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  2. Director

    We are UP!

    We are now back up! Finally! Still working out a small issue with the chatbot, but that should be fixed shortly. You may now connect and play! Double XP is in effect from now until we move.
  3. Director

    Server Downtime

    Hey folks, our ISP is currently not doing the thing where they actually supply us with the service we pay for. We are on their wait list for a tech but have an appointment on the 8th. We'll coordinate with folks in the discord and talk about compensation for the downtime, and will open up with double xp when we return.
  4. Luriant

    Buying 2H Speed tapes

    I want the +6 tape, tell me your price or your shop.
  5. Scrivean

    Buying 2H Speed tapes

    Do you need AA or CA? I have an 18 AA, 17 AA, and a 6 CA. LOL just saw this was a post from Feb, obviously OBE.
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