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The New, Improved, Starting Gear Pack (Mark II)!

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Available from the Stormtrooper officer TX-732 in the Mos Entha City Hall ( Tatooine /way 1447 3405 , the vendor in Stormtrooper armor), the Starting Gear Pack (Mark II) is a fifty-item-capacity backpack that contains:

  • A mini-suit of bone armor with 52%-to-54% resists (helmet, chest plate, leggings, and left bicep).  Not sliced.
  • All six no-cert basic weapons (CDEF Carbine, CDEF Pistol, CDEF Rifle, Heavy Axe, Survival Knife, Wood Staff).  None sliced.
  • A 14.91 quality generic crafting tool and a mineral survey device.
  • A shellfish harvesting tool.
  • A crate of 10 Stimpack-As and a medicine bag.
  • An Improved Camp Kit (with bank and insurance terminals) and a Multiperson Camp Kit (with garage function).

In short, everything you need to start pursuing any basic profession you like, no matter what starting profession you selected in character generation.

And the price?  2,500 credits.  A great bargain, brought to you by Mayor Ephyuri Aglyn, to welcome you to your Tarkin's Revenge adventure.

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