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    Hello everyone! After some research I decided on this server, and after my first week I must say it's been awesome! re-making my first Character, Aoyoko the Wookiee, Gorath, Pre-cu -> CU -> a little NGE, <Bl00d> ?, TK/scout (now Mpike/Mbrawler/CH) Meeting my first friend EgoSingularita just moments after starting up. He helped me out right away! He told me about Cookie the Wookiee the armorsmith who sells Wookie/Ithorian/humanoid armor right in Theed; so I suited up He set me up with munchies, alcohol, and dangerous animals We went on a hunting trip. At first I wasn't ready for the Narglatches but not long after we were dominating fambaas Someone spotted a world boss monster and bros from all parts of the galaxy and killed it to try to impress the locals Now I've got Rinzler and Paarthurnax to keep me safe Looking forward to meeting you all 🙂
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    Wow... You certainly have had quite a few adventures! Your Rinzler and Paarthurnax certainly look nice to, but I am fairly certain deadly to enemies. Ah yes, our adventures certainly were good some days, better others, and sometimes strange, but always a ton of fun. Through killing Narglatch: Running through town getting training: Or simply comparing mount sizes: I look forward to our next adventures. What pleasure it has been hanging out with you.
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