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So you want to start a guild?

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As you may have noticed, we don’t have guild halls as something that crafters can make and sell.  A part of this is to prevent them from being used as massive storage structures that are a big ugly eyesore on the landscape, in addition to wanting to preserve city footprint for players, we’ve chosen to limit these structures to be sold/granted to guilds who meet the following criteria:

A guild post in this forum that outlines the following.
Guild Name:
Guild Leader:
Faction: (if applicable)
A small blurb or long blurb about the guild.

In addition to the above, you will also need to have four prospective members besides the leader post within the thread. Feel free to spruce this thread up as fancy as you like and use it to handle guild recruitment from here on out.

Once the requirements have been met, an admin or CSR will coordinate to get you squared away with a Guild Hall in exchange for 150,000 credits.

If we, at any point, find that the hall has been abandoned inside of a player city, we will repo the hall or pop the hall entirely and replace it. We have a zero tolerance policy for abandoned structures within the city.

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