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{Ka'ra} Kraftwerks - Custom Armor and Galactic Antiquities

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{Ka'ra} Kraftwerks - 12PT Armorsmith and Collector of Galactic Antiquities


RIS Certified, Custom Orders Only, Contact Komrk for a quote.


Factional Armors - Contact for Availability (No Imperial armor at this time, need supplier for schems)




Currently Buying


Nightsister Layers

(Minimum Stack size of  5)

6% Resist - 3500CPU

7% Resist - 4500CPU

8% Resist - 6500CPU

9% Resist - 9000CPU

10% Resist - 12000CPU

11% Resist - 15000CPU


RIS Subcomponents

Giant Dune Kimo Scales - 12500CPU

Woolamander Harrower Bones - 5000CPU

Gurk King Hide - 7500CPU

Peko Peko Albatross Feather - 6500CPU

Interwoven RIS Schematic - 75000CPU


Galactic Oddities

Resource Deed - 125000CPU



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