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    • The above post was me, wasn't until after it posted I noticed the kid signed in. I will have to look into that..however I digress.  As far as motors go, I wouldn't mind the drop motors being rare af..IF the craft in sub comps dropped in usable stacks and stats.. a speed reduction crafted into the motor is nice... but not when I know I have a 95% of getting a speed slice on the end result.  That being said, I have not farmed nyms guys for the enhancers in a minute. 
    • Imho the DR needs bumped again. I'm not saying every drop should be a motor. however if I manage to spend an hour plus in a POI, i should come out with more than Crystal's and deco.  I understand RNGESUS is a fickle bitch, but the other night the wife and i managed to kill an elder for a reinforced jacket and some credits.  A motor would have been sweet. Perhaps it's that rngesus hates my fighters. 🤣
    • I concur but believe that maybe there should be a loot table review, it is very disheartening to kill end POI mobs of 250k HAM, just to loot CDEF weapons or a few hundred credits. I know how statistics work and believe that some of the loot tables in the POIs are off. Some instances drop too many schematics/parts while other drop none after a few weeks farming. But to not side track this, again I do concur that I always feel bad having to make any vibro motor weapons and concur that the NS motors should at least be moderately better than SB crafted.. I have also yet to kill a NYM's Droidekka and get a motor either.
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