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Ego Sum Singularitas

Galaxy Harvester Info

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Ego Sum Singularitas

Some info on using Galaxy Harvester

The link is here: http://galaxyharvester.net/ghHome.py

Please keep in mind that your screen may look different than mine depending on your site settings.

After you sign in, make sure to go to the upper right and from the drop down select: Tarkins Revenge:



The best way to find something is to (follow along with PICTURE 1 below):

1.  Click the find button.

2. Do not use this unless you want to be specifically someplace.

3. From the Res Group, Res Type, or both select what you are looking for

4. Be sure to check the Only Available box to see only what is... well available! 

5. Click on search, just above #2.


zHk7pAg.jpgThis is PICTURE 1


Below is an example using:

1. Any planet

2. Res Group: Fiberplast

3. Check the "Only Available" box



Now once the search is done, clicking on the name of a resource will provide you with information on that resource as seen on PICTURE 2. In this case resource Stapohe, a Corellian Fiberplant is used by Droid Engineer for various things.

XiNGMU0.jpgThis is PICTURE 2


On the bottom right you will find an area with links (I'll only touch on Schematics, Survey, & Creature Harvesting

The Schematics one is useful


On the left you can select a product you wish to see affected by a material, and on the right, you select what material you wish to see more information on.



Selecting the Survey link will allow you to see what can be harvested with what specific tool, just select the tool and on the right it'll show you exactly what you can get.



On the Creature Harvesting area you can select from the left column what you wish to get and on the right you'll get a detailed list of creatures that may have the resource (note, I understand that Tarkins Revenge code allows for other creatures to have materials otherwise not listed in Galaxy Harvester, .



On the upper right, there is a helpful button, triangle with exclamation mark in it called: Alert Filters Page which allows you to select a Profession and once you place a star on that profession (I selected combat medic as seen on PICTURE 3 for this example.

4ZbICba.jpgThis is PICTURE 3


Once you select the profession, when the Galaxy Harvester server updates and you return to the page, you will see the right side of the page populated with Combat Medic resources if there are any spawns recently.


See you in-game.




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