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I've been in this place before.

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I'm GM-Paradym, you may also know me as IcavRibe5150 or ParadymShift. I work here at Tarkin as a Director in addition to providing support to our Customer Support Team and Development Team. I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies since Beta 2 on my fathers account at the wee age of 12. Played on Ahazi from 2003 to 2007 before transferring to Starsider to finish out the rest of the games Live life. Avid fan of all things SWG, either crafting/roleplay/pvp/pve. I am known to aggressively pursue making the best armor possible, anyone around at Tarkin I probably remembers some of the hilariously ridiculous RIS armor I made for our guild Ka'ra.

You'll see me playing on either Icav Ribe, Komrk or Constantine primarily, chances are you'll see me more active in game running whatever guild ends up forming out of the remains of Ka'ra. I look forward to the success of this project and if you have any questions that can't be handled by our CSR team or you need to go to the top I am usually always available in Discord as "ParadymShift".

I've included this gratuitous shot of me in my mando. Happy Hunting folks!



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