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Galactic Moon Festival

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It's a spooky time of year, and we've created a spooky haunted dungeon for you all to conquer!  Check out this post on our website detailing where you'll find the haunted dungeon, and what kind of rewards you can get for making it to the bottom.


Some notes regarding the Halloween costumes (skeleton & undead) - they don't work exactly like the roleplay species costumes.  They are meant to be more temporary, and as such, they don't persist past logout, and due to some quirks with some of the species, they have some slight differences.


If you use a Halloween costume, your clothes and hair disappear until you:
    -take the clothes off/put them back on (clothes)
    -image design yourself (hair/horns/lekku)
    -travel (both)

This may be desirable, or it may not.  Skeletons with hair look kind of dumb, but undead with hair can look normal.  Lekku on undead won't match the skin tone of the undead model.

Another player who has traveled (re-zoned) or logged in after you used the costume will see you the same as if you had traveled (e.g. with clothes and hair).

To mitigate:

If you don't want to appear to anyone as wearing clothes (such as with the skeleton costume), take your clothes off.

If you don't want to appear as having hair/horns, and you are a species/gender that can, image design yourself to be bald at times when you want to wear the costume.


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