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The state of Armor

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What is the purpose of armor in the game? Armor is a system of equitable items that mitigate the various types of damage used by hostile entities. In live armor was designed with “holes”, even Mandalorian, that caused players to focus on the content they enjoyed and plan carefully how they approached their desire content. If you were headed in to the Geo caves, you knew you were going to face stun damage, and had to plan accordingly. To augment armor and help alleviate some of the damage types, players could equip personal shield generators which were rated at lower percentages than available on armor.


Armor on TR. The armor system on TR has been adjusted, I believe, to allow for any armor to be worn based on aesthetic appeal. Specific type Armor Segments have been replaced within the crafting system to allow Composite armor segments to be used in any armor type. While this sounds good, several other factors have come in to play that can affect gameplay:

Bone Armor, crafted by Artisans, and requiring no actual Armor Smith points can be crafted to 80% resists across the board, excluding Stun and LS. Stun can be filled by a layer if desired. The cost of making this armor is 9 Composite armor segments (assuming cost and quality of resources is even).


Mabari, Ubese, Padded, Composite, Tantel, and Bounty Hunter all take 21 Composite Armor Segments and can also be crafted to 80% with the same Stun/LS hole except for BH which can be made with no holes.


R.I.S., schematics gained through a quest chain, can be crafted to 80% as well for 9 segments though they do require looted parts dropped by Mobs on two planets (Lok and Yavin). Capping R.I.S. gets much easier when using Interwoven segments, the patter that drops rarely from the Acklay in the Geo cave. The new pattern takes another layer, and adds a geo cube, which in armor calculations, boosts the initial and final effectiveness percentages. This allows the armor to be capped often with multiple experimentation points left over for redistribution to either encumbrance or durability.

All Armor can then be sliced to 90% effectiveness.


All creature Mobs do kinetic damage while the NPCs can vary, and in the fight club you will face every type of damage, except choke.


I have read that most content can be completed with 10k terminal buffs and 64% armor, considered starter armor, and that the more difficult content can be completed with lightly better armor and crafted Doc buffs, which are limited to only the A or B versions. Given top tier buffs and 90% armor almost everything is soloable, if not everything depending on profession selection.


I understand that this may all be my own perception and opinion but I feel that the resist stats are too high and the lack of holes in armor is a limiting factor in PVP. Additionally, non-AS armor being crafted and sliced to that of a master AS makes the AS class worthless except in the case of crafting BH, R.I.S, and Mando, if the Artisan has a MS to supply advanced composite segments to them.



1.       Bone armor be capped in crafting to 55% sliced to 67.5%, with stun/LS holes.

2.       All other normal armor capped in crafting to 65% sliced to 75%, with various holes + LS.

3.       R.I.S. capped at 70% sliced to 80%, add 10% LS resist to R.I.S. layers for each used in making a segment, max 30%.

4.       BH capped at 70%, sliced to 80%, LS capped at 50%.

5.       Mando/Crusader capped at 75% sliced to 85%, LS capped at 75%.

6.       All armor except R.I.S changed to the same number of composite segments either 1:1/piece or 21 for a suit, bone included.

7.       Bone armor uses composite segments, not advanced.

8.       Another option to keep percentages low would be to make Mando/Crusader percentages equivalent to 80% but adjusted within the damage formula to be listed as medium armor.


Looking forward to a great discussion.


Scrivean (Sogrene Sushi, Master AS)

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