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Update - 4/1/19

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[Fixed] # of days of uptime displaying incorrectly in /tarkin status
[Modified] Ore Mining Unit to craft in crates inside a factory
[Fixed] Foraged stimpack now also heals mind

[Modified] City treasury deposits to take from cash and bank
[Modified] Medical Services Terminals to take funds from cash, then the remainder from bank, if player has enough total to cover the cost
[Added] Message showing quantity milked and zone
[Fixed] Crafting tool now releases prototype when inventory is at 99 items
[Updated] World snapshots

[Modified] Structure schematics so they will make crates when crafted in a factory
[Modified] Stat values so Twi'lek stat migration functions properly
[Added] Experimentation line for BER to Fusion Generators
[Fixed] a typo in the Skill Trainer menu, Modified command table so all can use /tarkin command
[Fixed] Gurrcat hues, so they will no longer spawn in weird colors

[Added] Explanatory message to Account Manager, removed Red from list of restricted names
[Added] Cesta's Galaxy Harvester resource parser functionality

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