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Fight Club Primer

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Fight Club Primer

As the second player to finish the Fight Club I wanted to provide some insight/help to others looking to complete all ten levels.


1.       Each fight club takes place on a different planet with the first one being in Coronet, Corellia.1146592520_KathScarlet.jpg.9a358371251db6aeca6d5105ab3b642d.jpg

2.       You start the whole chain by talking to an NPC Kath Scarlet (17, -4242) in coronet who will examine you (?) to see if you are qualified to enter. This may be a combat level check to make sure a novice marksman does not wander in accidentally.

3.       Kath will direct you to the Guard at the entrance to Coronet’s underground, Nritt Vegg (62, -4531)

  •  In Coronet you get introduced to the Coronet underground where the FC is as well as the Meatlump Dungeon. When you enter the underground, the fight club is SW, to your left, next building over.
  •  Talk to Kadrak Yaus to enter the FC.

4.       Make sure you have all your buffs, food, and whatever else you need before entering the ring.

  • As soon as you zone in the first combatant will be there with you, probably attacking you already.

5.       As you defeat each combatant, the next will spawn in a few seconds.

6.       You have a time limit that gets more generous as you progress through the fight clubs, depending on your weapons.1576996761_NrittVegg.jpg.b3bc84d5696bf40500e93c01946e1434.jpg

7.       In the first club you have 30 minutes to defeat 12 opponents.

  • Think of it as a DPS check.
  •  The first three FCs feel similar in their race against the clock. Once you reach FC3 5 minutes is added on per FC level so you have ~75 minutes in FC10. (They have large HAM pools)

Into the Maw, FC3+:

1.       When you defeat FC3 at Nym’s, you begin collecting infamy(?) because you are now killing your opponents.

  •  Each FC completed ads to your infamy.

2.       After FC5 you will be on the BH terminals. It looks like your bounty matches the payout from the fight club.

  • Your Bounty Cap will be at 1.25M credits, the prize of winning FC10, or a culmination of doing lesser ones over and over.
  •  You lose ~140 a day so it could take up to 3-4 weeks before you drop of the terminals, if you stop doing the fight clubs.787757738_KadrakYaus.jpg.6de511a729e1f1c20ca0083af75729e7.jpg

3.       If a BH kills you, you lose your infamy and must go back to FC3.

  • You do not necessarily have to progress through every level, Tigoo and I were able to skip levels after doing 3 again.

Preparing to fight:

1.       You need some medic skills, figure out what level meets your needs and get it through skills and tapes.

2.       Terminal buffs work to a point then you will need Doc buffs, as you go higher the best buffs help mitigate damage through regeneration.

3.       Master Dancer and Master Musician combined cost zero points and add 14 total points to ranged and melee defense.

4.       Best case for weapons is to have one weapon for each damage type.

  • Boss resistances vary with one stat at 40%, one at 60%, and the rest from 75% to 100%.
  • All FC NPCs have light armor, so Armor Piercing is better than not.
  • Have your system for swapping weapons down, especially in the lower tiers as searching for which weapon to equip can cost you valuable time.
  • Don’t forget to have powerups on your weapons, and extra in your inventory for when yours run out, it is 12 straight fights.
  • Sometimes the 40% resist is on lightsaber so your best damage will be against 60% resist.
  • The NPC armor does not break.

5.       Foraged food became a must at later levels as an “Oh Crap” you can place all 14 variations of food on a toolbar pane and have a macro to eat them all in less than a second.

  • If you take one each of all 14 foraged foods, you buff your HAM by 1850 
  • My Macro

/ui action toolbarPane02;

/ui action toolbarSlot00;

/ui action toolbarSlot01;

/ui action toolbarSlot02;

/ui action toolbarSlot03;

/ui action toolbarSlot04;

/ui action toolbarSlot05;

/ui action toolbarSlot06;

/ui action toolbarSlot07;

/ui action toolbarSlot08;

/ui action toolbarSlot09;

/ui action toolbarSlot10;

/ui action toolbarSlot11;

/ui action toolbarSlot12;

/ui action toolbarSlot13;

/ui action toolbarSlot14;

/ui action toolbarSlot15;

/ui action toolbarSlot16;

/ui action toolbarSlot17;

/ui action toolbarSlot18;

/ui action toolbarSlot19;

/ui action toolbarSlot20;

/ui action toolbarSlot21;

/ui action toolbarSlot22;

/ui action toolbarSlot23;

/ui action toolbarPane00;

/pause .1;



6.       Group your states to minimize button pushing:

  • If you have states from two weapon types, get a pattern down to apply everything periodically.
  •  My 1h States (Master Fencer)



/pause .1;


/pause .1;


/pause .1;


  • Macro intimidate so you never forget


/pause 21;

/macro Intim;

  • Macro Center of Being



/pause 31;

/macro Intim;

7.       Stack your Bleeds.

  •  I picked Fencer/Pistoleer because all focused hits and Shots are to Health/Body and that allows me to put 4 bleeds on the same Pool, 2 each from pistol and fencer.

8.       Weapon Synergy.

  • KD/Dizzy is great but not all classes have it.
  • Fencer has stun, blind, and dizzy, while pistoleer had a kd that almost always works. I got a routine down of using 1h, applying states, then switching to pistol to kd and apply those bleeds before switching back to whichever weapon was doing the most damage.
  • If you have weapon types that do not bleed the same pool, only bleed the pool you will be focused on. If the best weapon is a pike then you will action bleed, mind for Swordsman, and health for fencer. If you are a carbineer/swordsman only bleed the pool of the most effective weapon type you will be using, skip the other as a waste of time.

9.       First Aid.

  • Almost every club has one NPC that seems to put very heavy bleeds on, first aid can slow this down. Watch for this, you may need to hit that “Oh Crap” button for food if it surprises you.
  •  The food blood chowder provides bleed resist. I like it, Tigoo laughed at me.

10.   Track your Food.

  • Health/Str/Con: Gamorrl (Drink), Won-Won (Food)
  • Action/Quickness/Stamina: Acaragm (Drink), Kiwik Clusjo Swirl (Food)
  • Mind/Focus/Willpower: Vasaian Brandy (Drink), Vagnerian Canape (Food)
  • As soon as you get buffed, eat round 1.
  • When you arrive at the FC you should be able to eat/drink the foods you did not get to consume after buff.
  • Balance these through the fight.
  • Sometimes I used Pikatta for dodge if I felt good about my current food balance.

11.   PSG

  • Helps against Energy, Electricity, Stun, Heat, Cold, and Lightsaber.
  • Does not help against Kinetic, Acid, Blast.
  • Is repairable if you do not reach 0.
  • Is sliceable.

12.   Armor

  • The NPCs will use all damage types across all fight clubs.
  • Any holes in armor will be hit very hard, the higher you go. The Boss in FC 1 will smash you with a 1 shot if you have a vulnerability…cough…stun.
  •  Consider ALL damage types you may face as you proceed, even ones you rarely encounter.

13.   Bounty Hunters

  • I know of 7 I track with only 2 that actively seem to watch for Player bounties.
  • Add them to your friends list if you don’t want to be surprised.


Tigoo finished the FC as a Master TK/Swords

Mentieth (Me) finished as a Master Fencer/Pistoleer

I am happy to help anyone and fix errors in this primer if anyone sees them. Getting through all 10 fight clubs takes lots of prep and more fine-tuned execution as you progress but the credits are worth it, and the art and badges are awesome.


Lia's Article 

Thank you to Tigoo who talked through many of these lessons and helped me gather all of this info!


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