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Crash after selecting clone location.

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My game crashed after death.
After I select the cloning zone, my character gets teleported to some river in corellia (0,0?), and the game stop freeze with an error in the background window.
Ifter load the game, I am in the clone without problems.

The report don't help me, and I deleted all the mods, expect the New Skolten Falt Ham.


automated crash dump from SWGEmu.exe stage.119798

Exception c0000005(-1073741819)=code 00b23f63=addr

Ram: 4095mb
Os1: 6.1.7601
Os2: Unknown Service Pack 1
NumProc: 4
GameFeatureBits: 1111111111111111
SubscriptionFeatureBits: 1
DiscardDynamicBuffersAtBeginningOfFrame: 0
VideoMemory: 1697
GameResolution: 1440 900
VideoAdapter: -1/1
D3dDevice: 0x10de 0x1380
D3dDriver: 26.21.0014.4108
ShaderCapability: 2.0
Contact: 0
ObjectTemplate_Constructor: object/tangible/beta/shared_beta_terminal_wound.iff
ObjectTemplate_Iff: object/tangible/beta/shared_beta_terminal_wound.iff
AppearanceTemplate: appearance/mesh/ksk_all_travel_l3.msh
ShaderTemplate_Iff: shader/pak_ksk_all_travel_l2_ae9.sht
SkeletalAnimationTemplate: appearance/animation/pig_rea_get_hit_add.ans
SkeletalMeshGeneratorTemplateAsync: appearance/mesh/underwear_bottom_m_l3.mgn
Terrain: terrain/corellia.trn
Player: 16.43 15.94 -10.50
BytesAllocated: 738229008 736863744 736878816 736926192 736952288
MainLoop: 73646
UpTime: 2231
Cluster: TarkinsRevenge


Any help?

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