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Group Commands

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From: SWG Wiki & other online source(s)

/grouploot Sets loot options.

Tarkins Revenge Screenshot 2019.07.12 - (2).png

Typing /grouploot will bring up the below-menu where you can set 

Free For All: You loot you keep

Master Looter: Only group leader gets the goods

Lottery: You select what you wish to keep from a window:


Random: As it implies, from anything looted by anyone, anyone in group can receive it.

/makeleader Sets the target as group leader.

/leavegroup Removes yourself from the group. If you are the leader a new one will be set automatically.


Invite the named or targeted player to a group (only group leaders can invite additional people into an existing group).



Cancel the group invitation to the named or targeted player.



Joins group or band if you have been invited.



Group leader only - transfers leadership to named or targeted group member.



Make the named or targeted player the master looter for the group.



Sends message to group channel.



Dismiss the named or targeted player from the group.



Group leader only - disbands current target, or entire group if no target is named.


Tarkins Revenge Screenshot 2019.07.12 - (2).png


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