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Tarkin's Revenge Server Rules

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Tarkin's Revenge Server Rules

1) Be a decent human being.  That pretty much goes without saying.  We don't want to police player behavior, so just don't be a jerk.  Griefing, harassment, hate speech, training MOBs on other players, kill-stealing, and excessive spamming all fall under this rule.

2) One account per player, and we're required to insist that each player has their own copy of the SWG discs.  Players who have another household member who also wants to play can be manually whitelisted by filing a support ticket using the support link at the top of the forums.  One player using multiple accounts is a bannable offense. (And yes, we check.)

3) Do not exploit bugs.  If you find something you suspect is a bug, file a support ticket using the support link at the top of the forums.  Exploiting bugs for gain is also a bannable offense.

4) Do not create and delete characters for the purposes of generating credits for your main character(s).  We log this activity, and will ban players found to be abusing this.

5) Do not use our server, discord, or forums to recruit for other servers.

6) Do not use any third party software that alters the game in such a way as to provide a benefit other players do not have.  This will be considered an exploit.

7) No fight clubbing, or intentionally allowing another player to kill you for any type of gain.

8 ) Staff reserves the right to add to or clarify these rules in the future, should need arise.

Some things to note:
You can manually change your password by clicking the register link at the top of the forums, logging in with your username and password, and going through the process there to change it.  You are responsible for your own account information.  Staff will not be responsible for anything that happens to your account if you share your information with someone who abuses it.  If you FORGET your password, contact an admin by filing a support ticket, and we can reset it for you.

You get five characters on Tarkin's Revenge, 20 lots per character.

Since solo grouping is no longer necessary to get higher level missions, individual XP rate has been raised to 2x and there is no bonus for grouping up.  You can if you like, but the mechanics of a solo group are no longer necessary for gameplay.

Mayors of NPC cities are pretty much the rulers of their domains.  They decide if zoning is open or closed, they decide their own city layout, tax rates, specializations, and citybans.  If you disagree with their policy - run for mayor!  This office is open to any politician citizen who can get the votes. We will not be reviewing things like individual city bans, but if a mayor is significantly impacting gameplay of the community and/or perpetrating abuses upon the community, staff will reserve the right to remove the mayor.  See rule #1.

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