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Update - 5/22/19

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[Added] Missing painting to loot tables
[Removed] Some loot items from Kahmurra facility to be used in a later update
[Added] Draft schematic for medbag at novice medic

[Fixed] Capped sample DNA command at creature level 75
[Added] Added Medical Service Terminals to cloning facilities
[Fixed] Fixed generic quests giving slicable briefcase
[Added] Treasure Map loot adjustments
[Added] Direction choice for destroy mission terminals as a radial option on the terminal

[Added] Medical Bag to organize pharma. Works with heal damage/enhance/pet/wound and cure packs.
[Added] Added cooldown timers for Heal enhance/state/wound (one in buff window, the other on the first food/chem crafting tool found in inventory or med bag)

[Added] Creatures for eventual BE pets
[Added] DNA Extractor craftable item.  Bio-Engineers can use to extract 1 DNA sample from a corpse.
[Modified] Mission names based on lair name from string file to improve readability

[Added] Having 4000+ standing with Jawa allows the player to see the junk value of items
[Added] Two Junk Dealers have returned to Mos Entha
[Added] Many items now have a junk value (not retroactive)

[Added] Generic Quest Giver Improvements. Rewards 1 item, some credits, and some faction standing.

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