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POI Revamp - The Temple of Exar K'un

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Don't let their simple appearance fool you.  These Force-users who have taken to haunting the hallways of the Temple of Exar K'un (5084, 5536 yavin4) really pack a punch!  


They won't harm you if you don't interfere with their quest for Force relics, but anyone who challenges them had better be prepared for a fight.

Introducing the newly-revamped Temple of Exar K'un, with the following new loot:

Decorative Aurilia Crystal
Aurilia Obelisk
Sith Altar
A Hoth Geode
Lava Geode
Jedi Relic (style 1)
Jedi Relic (style 2)
Jedi Relic (style 3)
Jedi Statue
Sith Relic
Nak'tra Crystal
a nak'tra crystal 
A Crystalline Structure
a radiated nak'tra crystal
Bondar Crystal
Damind Crystal
Eralam Crystal
Kasha Crystal
Luxum Crystal
Sith Mask
Unknown Crystal Shard
23 styles of Broken Lightsaber
Nak'tra Crystal Rifle Schematic
Nakt'ra Crystal Rifle Barrel
Nakt'ra Crystal Knife Schematic
Nakt'ra Crystal Knife Core
Jedi Meditation Room Schematic
Sith Meditation Room Schematic
Sith Speeder
Multiple styles of Goggles

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This one was a ton of fun to test, tight proximity means that things can get very exciting very quickly.

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