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<OL> Obscuri Lateris

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Guild Name: Obscuri Lateris
Guild Leader: Othi Nightstryker
Officers: TikaaMajere, Lateris
Faction: (if applicable): Imperial

Welcome to Obscuri Lateris! OL has been around SWG since shortly after the original launch of the game by SOE. It has taken many forms over the years over many games, but we are looking forward to bringing it back to where it all began! We are simply a group of friends who like to work together to accomplish a common goal.

Starting out we will be doing a lot of crafting, setting up shops, and generally trying to make a name for oruselves. However, we will have anyone who likes a laid back group of people to game with and can help work with a team! We are not a RP build, but I know a few of us are roleplayers. We encourage any type of gameplay our members want to engage in.

If you are interested, please hit up myself or one of the officers and we'd be happy to have you!

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Alright gang, coordinate getting the cash together and let me know what GH in Entha/Coronet/Theed you want to get setup.

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