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How to search vendors

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There's been some confusion about how to search for things for sale throughout the galaxy.  Since most of our merchants sell exclusively on their own vendors, searching the bazaar often yields few results. 

The good news is, you can use the bazaar to search all vendors in the galaxy as well!  Here's how:


Go to the bazaar and double-click on the bazaar terminal.  That brings up a window like you'll see below.



1.  Select the Vendor Location tab at the top (by default, you'll be on "All Auctions" which only searches the bazaar)

2.  Select the Entire Galaxy radio button (once again, by default, you would only be searching by ones in the immediate area if you don't change this)

3.  Select the category you want to search

4. (Optional) You can enter some text to search by.  If you wanted to search for an Elite Carbine, you could type "elite" here, while searching the carbine category, and the results would populate with any items for sale in that category with "elite" in the name.

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