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Thinking of opening a restaurant...

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WIfe and I were having date night, RL, and had an idea. 

We're thinking about running a once-a-week event where we've got a chef and a waiter/waitress online, in a restaurant on Tatooine. 

This would be an RP-ish thing along the line of "Cheers", where there's a bunch of regulars that show up. 

I had a brief chat in General, and we might be able to get a Dev/GM to help out for some events, like "The Jawa's stole the Silverware" or "The Tusken Raided the Till" , in which a badguy of the week spawns outside the place and hilarity ensues. 

On the other nights, it'd be RP and I'll come up with a problem of the day to solve, or an event of some sort. One idea that got thrown out for fun was doing "barrel racing" with mounts and harvesters - have a stopwatch, and measure who can slalom through a string of harvs the quickest. 

So, the questions are:

How many people would be interested in such a thing? 

When's the best time to run it? I suggest Tuesday nights, 9-11PM Eastern as a possible., but I'm fairly flexible.  

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I love it!  I'm usually asleep by that time, but this has my support!

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More planning , looking for input on if everyone else can work with this. 

The Snackcrawler  (a food truck in a sandcrawler building) will appear once a week at various locations. 

I'm thinking of making them relatively near badge-places and/or POIs or the hidden beauty places. 

We'll set up for an evening, have one or more of us as "wait staff" / "cook" and probably have a souvenir item for that day.

I'll announce here a week ahead of time, and on General chat the day of. 

Right now, first open slot is Tuesday, Feb 18 at 9PM Eastern. 

PLEASE drop me a reply here or in game email (Baroun) and let me know if you're coming . 



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