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Ego Sum Singularitas

Combat and HAM (Killing yourself)

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Combat in Tarkins Revenge is a think-tank process at first which must be mastered not through reading this post, but through trial and error and the acquisition of better armors and weapons which will reduce your efforts. Let's jump into it!

1. Look at your character sheet to see your attributes/stats.

YjWZ0t4.jpgThis is Picture 1
The far right column, the ENCUMBRANCE, tells you how much your armor is weighing you down.

ca2kAJO.jpgThis is Picture 2

Your Primary attributes: HEALTH, ACTION, AND MIND are not affected by ENCUMBRANCE (even when the armor piece has a number for it) In the below screenshot of my Chest armor, you see the following:


Health: 244

Action: 90

Mind: 58

The encumbrance is measured and applied like this: Head armor total, Chest Armor total, Arm armor (if wearing more than 1 arm armor piece like right bracer and left bracer, then the average number is used, otherwise total for 1 piece), and Leg armor (if wearing more than 1 leg armor piece like boots and pants, then the average number is used, otherwise total for 1 piece). For more on encumbrance see this post.


That only means that if your score is say 600 Strength total (see Picture 1), and your full armor/mini-suit encumbrance is 414 (see Picture 2), you end up with  186 Strength after you put your armor on.

You can find armor encumbrance if you examine the armor pieces individually and go to the area where it reads ENCUMBRANCE in your character sheet to see the full total (as shown in Picture 2).


When you buff, that goes on the MODIFIERS area of the character sheet (see Picture 3). Going back to  Strength, with a final score of 186 before buff , after applying an advanced buff  



you  will end up with a score Strength total of 786 (as shown in Picture 3). That is 600 (unencumbered Strength score) -  414 encumbrance  + 600 from strength buff = 786 total score (as shown in Picture 3).

Cx5lYWK.jpgThis is Picture 3

2. Your weapon has an area called: SPECIAL ATTACK COST.  I will  examine my hammer and use it as an example (seen in Picture 4).

(But first, player named SEE pointed out an error in the original email which I have fixed below:)

GazHNzo.jpgThis is Picture 4
My costs are:
Health: 102
Action 25
Mind 13

That means that any  time I click on a skill for the sword, those costs are put into effect.

Please know that those costs are before any Power Up costs, which we will discuss later.

One of my skills is: Two-Hand Area Attack 3.


So, if I spam that skill to kill a lair and its creatures, I will be using -for every single use of the skill, hit or miss:
Health: 102,  Action 25, and Mind 13.

So, if your health is 1450 (shown in Picture 3) then you have about 14+ swings of the sword/hammer before you kill yourself through health... although that's impossible, what happens is that a creature/thing hits you and then you die but you help A LOT.

  a. Power Ups (better known as PUPs). If your weapon has a PUP on it, then the costs generally are higher for every skill use.

Here is the Power Up (PUP) I'll be using for the example: 


That power up will increase and decrease weapon attributes as follow:

  • Action -32.92% of current weapon number (our example sword has a Special Attack Cost for action: 25)
  • Min Dmg: +16.21%
  • Max Dmg: +13.43%
  • Ideal Range: +14.3%
  • Point Blank: -15.26%
  • Wound Chance: +16.21%

To view the cost after Power Up, examine the weapon after power up has been placed in it to see what the changes will be (shown in Picture 5).

4Imtwt5.jpgThis is Picture 5

Here is the breakdown:


  • Min Dmg before PUP: 489, after: 568 (Initial damage of 489 x 16.21% from PUP = ‭568.2669‬ new score)
  • Max Dmg before PUP: 955, after: 1,083 (initial damage of 955 x 13.43% from PUP = 1,083.2565‬ new score)
  • Would chance before PUP: 19.9%, after 23.2% (initial chance of 19.9% x 16.21% from PUP = 23.12579 new score)

Special Costs:

Health no change, the PUP does not include a Health line. 

Action before PUP: 25, after a reduction to: 16

Mind no change, the PUP does not include a Mind line.

How to avoid death?
Use foods, lower ENCUMBRANCE by buying armor pieces with lower encumbrance numbers, and buy weapons with a lower number in their SPECIAL ATTACK COST area.

Some things you can't help. The weapon may be the best available, same with the armor. Just find a combination of foods that will increase your stats, mainly concentrate on:
Close to or higher than a total score of 1500 is what is called in Tarkins Revenge: The Magic Number. That only means that when you use those skills, with a score of about 1500 or higher, you will not be hitting yourself as hard.

Here is an example of some foods that may be currently available in game (as I retrieved the stats from there):


Below you can compare the modifiers from Picture 3 which is after buffs but before food, and this one below, which is after buff and food. My Strength/Constitution are higher because my costs are higher, but as explained, above 1500.


In my case, the foods/drinks consumed were (but this is after much trial and error, your set up may be very different):



I hope this is somewhat helpful.

See you in-game.



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Slight error.  Although expressed as a +, PUPs lower the cost of specials for the indicated attribute, as can be seen by looking at the cost listed on your weapon before and after applying a PUP.  You accordingly want the absolute highest percentage on the PUP you can find, for the attribute your weapons has the highest cost for.

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