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Update - 9/14/19

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[Fixed] Stability issue.

[Added] Recruiter to Emperor's Retreat.
[Added] Custom tips loading screens.

[Added] Custom splash screens when logging in.

[Modified] Temple of Exar K'un permissions
[Added] Type attribute to pet control devices. This will list the specific creature type, even if the pet has been custom named.
[Modified] Future tamed pets will drop the word (baby) from pet name once they reach adult level. This will not affect pets that have already reached their adult level before this update.

[Added] Pet Grooming Kit, craftable by Bio-Engineers, which may be used by players to re-color their pets. Works on wild-tamed and crafted pets.

[Increased] Number of vendors at Master Merchant to 20, and number of items for sale to 8000. You must drop Master Merchant and re-train at the skill trainer to receive this increase.
[Removed] Vulnerabilities from Chitin Armor Leggings that were previously missed.
[Fixed] Hues on Giant Peko Peko.

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