here as well (no metagaming, powergaming, out of character posts, etc. This list is a work in progress). Bring your character in for a drink and be sure to post in a minimal of three sentence posts to mitigate rapid spam posting. This post is very much a work in progress so keep an eye out for edits. A yellow neon sign illuminates a dark stairwell leading down to a basement in the heart of Mos Entha. The sign reads "The Golden Gundark" and the path down to this dive is decimated by graffiti, fliers, and a pair of scorch marks from blaster fire at the bottom before you turn left into the cantina. Inside, the cantina is large and circular in shape. Decently populated, but not to the point of making the scene too crowded. At the far side of the room lies the main source of gold lighting: the stage. A lone entertainer, "Dizzy" Gez'leke, takes center, seated in front of a grand keybed. He's playing a melancholy medley, "The Ballad of Ratts Tyerell." He doesn't seem to be garnering much attention, he's just here to add flavor to the atmosphere. At the center of the smoky room is the bar itself, circular with lit, golden counters. A number of patrons surround the bar, folks from all different walks of life. Behind the two bartenders serving lies what can only be described as a mountain of bottles. If you've got a picky palette, this place probably has your poison. Atop this testament to alcoholism sits the namesake of the cantina: a large, mounted Gundark head with a golden crown on top. Its face is smirking with half-mast eyes, a strange sight for anyone who has come face to face with the vicious creatures. Spread out around the inner circle are a number of tables, low to the ground and accompanied by hookah pipes. Further out, against the graffit-pocked walls of the cantina, are the booths. They offer some privacy by way of curtains that can be pulled shut, but they are still within earshot of the rest of the cantina. You want privacy? Stop talking so loud! Here you'll find trade deals, gambling, gossip, and whatever shady characters you might be looking for. So grab a drink, sit and listen, because the door never closes at The Golden Gundark. [WORK IN PROGRESS, FEEL FREE TO POST FOR YOUR PATRONS]
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    Kinda on Mr.V's bane idea; They don't like me: have -5000 rating with one faction. They don't like me either: Have -5000 with 5 different factions. I have the death warrent in 12 systems: Have -5000 faction with 15 factions. Title: Death Warrent. I'll edit as I think up more. Have a good one, Hagen
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    Embedding was broken. I fixed it now
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