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GCW / theme parks/ instanced content.

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I know what ya'll are thinking, mister doesn't under stand the "space magic' that runs the game is writing a post about the GCW, gawd save us all.

This is going to be a bit of rambling mixed with idea's, so you might want to get a chair and some popcorn.

First off I was always an Imperial on live, so I never ran any rebel stuff what so ever. So since I had to go reb here, I thought I would try doing the Rebel Theme Park... What... The... Bleep... This theme park is almost bigger then both the Imps and Jabba's combined. Has all the loot the other two do plus some items I didn't know I needed in my life. Plus the rebs have you gallivant across the galaxy (yes it's the same mission types over and over, but at least different scenery). Why did the Imps and Jabba get shafted? Jabba I guess I could understand, it's not like Nal Hutta or any other slug planet is in game, but the Empire's war stretches across the galaxy as well. So why did I get stuck in the mountains of Naboo for two hours?

1) So is it even possible to expand on the Imperial theme park would be my first question? If yes, is there any way to model it after the Rebs? But instead of tantle and padded armor, make it faction armor like the TK reinforced gear the Imperial Theme Park gives. (P.S. if Jabba or scum ever got made a third option, then I think Jabba's theme park would need some gallivanting as well)

Are instanced area's even possible in Pre-CU? I haven't seen if the Corvette is working yet, or if things like the Battle verses the Sandpeople King or Hoth are in game. So I don't know. But if it was doable... I really want to blow up something like the Rebels hidden base on Corilla. It doesn't have to be the rebel base but an instanced base of that design that a raid team could  attempt to take from the bases owners , whether be Rebs, Imperial, yell even Black Sun for the nuets or Jabba faction types. I jus t think it would be cool to take something bigger then a SFHQ faction base out and have it repeatable.

2) Giant base/fortification instanced raid.

3) Empire day and Cries of Alderaan?

More later....


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