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    Guild: PHO-TEK, Inc. <PHO> Faction: Imperial (some neutral alts) Recruiting: Yes Guild Leader: Onafa Ere Guild Officer: Hanford "Big Dawg" Dixon Asharin "Hitman" Anderan Guild Members: Beyluk Taly PHO-TEK originated on the Kauri server. Serving the community primarily as a mining and commerce guild. Our original home town was Dearic on Talus and then the player city Tantiss, Naboo. Plan on helping each other out and activities together.
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    Guild hall will be located in Coronet.
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    Ahh see, I was trying to figure out if TommyBoy was Ziva or Beyluk...guess you actually putting your toon names in answers that question lol
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    Can't wait :) Ziva/Taly
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    Ready to be a very helpful team member
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    Hitman eh? That's a new one...usually it's something far more insulting 😄
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