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New Weapon & Armor components

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Tarkins Revenge have added new weapon and armor components to give more options for finding selected weapon and armor components. These have a chance to be of similar quality to their similar components. All can also drop from various world bosses.

Note that a high CL Creature/NPC can go above the listed max.


Kimo Claw: 

  • Drops from Kimoglia Cave & Netherfang
  • Same as Rancor Tooth
  • Damage Range: Min 20-160, Max 40-160.

Kimo Tissues:

  • Drops from Kimoglia Cave (/way 4770 975 Lok)
  • Same as Krayt Tissues
  • Max Damage: 28-165 / Speed 1 to -1.2

Mokk Blood:

  • Drops from Mokk Stronghold
  • Same as Janta Blood
  • Power: 50-180, Charges 10-25, Uses 1-4

Smuggled Bantha Ivory:

  • Drops from Pirate Bunker
  • Same as Reinforced Sword Core
  • Damage Range: Min 54-100, max 54-100

Smuggled Bantha Ivory Projectile:

  • Drops from Pirate Bunker
  • Same as Projectile Feed Mechanism
  • Max Damage: 28-175 / Speed 1 to -1, Uses 1-6

Phrik Shard:

  • Drops from Black Sun Bunker
  • Same as NS Shards
  • Armor HAM Encumbrance -10 to -25, Uses 1-13

Droid Armor Chunk:

  • Drops from Droid Cave
  • Same as Janta Hide
  • Armor Effectiveness: 3-10%, Uses 5-13

Kunga Hide:

  • Drops from Kunga Stronghold
  • Same as Janta Hide
  • Armor Effectiveness: 3-10%, Uses 5-13


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