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Update - 4/12/19

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[Changed] BroadcastGalaxy name from SKYNET to IMPERIAL BROADCAST AUTHORITY
[Fixed] Decorative houseplant string entries
[Modified] Camp despawn times - If, at the time the camp goes abandoned (which happens one minute after it is empty), the camp owner is in a different zone from the camp (has teleported off world), schedule the despawn task in five seconds. Otherwise, despawn the camp 2 minutes after it becomes abandoned. Camp uptime if occupied has been increased to 3 hours.
[Disabled] Field faction status change - you must visit a recruiter to go Special Forces
[Adjusted] loot drop rates on several mobiles, separated cave Aa'kuans and Nyax cultists from mission versions
[Fixed] Holocron Splinters loot group causing issue with Rebel themepark
[Removed] Non-functional experimentation line from composite & advanced composite segments

[Fixed] Hues on several felines
[Updated] Lumberjack admin tool

[Reverted] Change to structure name in status window 

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