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4 New UI Styles/Themes

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I have created 4 new UI Styles or Themes for Tarkin's Revenge, they can be downloaded here. All are easy on the eye.


Download: ui_palette_ground.inc

Install: drop both files in to /ui in your SWG folder.


Black Sabbath by Skolten


Matrix Green by Skolten


Silver Lining by Skolten


Purple Rain by Skolten


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Hey Skolten, having some issues.

I have a 2nd directory with no changes on Tarkins and I don't have a ui folder in there.

If I create one and drop the file in, the game changes absolutely nothing.

If I drop the file directly into the Tarkins Revenge folder, it also does nothing.

Now, I do have the game folder where I have a ton on mods running the game, and I can use the added interfaces there without issue.... I have done this on my end and I know that player name: Tongua (Mack) has also tried it and it unable to get the interfaces to load in. Any ideas?


Edit: 3/14/2020

Thanks for your work on the different UIs and fixing issues. Just wanted to let you know that I have a link to this forum in some of my videos in case folks want to download the "one I'm using" in the videos.

Edited by Ego Sum Singularitas

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I have not been able to figure out what file is needed, i first tried with style.inc but that didnt work for ppl. 

Some have done this to get it to work: 


first I extracted kay's preCu ui color schemes mod into the ui folder and replaced a file with yours

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