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Update - 5/8/19

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[Fixed] Giant sand beetle pets to have control device
[Modified] Values on quest stormtrooper armor
[Modified] Generational DNA samples to take the name of the deed they were sampled from.
[Modified] DNA sampling a creature can now be done at 25 meters
[Modified] DNA sampling now takes 4 seconds instead of 9
[Fixed] Loot group name

Publish 10
[Increased] Trap uses and resource requirements x10
[Increased] Uses for weapon powerups to 1000
[Increased] Resource requirements to craft powerups by 10x
[Removed] The freeze on second stat when getting a third stat
[Changed] And normalized primary/secondary stats of melee and ranged powerups for more predictability in crafting
[Changed] weighted first secondary stat on melee and ranged powerups towards most desirable options
[Added] World Boss random spawn screenplay system

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