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Tarkin’s Revenge FAQ and Info

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most relevant information for new players to our server: account info, XP rates, Jedi information and some other important notes about cities and guilds.

Q. Are my forum and game accounts the same?
A: No, they are two separate accounts.  We would have liked to keep them together, but the integration systems we had available exposed user passwords as plaintext which was untenable for us. So the two types of accounts are separate and our users' data is secure.

Q. How many characters can I have?
A: 4 characters per account, one character per hour. Attempting to create or delete a character resets the timer. All characters have 20 lots. 3 characters can be logged in at the same time.

Q. What if my husband/wife/child/housemate/dog wants to play?
A:  It’s a no to the dog, but if you have someone else living in the same house who also wants to play on Tarkin’s Revenge, they may request permission for a dual account household via the Support link on our forums.  We will need to know both of the account names in your support ticket.

Q. What are the XP rates?
A:. 2x XP Solo | 2x XP Grouped, you are no longer enslaved to a solo group to get good XP.

Q. Do I still need solo groups to get good missions?
A: No, Lia has made a system that allows you to adjust the CL of available missions so you don’t have to do any skill box dropping or pulling a million AT-ST’s just to get rancors or low level mobs for rangers.

Q. What did you do to my buffs?!?!?
A: We have GREATLY decreased buffs, so you will need to stay on top of stat migration, use foods/drinks, and look for armor with low encumbrance and weapons with low HAM cost.
If your secondary stats are below the 'magic number' of 1500, you WILL do damage to yourself when using special attacks with your weapon.
Buffs are available via doctors (though 'C' and 'D' buffs have been disabled, and Janta bloods have been greatly reduced), and are also available from Medical Services terminals.  Doctor buffs last much longer, and can be crafted better than the terminals provide.

Q. Do I have to grind my crafter again?
A: No, all crafting professions are no-grind and can be found from a skill trainer NPC.

Q. Why can’t my BH/Pistoleer pop lock 2?
A: He can! Entertainer professions are no-grind, are available from a Skill Trainer NPC, and do NOT require skill points.  Everyone can pick up the Entertainer professions (including Image Designer) for free.

Q. How long are Village Phases?
A: 4 week phases, you can find more information about Jedi in our thread here.

Q. What changes have you made to Jedi?
A: Visibility required to get on the terminals has been greatly decreased.  Other Jedi do not generate visibility, but non-Jedi players and NPCs do. Additionally, Saber Block is ineffective while knocked down, and likelihood of saber blocking has been reduced by 50% while intimidated.

Q. Why can’t I get a heavy harvester?
A:. Heavy harvesters are disabled, but Smalls and Mediums have greatly increased BER and hopper size, and the benefit of a smaller footprint.

Q. Where do I live now?
A: You can put your house in NPC cities, if the mayor of the city has granted zoning/open zoning.  Currently, Mos Entha, Coronet, and Theed function as Player Cities.
To start a Player City, you must first master Politician by running for mayor of an NPC city.  Once mastered, you may request a City Hall on the forums. Additional NPC cities can also be opened for settlement if a master Politician has ten players willing to settle in their city.

Q. How do I get a Guild Hall?
A: Guild Halls are not craftable, and are only available by request for players starting an active guild.  (They are not freely available as residences.) See our forums for more information.

Community Forums: www.tarkinswg.com
Tarkin's Revenge Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3bGJvm4
Open Source Repository: https://github.com/TarkinII/Tarkins-Revenge
Support : https://support.tarkinswg.com/
Game Account Registration : https://register.tarkinswg.com/login.php

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