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    I don't see how stim C and D's are related to pulling people in when it flies in the face of minimizing number creep in the game as buffs are concerned. Insofar as jedi are concerned, making them alpha beyond the benefits they already enjoy (damage type that is virtually unresisted by many things and armors in the game) the Village is an interesting animal and with it's cycles it does act as a gate to the glowbat waving but as we've said in the past with so much of that changing in the Emu code base with our small (one person with occasional code contributors) development team it is hugely impractical to chase it around. We've made our vision for Jedi very clear since we were asked about it and I don't think we've strayed from that vision or made any sweeping changes (read none beyond visibility changes some of which benefit jedi in groups) Kinshi did call a meeting much like that while he was paying a great deal out of pocket and was burned out from doing nonstop development in a fluid codebase, we aren't in such a position and built the place from the ground up to avoid being in a position like that. I hope that you find what you are looking for and the concept of a quest that restores those skill points is interesting, should you change your mind we will still be here.
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