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[IC Setting] The Golden Gundark Cantina

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This thread is meant to serve as a forum-based setting in which characters you role play can interact with one another. The same rules that would apply in any other type of RP community apply here as well (no metagaming, powergaming, out of character posts, etc. This list is a work in progress). Bring your character in for a drink and be sure to post in a minimal of three sentence posts to mitigate rapid spam posting. This post is very much a work in progress so keep an eye out for edits.



A yellow neon sign illuminates a dark stairwell leading down to a basement in the heart of Mos Entha. The sign reads "The Golden Gundark" and the path down to this dive is decimated by graffiti, fliers, and a pair of scorch marks from blaster fire at the bottom before you turn left into the cantina.

Inside, the cantina is large and circular in shape. Decently populated, but not to the point of making the scene too crowded. At the far side of the room lies the main source of gold lighting: the stage. A lone entertainer, "Dizzy" Gez'leke, takes center, seated in front of a grand keybed. He's playing a melancholy medley, "The Ballad of Ratts Tyerell." He doesn't seem to be garnering much attention, he's just here to add flavor to the atmosphere.

At the center of the smoky room is the bar itself, circular with lit, golden counters. A number of patrons surround the bar, folks from all different walks of life. Behind the two bartenders serving lies what can only be described as a mountain of bottles. If you've got a picky palette, this place probably has your poison. Atop this testament to alcoholism sits the namesake of the cantina: a large, mounted Gundark head with a golden crown on top. Its face is smirking with half-mast eyes, a strange sight for anyone who has come face to face with the vicious creatures.

Spread out around the inner circle are a number of tables, low to the ground and accompanied by hookah pipes. Further out, against the graffit-pocked walls of the cantina, are the booths. They offer some privacy by way of curtains that can be pulled shut, but they are still within earshot of the rest of the cantina. You want privacy? Stop talking so loud! Here you'll find trade deals, gambling, gossip, and whatever shady characters you might be looking for. So grab a drink, sit and listen, because the door never closes at The Golden Gundark.




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My entire life I have heard about, and listened to the music of: "Dizzy" Gez'leke... to be in his presence truly is humbling, even if he's here just for atmospheric purposes... or so it seems with all the unattentive eyes, the clattering of small bottles from the bar, and the dim echoing rumble of voices. I never really fancied Sabacc but the tenants here are perfect for a nice game I suppose, perhaps I'll join. I'd settle for a small glass of Ithorian Brandy if it weren't imported here and so expensive... I have enough with dumping most of my credits to {Ka'ra} foods to come here and leave the rest... as if I didn't work hard ridding the galaxy of Rebel camps... I digress, the music is too relaxing for this.


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