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The Golden Horde <GOLD>

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The Golden Horde

Guild Leader: Shasta Grape

Officers: Ego, Valentine, Jade

Faction: Open (Contain ALL factions)

The golden horde is a small family guild, specializing in helping out anyone that needs help and enjoying the game. The majority of us  are on the far east coast in Alaska, with members spread all over the world. We would love to have you, join the guild or just to cause death and destruction. Feel free to contact any <GOLD> member in-game and we can do what we can to get you sorted. 

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We really enjoy helping and hanging out.

With the dungeons revamped soloing can be difficult and time consuming, but not in <GOLD>. 

We do different dungeons all the time. Given the drops in various dungeons it's also fun to see what you get at every turn.


Below are some guild mementos:



Ok... so not all moments are great heh heh, but they sure are fun:



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