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New Melee Weapons

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Here are the CU and NGE melee weapons we have brought into the game as loot-drop schematics, requiring a loot-drop component. 

Resource stat requirements for all the new melee weapons is 100% SR.



xfLeNBL.jpg  QJ29KGb.jpg  7i0kGc6.jpg

4amBEWu.jpg  FGWjBGY.jpg  6sU6XTp.jpg

M0vKarg.jpg  5r7banC.jpg



75VusNI.jpg  LA8ND4X.jpg  Hmd66GW.jpg

H8JJ8mf.jpg  YgL4Zba.jpg  uqoeTtn.jpg

73n0PPD.jpg  VXMMbNo.jpg  z6UwvyQ.jpg

bSvDo7S.jpg  wS1iAJl.jpg  syD24ot.jpg

ExVjglx.jpg  kLDR1gF.jpg



vBGjD0R.jpg  ou50r1R.jpg  TZ3R9IQ.jpg

YCBqGxM.jpg  sPhMeeL.jpg  k79DJXm.jpg




ZG0fjj6.jpg  6ht0ljw.jpg  ELQmatN.jpg

voy8zjY.jpg  ScikMP1.jpg  qvJW2KQ.jpg

AE51Kvt.jpg  T2BqbZ0.jpg  z9yI2mq.jpg

P4biGx2.jpg  LcEP6m1.jpg  KmosBVB.jpg

gWETvO8.jpg  1ho7HNK.jpg

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Are the loot drop components going to drop from the same areas as the skems, or are the components going to be basic random drops?

Want all the things, but blast and buzz are highest on the list.

Have a good one,


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The loot drop components will drop from the same location/dungeon as the schems, yes.

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