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The Dungeon Revamps

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There have always been so many dungeons, caves, and bunkers in Star Wars Galaxies that were too easy for a full template combat character to enjoy.  What fun is there in one-shotting a room full of NPCs that don't drop anything but junk loot?  None!  And lack of places to go to farm good loot or enjoy a challenging fight have always lead to spawn camping by the fastest, and nowhere to go for the regular folks.

So we have rebuilt many dungeons from the ground up.  Harder MOBs, more varied damage types, unique loot - there's something for everyone.  Some places are better suited to ranged vs melee templates.  Others are better for groups.  And there are SO MANY, that there will always be something free for you to play in!

Here's the list of dungeons we have buffed, tweaked, and/or added additional loot to:

Droid Engineer Cave (Lok)
Nightsister Stronghold (Dathomir)
Jawa Traders POI (Tatooine)
Afarathu Cult Cave (Corellia)
Drall Patriots Cave (Corellia)
Naboo Pirate Bunker (Naboo)
Hutt Hideout (Tatooine)
Black Sun Outpost (Rori)
Garyn Raiders Bunker (Rori)
Lost Aqualish War Party Cave (Talus)
Kahmurra Biogenetic Research Facility (Talus)
Janta Stronghold (Dantooine)
Mokk Stronghold (Dantooine)
Kunga Stronghold (Dantooine)
Dantari Villages (Dantooine)
Jinda Ritualist Cave (Endor)
Korga Cave (Endor)
Panshee Villages (Endor)
Donkuwah Villages (Endor)
Gondula Villages (Endor)
Lord Nyax Cult Bunker (Corellia)
Aa'kuan Champion's Cave (Talus)
The Temple of Exar K'un (Yavin 4)
Kimogila Cave (Lok)
Rogue Corsec Base (Corellia)
Spiderclan Cave (Dathomir)
Nym's Pirate Cave (aka Sulfur Pirates) (Lok)
Sennex Cave (Tatooine)
Erran Sif Bunker (Talus)
Most if not all Factional POIs

These dungeons drop NGE deco loot, armor and weapon schematics, CU and NGE vehicle schematics, and custom statted subcomponents for weapons and armor.  It is HIGHLY recommended to have medic in your template, or a medic/doctor in the group, when running these dungeons.

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