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    Skolten, I was using the EQSanctum MOD Pack which has the Skolten Flat HAM UI but I had to uninstall due to issues with the color blue on the mind not reflecting properly. I died more than once because it appeared that the mind was full when in reality it was all the way down. I play at a refresh rate of 60 hz on a resolution 3840x2160 in my 55" TV. Interestingly... I was playing in the EMU with the same MOD Pack installed and I don't recall ever having issues. As a means to remedy the issue, is it possible to have the background color of the HAM to either: 1. Show x/x value of HAM 2. Show %/% value of HAM 3. Tweak the transparency so that the loss of HAM is more apparent I have no idea how difficult those things are, but if it is possible it would be very helpful. Below are 2 examples showing the issue: At first glance, the transparency on the RED is very pronounced and can be seen well. The GREEN is not as transparent, but again shows little-to-no issue with visibility. However, the BLUE, the lower the value on the bar -with almost no transparency- it seems to mix into the color and get lost to the eye. Below is a view of more than 50% MIND loss, the values are shown in the screenshot as well: As you can see, you can hardly tell that there is any MIND missing, which is the issue at hand, where I have died due to believing the bar was fine! Update, Thank you Skolten for your hard work and update on the HAM: The new changes are very nice, at least I am very pleased!
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